Report on "POPULATION HEALTH SERVICE PLAN"-The Strategic and Healthcare Services Plan



Executive Summary

Mental health is a state of mind where a person fails to manage its emotions and act according or behave according to that. It is a condition where the body activities get imbalanced according to the emotions. Mental health can happen from various factors like depression,anxiety. The most commonly mental health disease consists of ADHD around America and Australia. ADHD is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.  People are more self-centred anxious about their work.  Isolation all leads to mental health. Some are even genetically and by birth.

 Statistics given by the Australian Bureau of Statistics state that mainly the diseases are chronic and consists of the young people between the age of 2- 15 years. Increase in suicides has also increased due to deterioration in mental health. Most of the problems are related to anxiety, depression, disability and mental imbalance due to work pressure or peer –pressure. Then comes the increasing rate in substance abuse, usage of drugs and sedatives in a wrong way are causing sudden and unplanned death of many youngsters in the population of Australia or causing serious mental and health problems .Increase in awareness and guidance to the youngsters and providing emergency and quality hospital services can reduce these problems



The disorders pertaining to the psychological factors have been on the increase for the last few years and are expected to rise at an alarming rate. The local health district is aimed at providing relief to the sick individuals that includes the patients having mental disorders. It looks to help in providing the care, treatment to enhance the quality of the community. The report is conducted to develop future planning of health care services.

Environmental Scan

Demographic analysis, including relevant population projections

The population of Sydney is expected to rise by 2.08% by 2021, in accordance to the report generated by Australian Bureau of Statistics. The mental health seems to be a factor among the youth of the native population. The population inclined to the section, which covers the age group between0-15 ,forecasts on the increase from 195,727 to 236,048 by the year 2021. The mental health disorders seems to be on the rise in the upcoming years.Adult and juvenile inmates are found to be the categories, which reflect on cases of mental disorders such as dementia. Individuals with prolonged drug and alcohol issues are associated with the low economic status and hence find themselves in depression. The illicit usage of drugs has been recorded at 14.7%. The population contributing to abusive use of alcohol, mainly belongs to the age group of 20-29 years. Population of the homeless section contributed to the increase in mental health conditions.The median average household income has been lower than the state average and also the relocation of immigrants owing to humanitarian crisis, in SWSLHD. 

Burden of Disease data for the selected population

It is expected that 80% percent of the burden of Disease Data  is going to be inclined to the chronic illness.Mental health plays an important role in alleviating chronic disease , as mental well-being continue to deteriorate, the chances of higher numbers of mental conditions tend to increaseWomen tend to be more distressed as compared to men and  contribute to more cases of psychological disorders. This trend is expected to remain the same in 2021.People within higher age groups seems to be a major portion of the population that contributes to faction of the mental disease.Humanitarian arrivals seems to be also effected by mental conditions as they find it difficult to cope up with practices that are native to the inhabited population. 12.9% of the residents has been accounted for different psychological conditions. Suicide rateshave  decreased.


Needs Assessment

Assessment needs to be performed in order to examine the prevalent techniques and operative methods used to identify the clinical aspects that are inclined to assess the changing behavourial trends affecting the mental health.

Service Profile within LHD, including relevant facilities, services, Role Delineation Levels and Models of Care

The service profile  development was identified to be comprising of three factors of model o of care, service development directions, partners in service development 

The service development directionsare designed according to the points designated by the framework that is recognized by SWSLHD. The framework looks forward to highlight the aspects:

High quality health services are a necessity to assess the mental conditions of a patients and address them accordingly

Skilled staffs with adequate knowledge to attend patient with psychological disorders are essential

Descriptive research on the existing mental disorders and detailed introspection of new psychological factors has to be realised 

The aspects of efficiency in accordance to the output

Model of care is a process that is devised on the aspects of planning process that accommodates service development directionsof continuing currency.It revolves around the concepts of enhancing the partnership with institution that provides care and enhances access to patients , facilitating all kinds of services that address the psychological factors which incorporate provisions for care and strengthening the clinical networks to aid patients to receive treatment within a small time frame .The SWSLHD health facilities are managed by the district and are managed on the basis of their roles(Roles Delineation),size, classification. Role Delineation helps NSW districts to analyse  the complexity of the processes that can be undertaken at the health institutions . This helps the organisation to understand the services they expertise in ,and ascertain the safety norms of the procedures performed in a health facility. The role delineation values are mentioned in accordance to SWSLHD health facilities 

Facility Role Delineation

Bankstown-Lidcombe Hospital 5

Bowral and District Hospital 3

Camden Hospital 3

Campbellitown Hospital 4

Liverpool Hospital 4

Fairfield Hospital 3-4

Community Health 6


Inpatient and outpatient activity levels, including separations and bed days by facility and clinical area and across the LHD

Inpatient activity of the patients in the category of the mental disorder is expected to rise by 151 beds by 2021 at Macarthur hospital and the infrastructure development phase of Liverpool hospital seems to adhered to the increase of number of beds by 111.Outpatient activity has been on the rise but it will reflect on reduction by 2021

Situational Analysis

The analysis seems to reflect on the increasing cases of mental disorders and the issues that needs to be addressed to increase the scopes of a quality life among the Australian population

Strategic Issues and Priorities Future Services Profile by facility and across the LHD and Proposed Role Delineation Levels and Models of Care 

The future services profile could be modelled by using the existing knowledge on the  health services and predicting a model with data mining and forecasting techniques. Future service development practices included the imperatives that seems to deliver on the different aspects. The aspects of equal access needs to be kept in mind as most of the cases of psychological orders comes from a background with low economic aspects and that discourages them to make use of the services available in health sector.

