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Health Care Legislation in North Carolina

There are four main health care laws in North Carolina

North Carolina Durable Power of Attorney Laws – This law controls the durable power of attorney, which permits the individuals to appoint some person to take decisions on their behalf. Decisions are about the life-sustaining methods, which serves artificially prolonged dying procedures and might comprise of artificial ventilation, dialysis and other types of treatment (Vann et al., 2015)

North Carolina Euthanasia Laws – This law manages the euthanasia laws which forbids the practice of mercy killing, but permits to withhold the artificial means of life support in specific situations. 

North Carolina Living Will Laws – This law controls the living wills, which consists of legal needs for living wills and validity of this will in other states.

North Carolina Medical Records Laws – This law governs the method in which the medical records of the peoples of North Carolina are maintained. 

Impact of Health Care Legislation on Future Practice

The Health Care Legislation in North Carolina includes the formation and application of laws for controlling the healthcare system of North Carolina.  The Health Care Legislation not only impacts the expenditures that the peoples of North Carolina have to pay for care but also have to access the care and its quality the people would get, which could further affect their overall health (Lewis, Milner and Willingham, 2018). The increasing expenses of health care is a matter of concern for people of North Carolina, which has put an extra pressure on the disposable income of the people and also the state budgets.

Impact of Health Care Legislation on the Collective Practice of Nurses in North Carolina

The Health Care Legislation has not only changed the role, education and respect of the nurses but also made them well-positioned for contributing and leading in the healthcare sectors. The nurses have been reluctant to grow their awareness and sharpen their skills in the past (Lewis and Horne, 2016). The Health Care Legislation has motivated the nurses to realize their jobs, skills, and competencies.

Envisioning As Potentially Involved In Political Advocacy for the Profession In Future Practice

The healthcare system includes those services which are given by medical professionals for diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental and physical illness and injury. The nurses of North Carolina believes that advocacy is the strength of nursing. Nurses have to take care of the patients in no time and interest in the politics of individual’s institutions and even less interested in political actions, but the nurses are better advocates for patients (Conover and Richards, 2015).   The nurses impulsively advocate for their patients in their workplaces, and in their societies, but the legislative and political advocacy is vital for proceeding in the professional field and also for the patient care. Every nurse could help the profession to develop and move to higher standards.

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