The paper is for Hypothesis to increase in light intensity should increase temperature,thus resulting in transpiration

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1) What was your hypothesis, and did you accept or reject it?

Ans: My hypothesis was “elevated temperature of surrounding environment lead to increase in transpiration rate in tomato plants due to increased rate of evaporation of water from surface of leaves. Yes, I have accepted the hypothesis because increased temperature results in elevated dryness of air. Dry warmer air possesses more water holding capacity than moist colder air. This warmer air is responsible for the increased driving force of transpiration hence the hypothesis accepted.

2) What was something surprising you learned from your research project?

Ans: I have learned how the relative humidity and increased temperature affect the rate of transpiration. I have also learned that the physiology of every plant is different from other plant but all different plants are surviving in same environmental conditions. Although the mechanism different plants use to survive is unknown to me.


3) What were some issues you ran into? What were some possible errors in the experiment?

Ans: The lab experiment was pretty simple but still some part of the experiment was really crucial and it needs to perform carefully otherwise the outcomes would have been incorrect. First of all holding the plant part with clamps was a tough task due to delicacy of plant. It takes me three attempts to perfectly hold the plant with clamps. Broken plant parts could give incorrect results.  Second tough task was to make the plastic tube bubble free. In second attempt my plastic tube was bubble free. Bubbles can also interfere with result of experiment. Data collection is also one of the crucial steps. Inconsistency in data can leads to incorrect outcomes. The electric heater should also be switched off after achieving required temperature because excessively increased temperature will interfere with outcomes of the experiment.  All the above mentioned issues should be taken care cautiously.

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