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Watson Theory of caring

Provide evidence that demonstrates support for the model's efficacy in nursing practice

Nursing model comprises of set of beliefs and values based on which, goals for the improvement in community health is framed. According to Glen et al. (2017), the importance of extensive usage of nursing models in care practice is that it focuses on the knowledge and skills which these professionals needs to practice. As a result of these conceptualizing framework, increase of efficiency is achieved during care delivery. 

According to the statement by Lovering (2014), nursing models are mainframe of theories, which is important as they helps the professionals to decide, what they know and what they need to know, explicitly within the scope of nursing practices. This is the reason that mainframe ideology of nursing models were provided, since the basic graduation level. In this consideration, according to the report of Lor et al (2016), nursing model is critical because they include improved patient care, which are deliberately framed on the basis of guided interventions and evidence-based practices. Importantly, the concept of any nursing model have a theoretical basis for the practice decision and thus recognizes the nursing values involved within. As a result of this, it becomes straightforward for any professional to understand the competency criteria which are required for accomplishment of care delivery goals. More quantitative illustration of using nursing models which results into improved efficiency can be found in studies, such as improved Watson Theory of caring, which was given by Jean Watson (Lee, 2016). 

One of the example for improved efficiency is reflected by the study of Tektas et al. Related to prenatal loss or late fetal death. For women experiencing pregnancy loss are subjected to anxiety and depression, which must be handled with empathy, appropriate health consideration with regular check-ups and counselling of family members for support, which is shown to reduce the negative emotional level in 35% of cases. Based on the Watson theory of care model, ten carative factor for expecting mothers were implemented in care practices. These include factors such as humanistic system of values, cultivating sensitivity, expressing the feelings, transpersonal teaching, enabling faith and hope, developing trustworthy relationship, supportive, human needs assistance, problem solving process, and inclusion of existential phenomenological spiritual forces (Ozan, 2015). It is also learned that which proper instruction to students, their understanding for term “caring” also changes towards appropriate direction. This is evidenced from a study of 586 students where the care quality improves significantly rate proper instruction for care in nursing practices (Labrague, 2015).

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