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Theory of Physics and the Martian

Part 1: Proposal

For this proposal, The Martian has been chosen as the movie needs revision as the execution of physics theory where the area that has been identified for changes include the cinematography and storyline. Moreover, it will be a dare to revise the storyline and cinematography where there have been some areas that has not complied with the theory of physics. Based on the storyline of the movie, the motions in spaces and climax of rescuing mark would be changed a little based on the theory of relativity and Newton’s law of motion. The entire film has emphasized on the story telling mechanism where showcasing the theory of physics and its execution in cinematography. In the revision of the movie, emphasis would be more on showing the actual results of the laws in space while revealing the conditions on which the laws are applicable so that the movements would be interpreted aptly while watching the movie.

Part 2: Essay


It is an unarguable fact that movies play a major role in shaping up the societal structure of a nation and it possesses a powerful ubiquity within the human culture. Movies have the potential to become the most powerful instrument of mass media. However, it will act as a cheap instrument for entertainment, butsimilarly, it can be turned out to become the equipment for mass education and mass instruction. Several researchers have argued that cinema or movies possess a few clear-cut advantages over other media. It can combine the visual and audio features and thus becomes more appealing to the ears and eyes in the same context. This essay will shed light on evaluating a movie where it will be evaluated from the aspects of violating certain concepts of physics. The movie that will be considered under this study is The Martian. In the next section of the essay, a complete overview of the plot of the movie will be discussed followed by an overall evaluation of the plot. Afterwards the basic concepts of physics will be discussed so that the readers can enlighten the facts of physics which have either been violated or maintained in the movie. Later on, if it is observed that the movie has violated a few key concepts, the essay will review whether the movie could have been made without violating those concepts or not.

The story of the Movie “The Martian”

The movie has conflicted with a few concepts in order elaborate the conflictions, it is necessary to shed light over the concepts. The entire conceptual outline of physics is constructed upon the three fundamental laws outlined by Newton. The basic laws of classical mechanics are as follows,

Objects which are at rest will always remain at rest and the objects which are in motion will always remain on motion until and unless these objects are acted by an external force.

Force is actually equaled to mass multiplied by acceleration (Kruer 79).

Whenever an object exerts a force on another object, the other object exerts the equal and opposite force on the first as well.

The theory of gravity is another important factor that should be considered in this aspect. Gravity is simply defined as the force that attracts an object or body towards the center of the earth or towards any other heavy mass objects. In this context, it should certainly be mentioned that the movie has significantly violated the rule of gravity. It is not possible for a man to walk continuously of the surface of the moon and there is no gravitational force. Furthermore, the air pressure on moon is quite different from that of the force on earth. There are several ambiguities which are worth to be mentioned in this aspect. 

Physics is considered as a natural science that takes into account the study of the objects in motion and matter through space and time and the studies which are related to force and energy. Physics is accounted as one of the most fundamental and ancient disciplines and the key objective of this subject are to understand the behavior of the universe.

The plot of the movie “TheMartian” revolves around NASA astronaut Mark Watney. The movie starts when Mark Watney has been left alone in Mars by the crew of Area 3 mission when they were forced to evacuate the landing site in AcidiaPlaniria because of the deadly storm. During the process of evacuation, Watney was impaled by an antenna and as there was almost zero visibility the rest of the crew members thought that he is dead. While plotting this scenario, the law of motion has been kept in mind so that the scenes would be delivered like a real life scenario and incident. In case of the motion, Newton’s law of motion acts vivacious role where people in society would experience the truth of the theorems at daily life. In the opinion of Wildgen, Wolfgang, the motion of an object will continue at the same velocity in case no external force will be applied to the object to enforce its motional change (79). It is called the second law of motion that is observed in the context of transportations where the third law of motion is also observed regularly. On the other hand, Bousquet, Michele added knowing the truth and applicability of the laws, the real life application is not executed properly and thus, and the frequency of accidents in daily life is increasing over time (45).

