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A Study on Psychosocial Effects on Negligence of the Mentally Ill On the Streets

1. Introduction

The project aims at developing the comprehension of the different psychological effects that affect the people suffering from the mental medical conditions. The recent times have witnessed growing complaint of mental health problems concerning issues like Depression, Anxiety, etc. Therefore, the focus of the project is to analyze the role of the community and the social workers to improve the current standards. People, when they are going to the street different kinds of problems they can be faced like negligence by the other people. Toward understanding the part of the social specialist in psychological well-being administrations also, mind, this section will give a fundamental outline of the idea of emotional wellness. On the other hand, different physiological problems are mainly enhanced by the stigma attached for mental illness.

1.1 Background of the research

Different previous studies have already suggested that the psychological effects on negligence of the mentally ill on the streets can give different problems to the patients (Lal et al.2017). Researchers need to do several researches about mental illness of people and then have to build up a research study on it. This process can help other researchers in future for researching about the illness and they will be able to get different data over it. This research can help the present researcher to get the illness rate in Nigerian people to solve different problems. Along with the help of social work researchers may be able to do find several research questions on it.

1.2 Rationale of the research

There is a deep reaction on the self reaction of the people due to the mental illness problems. In this particular point researchers need to find different issues regarding mentally problems of people and the social work. Different issues can be like why people are facing mental illness and by which process social workers can help the people to recover their problem.

1.3 Research aim

The major aim of this research is to analyze the different psychological affects that can be faced by the mentally ill people when they mainly go to the streets. Along with this, another aim of this research is to mitigate those physiological problems of people along with the help of social workers.

1.4 Objectives of the research

?             To evaluate the psychological effects on negligence of the mentally ill and find issues

?             To analyze the role of social work in order to mitigate the mental illness of people

1.5 Research questions

1. What are the psychological effects on negligence that can be faced by the mentally ill people?

2. What is the mitigating procedure of mentally illness than can be done by the social workers to help the people?

2. Literature review

In this literature review according to Goodman et al. (2016), it has been seen that for a long time, it was expected that once a man achieved adulthood, their mind would never again change. As David Hellerstein, MD clarifies, said that the idea of the cerebrum physically changing after some time was given little idea about the mentally ill problems. All the researchers have already said in this that mental illness people are more attracted with others and they also molested physically by others. Therefore it can be said that researchers need to collect different data on it as well as through this literature review other researchers will be able to get information about social work. Along with this, mental illness may be responsible of psychosocial problems like decreased quality of life. On the other hand, it can be said that for mitigating the matter of physiological factors of mentally ill people, social workers team members have to increase the brand awareness among other mentally and physically fit people to save the mentally illness people’s life and help them to live a beautiful life. 

It is opined by Townsend & Morgan (2017), social workers are the most important persons who can help the mentally ill people to save their life from danger. Emotional well-being consideration ought to be founded on globally acknowledged moral benchmarks. Therefore it can be said that those people will get the chance to stay in very secure way and will be able to communicate with the social workers for getting different help. Everybody with psychological instabilities has the privilege to live, work, and get treatment in the network, quite far. Adapting systems and abilities are critical for the prosperity of the guardian and the patient. on the contrary Lal et al. (2017), in order to identify the mentally illness issues as well as mitigate the all issues slower way the social workers need to arrange different campaign, workshop to the mentally illness people’s parents. This process can help the parents and the other person to understand the common problem of those ill people and communicate with them in order to mitigate the negligence process. Along with this in order to mitigate the problem the social workers need to check that all individuals are qualified for get the best emotional well-being care accessible and be treated with mankind and regard.

3. Research Methodology

Different tools and techniques can be applied for the sake of correct conduction of the study. A proper framework is required using different tools and techniques so as to reach the outcome effectively. In this regard, the researcher will consider appropriate research philosophy that helps to formulate the situation with proper reasoning and application. In this regard, the study will consider positivism types of research philosophy for analyzing different psychology of individuals related to the study. In terms of research design, the study will consider descriptive research design so as to manage the ample amount of data regarding the psychological effects of individuals on negligence significantly. Along with this, in terms of research approach, the research will amplify the use of deductive approach in order to specify the topic and the variable aspects of the individual psychological effects.

4. Data collection method and analysis

In order to reach the final outcome, it is essential to gather significant amount of data so that, it can be possible for the researcher to understand the different mentality and opinions of the individuals regarding the concerned subject matter. In this respect, the study will consider the primary as well as secondary data collection method. In the primary data collection method, the researcher will comprise the effective procedures of survey method so as to gather information regarding the different opinions of the individuals. Apart from this, in the secondary data collection method, the researcher will focus on the existing and reliable online books, websites, journals as well as online articles. In terms of data analysis method, it will be helpful for the researcher to consider the quantitative data analysis method. Through the quantitative data collection method, the researcher will take survey method over the common people so as to understand the need for social work or serving mentally ill people on streets.

5. Research gap

Gap of research defines the area for which, the insufficient information limits the ability to reach the outcome. Hence, it can be stated, the time constraints may perform as one of the limitations towards the reaching of the final outcome. Further, lack of existing literature regarding the subject matter may perform as another obstacle to reach the desired outcome.

6. Ethical issues

The researcher will maintain all the ethical aspects while conducting the study. All the data will be protected as per the Data Protection Act of the year 1998. Further, it is worth mentioning that, no external pressure will be applied while collecting data from the individuals. Further, it is worth noting that, the form of biased data will be provided so as to maintain confidentiality of the candidates who will participate in the survey method.

7. Research outcome

The major research outcome of this research is to be, familial look after a man with dysfunctional behavior has its focal points, yet it has various social and mental difficulties. Tending to these psychosocial challenges requires a community approach between the medicinal services suppliers and government so the necessities of the family guardians and those of the patients can be tended to as needs be.

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