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Multimedia Instructional Materials

After incorporating technology-based instructional tools within your mini-unit, provide a rationale for your technology choices. Explain how each technology piece is aligned to the objectives and is appropriate and engaging for the students.


Multimedia can be defined as the combined form of multiple media formats which incorporates audio, texts, animation, still images, interactivity and video all together. These electronic applications are a very useful source to educate students and teach lessons on a specific topic. The use of multimedia for teaching purpose helps the educational ideas to be presented in a more inspired, artistic, and engaging way (Stahl, 2016).

Examples of multimedia

Some of the example of multimedia which can be used to engage students for constructing and conveying knowledge includes:

·         Prezi- It is a set zooming software which helps in presenting the information in a visually attractive way. The presentation can be created in a boundless canvas and can be navigated in any desired way by zooming in and out. The presenter (teacher) can either show the same information as in slide presentation or present the new rule book entirely. Unlike PowerPoint presentations, it engages student’s attention and makes it far more interesting. It provides opportunity for the information literacy to become more engaging and interesting. Students gets excited for each slide for what is coming next and also tries to implement it in their own presentations (Chou, Chang, & Lu, 2015).

·         Podcast- It is one of the technologies used in many institutions instead of investing on textbooks and other learning technologies. It facilitates the teachers to broadcast the audio content which can be listened anytime and anywhere by the students. The students just have to subscribe to the podcast feed and immediately the teachers can inject educational content in to it, instead of waiting them to come personally. It is highly convenient and portable as it can be downloaded to any mobile device making it as a flexible learning system. Further students are also allowed to create their own podcast which includes questions, projects, presentations and discussions. It is big aid for students suffering from mental impairment such as Dyslexia. It is excellent medium to improve teaching as well as learning practices in schools, colleges and universities.

·         Infographics- It is one of the best medium to spread the educational among all the students. It is done by broadcasting lessons in classes, also homework, and presenting the research data. The background color used is very viewer friendly and makes the lessons texts stand out clearly (Kibar, & Akkoyunlu, 2014). They are best way to of visually representing data and information which have been assembled to explain a specific topic. It is very easy way to display the complex data to students and make them engaged. Taking advantage of this modern visual learning multimedia in the classroom definitely yields better result than just spending time on the plain text book.  


Therefore multimedia is a great tool which encourages and motivates students to work in team and enhance their critical thinking capability. They are able to revise their knowledge in various ways and are also able to build constructive ideas. With the use of multimedia based education, students are able to learn real world skill associated to the technology (Li, 2016).

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