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Concepts, Communication Frameworks and Nursing Tools


The operations under the course of nursing have certain definite functional framework that is important in order to place an effective likelihood of the patient handling. The current study is indicated to understand the concepts that are underlying the communication frameworks as well as tools that are used in the profession of nursing. The assignment has considered development of practical evaluation tool through conducting critical analysis of a practical situation in nursing. The first part of the assignment is aimed to deal with identifying the concepts of communication framework. This part is also associated with understanding the tools that can be put into use in nursing communication. Thereafter, proceeding with the assignment, it aims to develop an analytic understanding of the practical scenario that is required to be considered in order to ensure that the learning procedure under the concepts and practices of nursing. The last part of the assignment is mostly based on application of the learning in the nursing courses and theory thereby implementing the learning in the provided scenario. Hence, this is followed by an apt conclusion making the learning show its implication on the minds of the students in the nursing course.

Identification of the concepts, communication frameworks and nursing tools

The scenario sets in a situation where an instance has been described for mishandling of a patient in an aged care facility home. The nursing communication tool that is to be applied in this situation has to be dealt with certain conditions through stage-by-stage development of a framework that might be put into use for dealing with a patient in aged care home. The framework includes the steps like:

             Interaction with the patient

             Establishment of interaction with the patient

             Deciding the intervention and the process that can be put into use

             Assessment of the impact that may come out as a result of the intervention process

             Evaluation of implications of the information obtained from the case study and deciding on the act accordingly

The stages stated above highlight and reflect on the process that can be used before being engaged in practical stances like handling patients. The first stage under the framework is to have an equipped interaction with the patient to be taken under care. Here, the process of interaction needs to be defined in order to state there are concepts of effective interaction process. This implies to the fact that such interaction between the patient and the nurse should come the way too polite and caressing (Arnold & Boggs, 2015). Hence, one such criteria is to show the tenderness to the patient being the nurse who is going to take care for the patient and assist the same to cure from the respective illness. Hence, through such stances it can be understood that the nurse would have already established her intention for the interaction. This is most important in order to sue the interaction towards a direction. The most important intention for such conversation is to have a detail of the illness that the person is complaining of. Therefore, collecting information is important during this session in order to know more about the case history of a particular ailment. Besides, collection of information the nurses should have another intention, which is to grow the trust and the dependency of the patient through such conversation (Manojlovich, Squires, Davies & Graham, 2015). Through such acts, it needs to be concerned that the patient becomes liable to accept the intervention that would be given to him or her by the concerned nurse.

The next stage is looking at the intervention procedure. After the collection of the information, the nurse now should think about the intervention procedure that would be best suited for the patient who has been put under her care. Here, the nurse should also be aware of developing the right intervention while deciding to either choose the medicinal or therapeutic treatment for the patient under care. Along with deciding the process of intervention, it is likely that the nurse should also be aware of developing an idea of the impact that the process of intervention may have on the patient (Hargie, 2016). Here the nurse should also need aware of the all-round impact of the intervention on the patient. Hence, at this stage the nurse would only be able to fix the right intervention process when she finds it viable from all aspects or facets.

Analysis of the communication scenario

The communication that has been found to have taken place in the scenario can be identified as one which is highly ineffective. Besides, such ineffective interpersonal communication has also been found to be one, which does not comply with ideal situation of transferring information from one practitioner to another. Here, it has been found that the Assistant in Nursing (AIN) has provided the students of the first year with certain task to handle a old aged patient who is at a critical stage. The patient in the scenario has been diagnosed with vascular dementia. However, in this scenario it can be found that the situation for handling the patient needs to be implicated on right aspects in order to ensure that the conduction of the functioning is important through development of such aspects under the training schedule of nursing. In this scenario, it is evident that the student who has been left for handling the 92-year-old vascular dementia patient, she has not been provided with any kind of information that would specifically direct the learner to understand the methods of tackling a patient (Giger, 2016). Hence, this is the first ground of lack that can be found to be intercepting the convenience of the learning among the students. Hence, the first stance of lack in the communication can be noticed in this point.

