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            Walmart is considered as the largest retail organization of the world. The organization has been founded in 1962 (walmart.com. 2018). It operates worldwide with the help of 2.3 million employees from different parts of the world. The organization offers large number of house hold products, food products and products of daily needs to the consumers. According to the report, Walmart has 11,718 stores in all around the globe (Kullberg and Braekkan 2018). This American multinational organization is not only famous for its products and global expansion, but for its sustainable practices.

            The following article has concentrated on the corporate social responsibilities (CSR) of Walmart and some recommendations have been presented.

Mission, Vision and Values:

Statement: The mission statement of Walmart is ‘to save people money, so they can live better’ (walmart.com. 2018).

Vision Statement:  The vision of Walmart is ‘to be the destination for customers to save money, no matter how they want to shop’ (walmart.com. 2018).


 Some core values of Walmart are as follows:

 Quality service to the consumers (walmart.com. 2018). Respect to the individual employee of the organization (walmart.com. 2018).  Maintain excellence in the organizational performance (walmart.com. 2018). Maintain Integrity in the organizational performance (walmart.com. 2018). All employees are equal in the organization (walmart.com. 2018).Maintain organizational culture (walmart.com. 2018).  Employees are the key asset of the organization (walmart.com. 2018).

Ethical Policy of the Organization:

            Sam Walton’s organization is operated by some core ethical policies. They are mentioned below:  Always act with honesty and loyalty (walmart.com. 2018). Adhere to the guidelines and rules of the organization (walmart.com. 2018). Be honest and fair with other members of the organization (walmart.com. 2018).  Do not indulge personal relationships in the professional relationships (walmart.com. 2018). Respect other team members and encourage them to participate in the organizational process (walmart.com. 2018).People should act as a team within the organization (walmart.com. 2018).The members of the organization must share all the true reports to the authority (walmart.com. 2018).  Health of the employees is the responsibility of the organization, so health insurance is offered to each member of the organization (walmart.com. 2018). As both male and female employees are the key elements of the organization, they will be offered paternal and maternal leaves to them, so they can enjoy their parenthood properly and maintain a balance between the personal and professional life (walmart.com. 2018).

Reason for Selecting the Organization:

            Walmart being a renowned retail organization of the world has to face several challenges from their existing and emerging rival companies. Thus, the organizational authority needs to pay attention to the core functions of the organization. However, the organization has never neglected the ethical aspect of the organization or the responsibilities towards the society and stakeholders of the organization (Bolman and Deal 2017). They always consider this aspect while designing the organizational strategies. It can be shown in the organizational activities and ethical policies of the organization. It has drawn my attention towards the organization. Walmart offers awards and rewards to its employees and offers them economic opportunities. On the other hand, Walmart maintains energy efficiency in its activities and develop the workers by providing training to them. These activities have acted as weapon for the organization in this scenario (Boone 2018).


            Although, Walmart has focused on many areas of the responsibilities, there are some loopholes in the CSR activities of Walmart that need to be overcome. Recommendations have been presented to resolve the issues: Walmart must improve the working environment for the employees of the organization. Many employees have raised their voice that the working environment is not healthy and depressing (Boone 2018).  As Walmart is associated with large number of supplier, the authority must make sure that none of their suppliers are deprived. They must monitor this area of responsibility (Kullberg and Braekkan 2018).   Walmart must offer educational support to the underprivileged kids of the local community (Bolman and Deal 2017).


            Thus, it can be concluded that Walmart does not preserve much loopholes, but they must focus on the previously mentioned areas to make their organizational structure flawless.


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