The paper effectively provides two basic claims regarding the positive as well as the negative aspects of social media.

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People must haveto know that active social mediahas both positive and negative aspects, but fewer people are making it very bad than bad because of their express their interest.

Background info

To understand the issue that whether the active use of social media is bad or good,people first have to know the advantages and disadvantages of active social media.

The advantages of active social media -

Inspectors can use the technical advantages of social media to solve any criminal problem

• Through Facebook people from anywhere can connect with anyone regardless of their location and religion and can also learn and shareeach other's thoughts and many more.

Disadvantages of active social media -

• Through hacking technique, some people can easily hack anybody personal privacy or bank details that can cause financial losses to personal life

• Extensive use of social media is harmful to teenagers because they are eventually cut off from societies and many more.

Thesis statement

"Is active social media use as a bad as people are making it out to be?"


Claim 1

No, the active social media is not as bad as some people are trying to make it through self-interestpersonal comments.


Social media plays a vital role in business performance of any branded company to know the feedbacks of customers and trying to improve their product quality according to people need. This performance can only be done by having a direct connection with the customers through a post of comments about the product quality in the official company website. For example -

MR Medo Hillary buys a branded watch online through Amazon online shopping, after receiving the watch he show the watch is fair enough within the price range(Kramer, Guillory & Hancock, 2014). So he wanted to share his purchase experience with other customers on the official company website. So he posted "if anybody wanted to purchase awatch, it will be a nice watch and goes well both with a formal and casual dress. The price is also between affordable ranges." But he said that paint job of the watch is poor. This type of comment not only help the company to become more aware regarding their product quality to customers but also help other new customers to form belief to purchase online products from the company(Haustein, Costas &Larivière, 2015).

Claim 2

No, social media is not as bad as some people are trying to make it by hacking others privacy information. For example -


McDonald's said in a globalprivacy statement that the company collectedcustomer's details who visited their restaurants, usetheir websites and mobile apps and otherwise interact with them. This customer information helps the company to protect both company and customer legal privacy so that no third person can harm the trust relationship of the upon the McDonalds company (Privacy Policy | McDonald's, 2018). TheCompany said that they preserve this privacy information of the customers in a well-secured customer privacy security app, which the customers have to update time to time in their phones and also updated by the company so that the company remains aware of the present legal condition. Firstly the company collected the information which the customer give them such as phone no, email address, payment details and many more. Secondly through automated methods such as IP address, name, and URL of the file retrieved when the customer use their online service and many more. Thirdly the company uses the information that they collected to fulfill customers wish such as -carry out and fulfill the customer order, provide online services to a customer and many more(Hudson, Roth, Madden & Hudson, 2015). The customer's information collected by the company help them to identify and prevent fraud and other crime, claims, and other liabilities, company with legal obligations and other policies (Ngai, Tao & Moon, 2015).

Counter Claim

Besides the various advantages of the active social media, some people use this platform to show their personal opinion by spreading any fake issues about any branded company to disturbed the reputation of the company and to the brain was other customer's good review regarding the company.


A man recently assured a KFC restaurant that the serving members of the restaurant served him a fried rat instead of fried chicken. The guy posted a picture on social media telling that the KFC restaurant served him the fried rat to blame the reputation of the KFC restaurant. The picture of the food which the guy posted on social media looked exactly like the rat, right down to the stringy(possibly delicious) tail. But ABC News reported that the lab test made by therestaurant proved 100% chicken(KFC, 2018). This type of rumor post is often spread by some customers that only harm the company's reputation. Many people also used active social media to post their personal opinion regarding any political party which may create violence among people(Kim, Lim &Brymer, 2015). In a study, it is seen that online media influenced political disaffection among young youths in the time of 2008 presidential election campaign(Stephen, 2016).


Sum up argument

The paper effectively provided two basic claims regarding the positive as well as the negative aspects of social media. Many people are making the social media presence very bad which is not at all correct. The first claim effectively reflected that the there are many of the people those are trying to make the social media presence for their interest, and this was supported by any evidence. One of the other claims shows that whenever any confidential information gets leaked out on the social media websites it critically hampers the brand name of the firm and this is considered as to be very bad and this occurs because of fewer people as they leaked the information on social media. On the other hand, there are many of the fake news generated by various persons on Social media websites to defame the brand name of a particular firm or any person.

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