Later on, it turned out to be the fact that Watney was injured, but not dead and he was left with no way to contact the earth. Now Watney was left with knowledge of science and technological skills to survive on the planet. The journey of Watney started after the storm in the planet where he started surviving in such a deserted place here no element of living normal livelihood is present. The objective of creating the movie is to educate people and develop an awareness regarding the difference between earth and other planets. Moreover, every sequence in space has been showcased like the real presence in zero gravitational force. However, it is inferred and known fact that the concept of cinema has been developed in the mean of entertainment where there has been a drastic change in the cinematography in the recent decade. In the opinion of Wildgen, Wolfgang, development of film stories relies on a correct blend of real life stories and imaginary visual display to entertain people while excluding some serious and severe emotions that people would not like to watch (101). Here, interpretation of the films needs to be easy enough so that the social beings would relate the storyline with ease. Now it is the concern of critics whether the initiative has been successful in deed. Now continuing the story, Watney bneeds to rely on the resourcefulness in case of surviving in the planet where there has been no resource other than his own knowledge and a play station in Mars. Therefore, Watney needs to face the challenges using these elements where some wastes from the ship has been left there which has been useful for Watney to survive in the planet and progress with the further procedure. Therefore, with the survival process, Watney has started logging the experience of each day he spent in Mars. The philosophy that he possesses in his mid is to work on each problem to solve those in such a way that it would be transformed into a benefit and an invention. Thus, being a scientist and astronaut as well, he had never given up hope while surviving in the planet. Food has been the prime and main element in the survival process. 

Bestowed with the best possible skillset Watney started growing potatoes in the Crew The Martian Habitat and he started burning Hydrazine for generating water. Similarly, he also started documenting these experiences. At the same time on earth, the scientists discovered that Watney is alive when the NASA observed the satellite images of the landing site and found evidences of his activities. Thus, they started initiating to rescue him from Mars. During this phase, Watney has planned to drive 3200 km to Schiaparelli crater which has been the next mission of the team. Therefore, his mindset and creativity aligning with knowledge has driven him to go ahead for the next mission irrespective of the companies. Watney always possesses an appetite of discovering new puzzles of universe. Thus, continuing and stuck to this mission, Watney planes to go to area 4 which will need 4 years to land where the MAV has been already pre-positioned. Now, the person started modifying one of the rovers to execute the journey. In this case, an additional battery and solar panel have been added to consume energy from the space and deliver the same to drive the rover. After that he made a three weeks drivers with that rover to recover the pathfinder lander and Sojourner Rover to bring those back to the HAB so that he could contact with NASA. During this process, the concept of theory of relativity has been kept in mind so that the scenes would not be displayed like an imaginative one. According to Wildgen, Wolfgang, fictional movies generally a result of a long term research work where implementation of the theories of science with the exact visual effect of the same is difficult consuming comparatively higher cost than usual in comparison to the other films (103). In case of Einstein’s theory of relativity, a general gap in different observations has also been experienced, and thus, the theory is proven at its real means. Moreover, from the transportation to architectural development, each movement and shift proves the validity and relativity of the physics theories in daily life. There is another branch of physics which is known as electromagnetism which takes into account the studies associated with light. Electromagnetism is regarding the forces which are generated by the electrons which are again found in certain different kinds of matter throughout the universe relating to the theory of relativity as well (Chaichian, Hugo, and Anca98). Apart from that the profitability and commercial benefits have to be kept in mind to recover the initial outlay within the possible shorter period of time. In context of this scenario in the movie, Wildgen, Wolfgang commented that film industry prioritize the profitability and commercial aspects that enforce to develop the base of the film on the fact the audience could relate and enjoy with a novice mindset (102). On the other hand, Bousquet, Michele stated that the film industry globally has improved drastically through a gradual shift of the genre from the general commercial and romantic section to an experimental era (31). Going back to the main story of the film, the area 3 flight direct Mitchel Henderson has therefore, contacted NASA administrator, Teddy Sanders to allow him informing the area 3 flight crew regarding the survival of Watney so that some initiative would be taken from their end to rescue Watney from the troublesome situation. The actual reason behind the initiative was to rescue Watney as rescue process; administered from NASA would be a lengthy die to the distance to be covered from the beginning. Where the area 3 flight is on the orbit where it would consume comparatively less time to rescue Watney. Moreover, one of the crew members, Lewis has got guilt feeling to force everyone leaving him behind at the time of storm in Mars. 

