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Nursing Standards of Practice

Today, with advent of new technologies, it is found that the patients are expecting better quality healthcare services from the healthcare organizations. Hence, it becomes the responsibility of the nursing staff to deliver the required care services in a given environment. It is also noticed that the nursing staff needs to follow the principles of responsibility and accountability at their workplace (Ziebarth, 2014). 

From the responsibility perspective, the nursing staff needs to adhere to their duties and have an obligation to perform as per the expectations of the top-level management in the organization. They need to follow the nursing standards and ensure delivering the state-of-the-art services in a given working environment. 

On the other hand, they also need to follow the principle of accountability wherein they are expected to take ownership of their actions and the decisions taken in a given operational environment. Thus, under the responsibility principle, the nursing staff will be required to perform different actions as per the directives of the top-level management (Ziebarth, 2014). 

Even, the Human Resources (HR) management of the organization will be training them on the different aspects and principles that they need to follow while working in a given environment. On the other hand, they need to make sure of following the ethical practices so that they can remain accountable of their actions performed at their workplace.

They need to justify their decisions taken so that they can ensure providing the best treatments to the patients. Today, with increased challenges in the external environment, it is found that the nursing staff needs to get trained on the aspects of leadership, management, and other relevant nursing standards (Bradshaw, 2014). It will improvise their communication, work collaboration with other team members, overcome the workplace challenges, overcome conflict management, and thereby achieve desired objectives of the organization in a given environment (Bradshaw, 2014). 

Also, it will help them manage the different issues and deploy the team-based working approach to follow the nursing standards in a given environment. However, they need to monitor their practices and accordingly make changes wherever required. It will subsequently help them not only follow the principles of accountability and responsibility but also complete the assigned tasks within the given timeframe.

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