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MGT601 Dynamic Leadership

Executive Summary

This reflective journal focuses on my leadership journey and how I figured my talents and turned them to my core strengths. The report further analyses on my personality results of Gallup strength and the comparison with the other 2 similar tests which are 16 Personality tests and DISC assessment. Through the course of the subject came across different readings and tried to relate on what leadership style I followed and what I wanted to implement in future to better strengthen my leadership abilities.



When I took managerial role in the year 2014, I had few questions that haunted me, such as - How can I fix my weaknesses to be a more complete leader? How can I emulate the traits of the great leaders who preceded me? What should I focus on -- vision or strategy? We had managerial workshops and I took few personality tests, one of which was DISC assessment (Marston, 1928). I got a glimpse of my unique combination of natural strengths, tried to analyse and applied those in my role and marked myself as a transformational leader (Fiedler 1967). Another personal test I recently took is "Gallup Strength Finder" (Clifton, 2001). With this I understood that leadership is found not just at work but all around us.

Results Summary

Of 34 Clifton Strengths themes my top five talent themes are Achiever, Responsibility, Restorative, Arranger, Ideation. Undoubtedly Knowledge, skills mixed with talent are important parts of the strengths equation. We will develop skills and knowledge through our experiences in work settings and in real case scenarios. When we supplement talents with our knowledge and skills to the point that we can consistently provide near-perfect performance in a given activity, we have developed as a strength.

Overview of Strength finder

I would say these strengths of mine are not inherited but I gradually tried to adapt to the Contemporary thinking of Leadership (Burns ,1978). There is an interesting fact in an article by

(Miller & ADKINS, 2016) where I am surprised to see only one responsibility theme in me is matching with top 5 themes of women.

Comparison between 2 tests

                I have undertaken 2 different personality tests, 16 Personalities and DISC model. I could sense there are few similarities in all of them. The similarities are practical skills, sense of duty, loyalty and that I am good at implementing new ideas.


With the growing industry needs I grew along with my employees and from "I" to "WE". I got the flavour of Authentic Leadership (George, Bill, Sims, Peter, 2007) with a diverse team comprising developers, support engineers and testers. I tried to bring them together, empower them to create value for stakeholders. In the beginning I was nervous of the thought that I am the youngest leader in the group of biggies and also the only women in the leadership team. By being myself, I achieved a very good success rate for my team and we won many awards as a team for the exemplary work we showcased.



Life experiences provide a better ground of learning opportunities, the challenge rests in taking these opportunities and absorbing the learning from each one. This course of writing reflective analysis on own strengths has defiantly thought me many different types of leadership styles, theories and one can become excel in the role only when good at accessing the situations and acting accordingly.


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