Hence, following the identification of the inappropriate method of communication between the Assistant in Nursing (AIN) and the first year student in the course of nursing this part of the assignment has aimed to explain the area of ineffective interpersonal communication. The communication process is liable to include into such functions that are relatable in the aspect of showing gratitude as well as concern for teaching the right approach to deal with an old aged patient. In contrary to develop an effective ideology about handling and caring a patient, the Assistant in Nurse (AIN) has been found to have put into instance a rude conduct that was hardly fruitful in producing any kind of understanding among the first year nursing students before taking up the charge to attend the patient to her shower. However, in the later stages, it can also be found that while the student was engaged in caring her patient at the later stage of the shower, there was a chaos made that made the situation goes out of control of the nurse. During this stage, even the Assistant in Nursing (AIN) did not like to convey the right methods of caring an old aged patient when she pointed out the mistakes that the first year student has conducted. Rather than trying to make the student understand about the right procedure as well as letting her understand about the lack she has gone through while handling the patient, the AIN (Assistant in Nursing) chose to ignore the situation proving she is not willing to spend her time in showing the right procedure or to correct the wrong one. This has been considered as the area of ineffective interpersonal communication that has been found to be prevailing in the provided scenario (Madden et al. 2017).

Application of the chosen concepts, communication frameworks and nursing tools

The framework that has been chosen at the beginning of the assignment looks into verbal communication as the greatest area of implementation in learning nursing. The referred scenario has been found to have shown an instance of ineffective communication process that is likely to hamper the development of the learning procedure within a student in the nursing course. However, the concept that has been looked into at the beginning of the assignment is liable to ensure that a communication is build up between the patient and the nurse taking care for the patient through prior interaction. However, in the scenario it should be kept into mind that being a nursing student in the first year the care giver did not have the opportunity to come across the case of Mrs. Claudia Munroe. Therefore, in this the right application of the chosen framework can be done through collection of the information from the person who is already aware of the case of the patient. Here, the scenario has drawn an evidence of lacking in such communication to the short-term caregiver to make her aware of the conditions of the patient and also the nursing procedure that should be followed in this case. Therefore, the situation can be stated in such stature that the Assistant in Nursing (AIN) should use certain other framework that would help in reducing the abundance of the ineffective communication that has occurred between the Assistant in Nursing (AIN) and the student of nursing.

In order to establish an area of communication that would be effective to deliver the right message to the person who has been considered to be the care giver to a patient of vascular dementia. In order to do so the communication could have been established through usage of notebook that may hold information for not just one instance but would provide a long term assistance. Although, a very traditional form of communication process, usage of  notebook can be done in order to ensure that the concept is important in order to convey and information to the care provider (Varcarolis, 2016). This would also have helped the student to find out a more effective way to handle the patient while assisting her in bath. This can be effectively done along with a verbal communication to deliver the important points in order to convey them the necessary information. However, this method of communication through using and jotting down important points in notebook may also be applicable in the stance where there is absence of any verbal communication. However, this method of communication is very apt for making the learning process of the students more suitable and fruitful to them.

Verbal communication is the most important and reliable method to convey important information regarding any practical performance especially when it comes to assisting a patient (Cherry & Jacob, 2016). In the scenario, a method more specific and fruitful could be put into use in order to ensure that such practices are liable to build up the stances of importance of the actions that are required while handling a patient with old age and critical conditions. Hence, this method can be highly applicable during developing the entire session of interacting with the patient, deciding on the method or the process of intervention and finally carrying out the care treatment with more viability and more feasibility.


The assignment has been mainly based on a scenario, which states a situation where an example of incompetent and ineffective communication has been identified. The situation goes like this where her Assistant in Nursing (AIN) has left a first year nursing student to assist an old aged woman (92 years), who is a patient of critical vascular dementia. The first evidence of ineffective communication has been noticed in here that shows implementation of wrong concept of nursing communication framework. However, while assisting the woman during her birth the student had to face unwilling situation as the woman began shouting and cried as she got scared. While visiting for the second time, Assistant in Nursing (AIN) during this chaos, the AIN did not provide her with the right solution rather ignored the same with rude words. Hence, such kind of ineffective communication has been discussed upon in the assignment and giving ways to overcome. The suggested ways that has been concerned in here are verbal communication (to be considered as primary) and usage of notebooks to convey information even there is lesser scope of producing the understanding within the student regarding the right procedure of handling a patient. Therefore, the right procedure of communication in nursing has to be regarded upon in order to ensure that there are contexts regarding such implementation process.

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