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Manager of an organization has a verity of important roles to play within the firm for betterment of both the employees and organization as well. This paper will highlight the roles and corporate responsibilities of an organization. A discussion will be provided to judge the activity of manager is ethical or not in respect to the given case study.

Describe a decision about divulging confidential information about a company’s future.

Manager of an organization has the responsibility of managing the entire business operations in such manner that it could benefit the company (Daft & Marcic, 2016). Additionally, organizations employ manager to get adequate control over all the business activities so that the company can gain competitive advantages and better sustainability. Ethically manager has to think first about his company and his business objectives and targets, then to others. Manager has the responsibility of keeping the controversial information and data private to stop using by unauthorized person. Manager can unfold any information regarding the company with the permission of the organizational authority.

In the given case scenario of relocation of a laboratory, it has been observed that the laboratory is going to relocate to corporate office in new location that is far away from the present location as well. This indicates that jobs of the current employees of the laboratory will be eliminated. Therefore, employees will lose their jobs and may have survived a lot. Many of them have already taken decision of buying any costly asset for their future use as they do not know about the upcoming truth. Thus, the manager must make them known about the truth related to organizational decision of relocating the laboratory to corporate office in new location that is far away from the current location.

This will give the employees enough time get a new job or they will take mental preparation as well. Under the Act of Redundancy and corporate regulations, employers are bound to inform the employees regarding their redundancy or any other issue regarding job and employment. Might be manager do not has the authority of divulging confidential data and information about the firm to employees and others, but while it comes to redundancy or relocating an organization to new location and to a new business sector, employees should be aware of the fact. Manager of an organization like the laboratory should make the employees known about their company’s decision and must discuss with the employees for better solution. Without making the employees known regarding the relocation of the company to corporate sector to a new location, employees may have to face a verity of financial as well as other issues. In many cases it has been, observed that employees fail to provide food their family due to deployment and unethical redundancy. Employees are the most important assets and to safeguard the future of the employees and support them in proper manner for seeking a new job, manager must divulge confidential information to employees.

Justify the decision to divulge, or not divulge, confidential information about company’s future. Relate the justification to ethics.

Manager of the laboratory must divulge this type of confidential information regarding company to employees to safeguard the employees from getting unethically redundant. Managers have the responsibility of caring about the shake of the company first, however while it comes to morality, the manager requires informing the employees about the relocation of the laboratory to corporate firm in different place in details. Under the corporate rules, managers cannot do this, but ethically this should be regarded as justified. Companies including the laboratory are bound to maintain Redundancy and corporate regulations and make the employees known about their dismissal from employment (Djabarova, 2015). If companies are not maintaining these regulations for organizational benefits, growth and prosperity, the manager should not do the same. Manager requires standing with his ethics and informing employees about the original truth.

Ethically, manager has the responsibility of safeguarding and caring his employees as well (Fayol, 2016). A manager should not be robot and he must have feelings, which influence and lead them to take this type of ethical decision instead of just following corporate regulations. Employees’ financial stability will be destroyed in complete manner due to their upcoming unemployment. Many of them will survive, many of them will die due to proper food and clothes, many will attempt suicide due to regret of failing to provide food to their family. If managers come forward and support the employees by informing the organizational confidential information and helping them to get a new job or another opportunity to stay in the office, this will be considered as more justified and ethical as well.    

On the other hand, managers are paid for keeping the shake of the companies and maintaining the organizational benefits in appropriate manner. In this organizational context, not divulging the employing about confidential information of the company and its future is completely ethical. As because the company is paying adequate amount to its manager for maintaining the organizational operations and safeguarding organizational confidential data and information in proper manner, the manager of the laboratory of the given scenario may take also the side of organization, which will be regarded as ethical in this organizational context. 


From the above discussion, this can be concluded that managers have both organizational and ethical responsibilities to perform throughout the organization. In the given case scenario, the manager has disclosed all the confidential information of the company’s future for safeguarding them from horrible affect of unemployment that is justified. In another organizational context, managers can also take side of the organization or laboratory that is also ethical as the company is paying for it. 

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