An essay on DISCUSSION: INDIVIDUALS AND COMMUNITIES- A relationship between individuals and communities.



Relationship between the individual and the community is much intensive. After all, communities are made of individuals, there is an intersection of the shared values and objectives held by the individuals in a society and they do classify the values of the community in focus. At the same time, while reflecting the values of the community, an individual can be a member of several communities, sharing the values of each making up his own profile of values. Nevertheless, it is possible that all these values for which an individual is a member may be closely related with. Michael Boylan in the environmental ethical study perspectives indicated two main considerations for individuals. The first is the fact that the individual understands their role and ability to act and the second is what they see and understand their own actions in a larger social context.

When it comes to these considerations, it is worth noticing the fact that the individual's perspectives are personal viewpoint oriented when they understand their own role at an individual level. The same consideration when projected to understand the wider world view, their view towards community and community role will vary. It is more likely that individuals can change their own personal view with the enlightenment of the world view and also it is possible that they can join the communities that intersect with their personal views and values.

Ethical environmental factors are the issues that make the roles and responsibilities of the individuals in general in relation to their environmental interferences. For example, judicial usage of environmentally negative technologies like fossil fuels, hazardous materials in energy generation, using non-degradable materials etc can be curbed. When an individual recognizes his role in sticking to ethical environmental policies, he will obviously revert to better technologies and better materials that are of significance to the environment (Boylan, 2014).

A typical example of people reverting to solar PV energies is a good sign in becoming environmentally conscious and their practices are naturally environmental-friendly and are in line with the values of the environmental friendly communities.

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