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Drugs are malicious agents to the society, which is shaping the criteria of a race and making it more distorted. In this segment the use, popularity and issues coming up with drug testing is going to be discussed for proper evaluation and idea generation. 


Drug testing is a necessary thing to comprehend with; the reason is simple and productive. The tests can find out when did last time the subject consumed drug or alcohol. If an example of hiring process is considered then it will be found that companies try to avoid the people who are consuming alcohol and drugs on a regular basis(Smith, 2018). This ensures proper productivity and the culture in the work place remains stable. Apart from this, it is necessary to make a sure that any sort of mismanaged activity is not hampering the environmental integrity and for this reason drug, testing is highly necessary.

According to an NCBI report, US are sill fighting with drugs and their campaign “war on drugs” is still running successfully. In a recent survey of American Management Association, it was found that the companies are testing drug consumption of the employees and it has raised by 300% in the current days from the previous (Ncbi.nlm.nih.gov, 2018). This is a major sign of success and it can be stated that having a good culture in the workplace is being prioritised.

There are many issues that the drug test brings to a workplace and the most threatening thing is unfair dismissal. People lost their jobs in a process of drug testing and this is a bad influence to his career. Apart from that, it is also evident that the management has to consider a good amount of money in return to have better kind of employee performance. It is expensive and often time consuming too. Sometimes companies get charged with violation of privacy, which is another threat to the management and the organisation (Sinclair, 2018).

In a hiring process, it is important to have a precise drug test because this is going to make sure that the organisation is having the most reliable candidates who will efficiently contribute in organisational development.


It is evident that managing a unit and keeping it away from drugs is not an easy job. It is essential that the management take necessary steps with less expense to cut down the maliciousness, which is hampering the reliability factor on the employees.

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