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The area selected for the analysis of this assignment is “Social Media and work”. The case study which is the most appropriate allowing to discuss something really important on the area chosen which is social media and work is “Emotional Labour”. This is being chosen since this case study revolves around the most practical part of the problems being faced thereon in the area of social media and work. It is a much known fact in today’s world that social media has become most used medium for communication and even for work. The adoption of the social media is the mainstream in today’s world wherein even the scholars are adopting these tools for working professionally. As it is a known fact that scholars have write ups in the different fields which could be on any specific topic and that can even be more emotionally connected with the scholars (Anatoliy Gruzd, 2012). Therefore, the social media can be seen as the most popular tool and the medium for communication that can exist in today’s world. 

The point here is to assess the importance of work along with social media as because many a people are working in social media’s and even through social media. The social media have helped the people at workplace in many ways. Those ways are listed in the next point.


The process of reviews and the analysis have concluded the fact that places of work where employee’s uses social media are more active as compared to other areas of workplace. This also comes with a drawback that excessive use of the social media is leading to employees leaving their job more often as compared to others (Lorenzo Bizzi, 2018). 

There are effectively some reasons because of which the social media contributes in helping employees at workplace as because the employees at any workplace have a characteristic of being Emotional which ultimately helps in taking the work pressure with ease only if case some kind of distraction is in exist (Susan B. Barnes, 2009). It is to be noted that the distraction should have a certain level so as to make assure that the employee’s efficiency is not in question. The reasons are listed below:

MENTAL BREAK: The social media helps the employee in taking breaks mentally. Mental break is also equally important or somewhere down the line more important than the physical break as because it helps in increasing efficiency of the employee and complete work on time which rather if no break given will result is opposite and negative results. Many employers encourages the labour and the workers to take breaks evenly i.e. periodically in due course of work. The drawback of the same is that if the labour spends too much time on the devices for social media then it makes them more emotional. Therefore, the use of the same should be chosen responsibly. 

SUPPORTING PROFESSIONAL CONTACTS: The social media enables the labour to strengthen the relationship specifically the professional one with the people inside as well as outside the organization. There sometimes comes those opportunities which in case of absence of the social media would not have been available at the work place. The result of the better contacts helps in increase in the number of sales leads, employment interests, opportunities in businesses and also new ideas. 

SOLVING WORK PROBLEMS: In case of work problems being difficult, the solution of the same can be obtained at the social media. This is because in case of problem, the question is being put at the social media and people active on it gives several solutions to the problem that might be possible. The information thus collected from the same helps in generation of a new solution by giving a spark to it. In case of need of perspective that should have come from outside, social media helps in gaining the same easily, quickly and free of cost. 

BUILDING RELATIONSHIP WITH CO-EMPLOYEES/LABOUR: The co-workers are required to interact with each other to strengthen the network of communication and for building better relationships with them. Cohesive and productive team work is increased wherein there is interaction of the co-labour with each other. This is achieved because of the ease of availability of social media leading to interaction of the labours with one another even in case of no work. This results in booting the morale and the engagement of the employee. 

DISCOVERY AND DELIEVERY OF INFORMATION: Social media is used for discovering and delivering information that are vital for a workplace. The workers can find information in relation to their job by way of social media. This information can also be with relation to the organization in which one is working for its promotion of its kind by way of brand awareness and through recruitment of opportunities in relation to the business.

RECOGNITION & RETENTION OF LABOUR: The companies are using social medias so one of the tool for recognising the accomplishments of the employees. This helps in boosting the morale of the employees as because social media consists of the professional as well as personal relatives of them and being appreciated in front of the family makes the employees emotional and thus boosts their confidence to another level. Even in case, the company is recognising the achievements of the employees in the social media where only the professional colleagues can come and interact, also helps them to improve the morale of the employees. 

INCREASE IN THE PRODUCTIVITY: The most important part of the use of social media at workplace is the increase in the productivity of the organization. The current scenario of business world uses the social media at a great extent so as to boost the productivity. However, still there exist a gap. If the gap is filled to the fullest, the results of the increase in productivity will be ultimate.

Therefore, from the above points it is clear that the labours being emotional in nature needs the motivation which has to be expressed to them and social media is helping in achieving the same with ease. The spread of social media is rapid and there are massive changes on the same. The fact that cannot be ignored is that avoidance of the social media at the workplace is nearly impossible. The organization should conduct programs so as to promote the fact that the use of the social media should be for increasing productivity.  

The social media have many traits within it which is actually feminized in nature. This can be explained as below:

Suggestions in relation to various work related jobs

Wishing in case of various occasions

Expressing the enthusiasm

Management of the emotional bonds which are effective in nature

The other examples of social media labour under the emotional labour category other than flight attendants is the hotel staffs. The hotel staffs are required to conduct their professional services with being emotionally connected with the customers (AWAUH, G. B., 2001) This is because if done emotionally the stay of the customers at hotel will become pleasant and will ultimately help the hotel industry in booming with high increase in the productivity. 

The fact that there is a very much importance of relational labour along with networking so as to build relationship within the business industry and the same can be achieved through Social Media (KOTLER, P., 1999).  This is because of creation of connection by way of goals and interest common in nature, the job becomes more successful due to the connection of the employees with each other. The relationship should be made with every aspects of the industry. The four important professionals with whom relationship building emotionally is must are:

Suppliers: This is because without a supplier a business stands nowhere. In effective relationship with them leads to raw materials not being supplied timely, ultimately leading to disruption in the production. Building of emotional relationship is must with the supplier/vendor/consultant to avoid the business operations being stuck.

Employees: As discussed in the points above, an emotional bond is must with the employees to boost their morale and to recognise their accomplishments so as to have high impact on the business.

Partners: Building emotional relationship with the partners of the business is also important as because it helps in smoothening of the business process. 

Customers: These are the life lines of business. The majority focus should be here so that the business can flourish extensively.

On analysis of the history of the work culture, it can be analysed that the more the communication exists with the stakeholders of the company, the more is the expansion of the company. The social media is among the cheapest and the most effective mode of communication which helps in boosting morale of the stakeholders. 


The social media is the most effective mode which is actually responsible for creating impulsiveness among all the people using the same i.e. its users. The use of the same is again dependent on the way and the extensiveness with which it is being used. The best way with which it can be used so that no labour can be emotionally exploited is by setting its limits. These limits will differ in case of different situations and company but will ultimately help in gaining the best out of it. Since the introduction of the same, there have a great shift in the communication system using the Internet. The people are being forced to re-assess the ways of interaction with the people because of social network and virtual worlds, both being part of the category of social networking. With the passage of time, it is clearly visible the fact that the social media is the strongest mode of the communication which can have its effect on a wide range of population. These days, the usage of social media have increased rapidly from being used as working tool along with the entertainment. The fact that cannot be ignored is people should limit their usage on the same so as to gain advantage in the best and the maximum way. Excessive relying upon the same is making the people along with the labour at workplace emotionally weak thereby decreasing the capability of them.

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