The quality of care deliverance system needs to be revamped in order to accommodate more innovation in techniques and enhance the quality of the services offered by the health care service.

The extent of the services offered by the health care facilities needs to be realised in order to accommodate all kinds of patients that belongs to different kind of communities by organising event that generate awareness among the community about a the negative aspects of depression.

A well trained and educated workforce is an aspect that always enhances the chances of reviving the effectiveness that can be achieved by particular procedure. The different aspects of human psychology that is associated with the change of behavioural traits need to be relayed with the health care professional in order to provide comprehensive analysis of the behaviour profile and address the psychological factors .

The mental health strategies need to be realised and new facets should be included within the programme so to educate communities about the psychological and mental needs of an individuals to improve the mental quality of the addressed population.

The efficiency and sustainability of the services provided by health care organisation and would incline to the fast paced approach of service delivery by increasing no of ambulances to address the suicide rates and increasing the appointment of rehabilitation centres to provide reformative measures and advices to the patients of psychological disorder in order to negate the risk of repeated case of recurring suicide cases

Key goals, objective and strategies in table format, including proposed facility development.

Strategic Objectives Key Goals Objective Strategy Facility Development

Safe, Quality Care Keep the services in accordance to the  clinical evidence and consumer experiences To understand the technical and evaluative competencies that are associated in analysing psychological factors 1.The plan to enhance our strategy incorporates the need to realise the behavioural trends among the young population. 

2.Implement the reach programto enhance the responsive attitude of the patient  .

3.Invest in new technologies to deduct the waiting time for elective surgery and deliver on the high quality aspect of clinical care

4.Increase the impingement  that addresses the supportive features inclining to the families involving the inpatient support services

5.Implementation of Surgical and procedure Care Plan that analyses the future location services  that could be of great help  and

6. implement Highly skilled interpretors who can understand the needs adndimprove the responsiveness to critical requests by surfacing it through video interpreting models in every possible situation The no of beds in an institution needs to be increased .Adequate no of skilled practitioners needs to be employed to understand the intricate details associated with the treatment of mental disorders such as dementia, schizophrenia.

Collaborative Relationships Analyse the actual performance generated through voluntary participation in consumer and community participation To revise the number of individuals participating in Community participation

To understand the role and involvement of children and adolescent  generationas partners in accordance to the Rights of Children and young people in healthcare The strategy needs to be devised on the necessities to incorporate the clinical practices revolving the identification ofthe reasons behind psychological issuesand appropriate referral to particular support services 

Conduct programs that are designedto implement outreach activities and increase community awareness.

Establishing health alliances with council to address health issues by  building relationship with local council.

Establishing Foundation to facilitate philanthropic funding .support clinic .

Implementing conferencing strategy to help improve the relations between the servicews of operation and actual region of service delivery and further transcend on the beneficial aspect of multi-disciplinary team conferencing.

Collaboration with sectors of health facilities and residential aged care to develop strategies that inclines to the concept of eradicate the dependency on the needs of emergency 

Comprehensive planning to analyse for the development and addition of new facilititesthat could cater to the services that are involved with psychological factors in the region of South west areas in Australia .

Heath clinics need to be supported by granting them funds to better equip their employees to understand the aspects that needs to be addressed to provide quality clinical procedures.

Establish innovative collabaoration models with the private sector in order to reduce the expenditure to be realised by high end technology and providing quality results,

Expenditure on developing a robotic surgery program in healthcare institutions to provide patients access to state of the art technology in order to have greater efficiency in treartingalzheimer’s disease and reduce the time that is spent by patient in ahospital .this will result in alleviation of the mental health of a patient .

The expansion and implementation of wireless capabilities in health care facilities including the services of Wi-Fi to incorporate the modern efficacies for a patient tested positive with mental conditions because this could help the patient to surf through the net and delve into the better prospect that could better rehabilitate them .

Reconstruction of hospitals such as Bowral and District hospital , so it could provide facilities that are technologically advanced in terms of medical equipment.


Overarching recommendations

The recommendations for the organization, in order to realize their objectives by 2021 are basically incorporating technological advancements in gauging the behavioural patterns of the patients, in order to understand and treat the mental health problems appropriately as well as conducting seminars in order to generate awareness among the population regarding the risk factors associated with the mental health problems and the appropriate ways to solve them. 


The report deals with issues of mental health among the population of Australia and the scopes that are needs to be addressed to develop strategic plans that address the behavioural trends in respect to the changes that reflect on the info graphics by the year 2021. The inpatient and outpatient activity were analysed to understand the technological as well as accommodation necessities that needs to be taken up by Health organisations.

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