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Evidence Based Practice

Evidence-based practice (EBP) is considered to be a one of the current best evidence that could concisely make decisions related to a patient care. It is important to understand the dynamics of the evidence-based practice that would also include better patient outcomes along with the working of the increased patient safety and belongingness to also aid on an improved quality of life. This is particularly which works towards patients that would receive a healthcare. Through the Evidence-based practice, it also helps to make an understanding of the medicine used along with the nursing to psychology and even includes an education. this helps to address the other working disciplines (Travers, 2016). It is important to understand the working concept of the evidence-based concepts which could allow to also make brief effective care that could suitably also help in aiming of the improved patient outcomes. The evidence-based practices centers around the patient's expectations which could also provide the most effective care that could be inculcated with the best available evidence.

The nurses during this would go and locate information which can help to tackle and understand if the determined approach is correct or not is through the whether or not a practical problem is through the consultation of the other medical experts or by going through the code of direction guidelines. Often the nurses do as per the directions and go by the disciplinary rules as outlined by the professional bodies. The professional bodies help to make the evidence-based practices to work smoothly and in line with the working synopsis of the parameters. It also helps to tackle the complex situations and making them adhere to the governing code of conduct. In case of any confusion, they can always refer to the other documents, medical evidence or go by the medical expert's team advice.

It is important that the evidence-based practices need to be followed with the five steps which include asking the question, find information, critically appraise the information, evaluate and also integrate the approved information.  The Nurses also adhere to 'the integration that matches with the best research evidence along with the governing clinical expertise and insight into the patient values' that could be applied with the help of the practitioners will ultimately making a patient outcome. These are the governing principles of the fundamental components that make the nurses follow the evidence-based practice.

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