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Omar Air is the national airline of Oman. It was founded in June 1993, and is thus., over 25 years old. It has a fleet size of 53 planes, and over 50 destinations all over the world. It is an extremely prestigious airline and is a member of the Arab Air Carriers Organization as well (Brandi, 2005). The HR strategy that is being discussed in the following reflective report is the Reward management strategy that has been by the organization for many years. The Reward management system has been connected to the HR strategies in order to get employee attraction, and make sure that Oman Air is one of the best airlines in the Arab region. 

Personal Report

For the company presentation, my main task had been to collect and verify the data. This was done in collaboration with the research program. There is a significant amount of data that is required by the organization for the presentation, and researching and finding the data is a very hard task that requires a lot of attention. The data also has to cross-checked in order to verify the accuracy. Inaccurate data is not acceptable for the company presentation in any way (Kasemsap, 2015).  This was my main part for the presentation. I was also in charge of making sure that the presentation was proof-read so that there were minimal errors in the presentation. Errors on the presentation would have looked bad for the company, which is why I was in charge of proof-reading and making sure that the presentation looked presentable and appropriate for the company. Though these were difficult tasks, the research had been rewarding, and I learnt a lot about the company as well.  

Reflection on Action

Collecting the data and conducting research was both good and bad. There were times when it was frustrating, since I could not find some data, or there were some documents that I was not able to understand (Entwistle and Ramsden, 2015). During those times, it was difficult because I had to make sure that the data that I collected was accurate, and that it was in a format that I could understand. However, most of the time, the task was understandable and the work I did was extremely satisfying. I learnt a lot about the company and the HR policies of the company. This was beneficial as the HR strategies of the company were extremely interesting. This was a pleasant experience overall, since most the work that was given to me was related to something that I liked and understood, and thus, was not as strenuous as I had thought it was. Thus, the experience had been a good one, and there was nothing too bad about it. 

Reflection on Teaching

I learnt about the Reward Management as both an HR strategy to keep the employees happy, as well as a method for attracting new customers. Omar Air used the Reward management strategy as both, which was something new that was extremely interesting to learn about (Staff Benefits, 2018). 

I also learnt how to critically do a SWOT analysis of the Reward Management strategy in connection to Oman Air. This was something new, since I had not done something like this before, and it was something that was new and interesting in every way. I learnt a lot from the SWOT Analysis, both about Oman Air and the HR strategy that they used. 

I also learnt the negatives of the System that they used, which showed me why the strategy was not working as well for the organisation as it should have been. 

I also learnt about some of the strategies that other airlines were using, as well as read some papers regarding HR strategies in general for the presentation. 


In the future, I would be working as an HR consultant or strategist in a big firm, very much like Oman Air. This presentation taught me the benefits and disadvantages of doing a SWOT analysis. This would be useful in my future, as most HR professionals need to effectively do a SWOT analysis in order to ensure that the organisation is benefitted from the program or strategy that is being analysed. There are many benefits from doing a SWOT analysis, which is why most HR know how to do one effectively (Rasmussen and Ulrich, 2015). This would be of immense benefit to me in the future, as it would provide me with the knowledge to become the best in my field. 

I also learnt the disadvantages of the Reward management system, which is the main system that most organisations would have for their employees. Thus, it would greatly benefit my future in the field, since I would have ways to improve the system that is already in place. 

Action Plan

I would like to work for Oman Air in the future. Since I already know the benefits and disadvantages, as well as the opportunities and threats of the HR strategy, I would like to propose a new HR strategy that might also work in the organisation. It would be better than the strategy that is being used currently, which is why my future action plan would be to work in the organisation as an HR consultant. 

Based on what I have learnt, it is important for me to look up more HR strategies that have been used by other airlines, not just in the Arab region, but also in the world (Bratton and Gold, 2017). This would help me gain better insight into what strategies work in airlines, and this would help me create a better strategy for the organisation. 

Conclusion and Recommendations 

The HR strategy that is used by Oman Air is Reward Management. It has been playing a significant part in ensuring that the organisation is able to keep the employees motivated, which leads to better passenger experience, which is what is important for the airline. The airline has to however, refine the strategy in order to create a larger impact. This would include having a diverse staff in order to better cater to clientele from all over the world.

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