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Plan of Safety Management System

Integrated Safety Management System

Title is there is a large risk of fire in many industries, it is one of the main threats in any industry.

Introduction of SMS is a wellbeing and security the executive framework is an orderly methodology set up by a business to limit the danger of damage and disease. It includes recognizing, surveying, and controlling dangers to laborers in all working environment tasks. (SMS, n.d.).

Plan of safety management system is, in order to tackle a fire situation which is very much damaging. If not deal with it properly, fire safety plan should use by the industry to reduce the loss by it. It is very damaging to human life also slowly but ultimately leads to death. So it is must that the industry has at least a fire safety plan to tackle situation like this effectively.

Following are some of the important things to be kept in mind 

Two types of strategies are use in this case vertical, horizontal and simultaneous evacuation. In evacuation, generally fire alarm is ringing his tune and people are move in a safe place. In vertical evacuation people generally away from area are alarmed and instruct to move to a safe place. In horizontal evacuation, the compartments are divide into fire resisting portion, so that workers can be move through compartments to a safe compartment. (firesafe, (2019, March 20))

First thing on discovering fire is to quickly sound the nearest alarms and quickly inform fire brigade about it. Lifts not used because there is a possibility of electric failure.

It is the responsibility of the most senior officer to ensure that in all chaos the fire brigade call.

All the employees should use shortest escape routes so that they save their lives, moreover large maps should have on most active places of company. And on every stairway so that in a critical condition a person can easily find his way out.

Firefighting gear should present at all offices and other places, where there is a threat of fire. A team must be there to tackle a situation. Employees educated enough to handle situation.

Staff is train to operate firefighting gear. Employees are train to tackle this type of situation. Once a month a simple exercise is done.

Results are assembly point should be in a safe place so that employees can move to such place in a situation. If not fast rescue must be launched to look for and rescue the missing person. The cost of preventing accidents is significantly lower than the cost of repairing physical and reputational damage due to accidents. The systems also lower the probability of lawsuits arising from employee injury.

Conclusion of our plan is there is a potentially significant cost savings to implementing a Safety Management System. The long term savings include implementing improvements and reducing hazards of processes and systems. The potential improvement in employee and equipment performance, and the savings of avoiding fines associated with non-compliance. The guidelines are highly reliable since they include the main parts of a safety management program and incorporate the principles of the PDCA model. Thus, they enable organizations to come up with comprehensive systems that secure workers from accidents in the workplace.

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