On the other side, Watney has been involved in farming potatoes using natural fartilisers, chemically produced waters and nature of soil in Mars. However, it would be the concern of everyone that how he has farmed potatoes without knowing proper process and presence of suitable climate to farm the same. In that case, it is to be informed gladly that Watney is also a botanist beside being astronaut. Therefore, the process and climate, needed for farming has been created in the land itself. Suddenly, it has been observed that the canvas in one of the Hab airlocks, used in farming zone tears due to the repeated utilization of the airlocks by Watney. Now, the destroyed airlock has started decompressing the Hab which is nearly about killing Watney due to starvation. However, using knowledge and skills, he has successfully repaired the Hab while discovered that the plants are all dead then. Thus, the situation has been transformed into the same as on the first day of starvation and survival. Watney survived on Mars on the basis of his technological skills and knowledge of botany

The officials contemplated on rescuing Watney, but did not inform about the news of his survival to the rest of the crews of Area 3as they were on their way back and NASA thought this news may distract them. However, later on, a member of the NASA convinces the other officials to inform the crew members so that they can rescue Watney. Setting aside the safety protocols, NASA prepares a probe to send Watney supplies for his survival where the rocket disintegrates after liftoff. Therefore, a ready booster is acquired with the deal with China National Space Administration. As there has been no time constraint to prepare a new probe, NASA has finally decided to prepare a capsule, the cargo of which would survive in Martian surface from crash at 300 metre per second. Astrodynamicist, Rich Purnell prepares a slingshot trajectory around the gravitational force on earth, in order to get the Hermes back to the Mars for rescuing Watney while trying to deliver supplies for the survival of Watney during starvation. While going such prceses, Henderson has vetoed the Rich Purnell Maneuver, as it would be riskier for the other crew members where Sanders has secretly empalied Hermes regarding the rescue operation where the other 5 co-mates of Watney has supported to go ahead with this operation. Once the Rich Purnell Maneuver has been started, there has been non option left for NASA other than sending supports in this operation. A ship dock has therefore been sent with Hermes to rescue Watney from Mars. 

In order to cooperate in he rescue operation, the rover needs to be in area 4 leaving the Mars’s surface. But, while modification, Watney has accidentally shorts out the electronics that has been disconnected the rover from earth. After leaving Schiaparelli, NASA has discovered that there has been a dust storm found in the path. However, due to no connection, the message and warning could not be delivered to him while worrying about whether the rescue operation will be fulfilled. The solar cell that has been installed in the rover has the less capability to recharge the rover to run the same properly in reaching the place to be reached while possessing no scope of supplying elements for survival and rendezvous. During the journey, Watney have become aware of the darkening sky while measuring the velocity, strength and direction of the storm to be saved while crossing Arabian Terra. Surviving the rollover, Watney finally reached at MAV and reconnected with NASA again. Here, he has got the instructions regarding the radical modifications to reduce the weight of MAV so that it would intercept the Hermes while flying over the path. At the end by the extensive efforts of the crew members of the mission and Watney’s endless efforts towards manufacturing the vehicle for moving towards Area 4, all of the crew members returned safe on earth. In this context, Bousquet, Michele stated that frictional force has played an important role in justifying the theories of motion where the theory has also mentioned the force, absence of which will continue the motion at the similar velocity (52). In the final log entry, Watney has shared the joy of being rescued while sharing the human instinct which helps the human being in its needs. From the story, there has been several learning for the audience including the theory of physics, real scenario of the spaces that is not possibly under the grip being on earth, under a sound gravitational force. Moreover, the film will make people aware of the universal truth to spread the openness in mindset rather just being responsible in political and economic gossips and unnecessary movements. It is not possible to know the entire universe while a try would have initiated to make people aware of the human instincts that works in needs in Absence of all amenities and supports. 


According to the above discussions, it has been observed that each motion and activities in everyday livelihood defines the truth of physics and other characteristics of science. However, utilization of those theories and principles is quite difficult as real time execution and input of such theory in film production will not be fruitful in developing the expected climax which consumes maximum popularity and fame to recover the investment and attain significant profitability from the movie. During the increasing pace of technology improvement and growing craze of fictional stories, global film industry has started undertaking such genre to attract wider audience volume across the globe. However, the production houses developing fictional films needs to have sufficient knowledge and skills to execute the physics theory in real life in terms of visualization to fulfill the aim of educating and making the audience aware of the principles of theory and its consequences while being violated.

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