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Initiating a discussion on the formation of virtual teams


Teamwork is being considered as one of the integral factors that has the tendency to ensure that every organisation is able to maintain their ability in achieving the organisational aims and objectives. The memo provided below intends to cover the various aspects associated with teamwork and how the idea of the formation of virtual team had gained popularity among people. It is also necessary to address that the people must be able to instigate the idea of connecting people all around the world in the virtual team to make sure that every task can be conducted effectively. It is essential for an organisation to make sure that the virtual team is to persuade every task that is being assigned to them.


The purpose behind this memo is to understand the importance of virtual teams and what strategies can be applied to make sure that the performance of the virtual teams can be considered a successful one for the organisation and for the team members as well. The idea of virtual team has resulted in substantial amount of changes in the operations of many organisations and at the same time have also ensured that they are able to acknowledge the idea of diversity and appreciation for the various ethnical background of various individuals. Since, the idea of having a virtual team mainly involves working as a geographically dispersed team, it can be said that it allowed majority of the people to maintain a perfect balance of their professional and personal life (Hillen et al., 2016). It also provided the employees with an opportunity to initiate conversations with people all around the world and form a cohesive group of varied ideas and extreme devotion towards achieving the targets of the company. The idea of virtual team has allowed the members to encourage the idea of diversification and the understanding of the market of various countries. There are multiple countries that have encouraged the involvement of virtual teams to enhance their performances. It has been identified that the idea of virtual teams has allowed multiple organisations to make sure that they are able to incorporate their understanding of their native market and use that profanity for the executive marketing style of the organisation.

Some of the prominent companies that have initiated the use of virtual teams to enhance the capability of their organisation comprises of SAP, IBM and General Electric. These three companies are considered as first of their kind because of the kind of proficiency they have for the effective functioning of their organisational structure and provided the workers with substantial amount of flexibility for their work (Moe et al., 2015). Just as the idea of virtual team can bear many possibilities for the individuals, there is also a possibility that they might have some drawbacks as well. However, it is also essential to understand the advantages of the virtual teams at the initial stage and some of them include substantial amount of cost savings, have an opportunity of leveraging global talent, enhance the profit margin of a company and productivity and establish newer opportunities for the people. Some of the key drawbacks that an organisation might encounter with the application of virtual teams comprise of the extensive cost of the technological devices, causing social isolation and enhances lack of empathy and eradicates the idea of trust and collaboration (Lukic and Vracar, 2018).

Here, the real question is, if the application of virtual team actually has the ability to ensure that they would be able to maintain a system of coordination and cooperation among the people but it is also necessary to understand that the people might be able to initiate the idea of certain amount of negativity that surrounds them (Carlson et al., 2017). Further, it has also been initiated that the company who have already initiated the application of virtual teams have also encountered the similar troubles with their operations in the day to day context.


The memo provided above focused on the importance of the virtual team and conducted a thorough analysis on the fact that an organisation must have substantial amount of technological and financial capability to make sure that they are able to conduct their operations in a very convenient manner. Also, it is essential to understand that the organisation must be able to understand the extent of discrepancies that might be caused by the initiation of the virtual teams.

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