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People Resourcing and Development: A case study of Oman Air


There have been myriad of debates and written literature regarding Human Resource Management and its practices, theories, strategies, extents and limitations. In the recent past, there have been immense controversies that concern the responsibilities and roles of Human Resource Management. The different organisations of the world have number of human resource strategies that have a deeper impact on their business operations. In this context, the following report has undertaken the case study of Oman Air, a national airline of Oman that operates domestic as well as international services to passengers and even organise charter flights, regional air taxi for their valued clients. The report will focus on the people resource strategy undertaken by them and will shed light on the effectiveness of such strategy in the light of their strength, weakness, threats and opportunities. The objectives of this course work is to understand the significance of Learning and Development and the significance of the chosen strategy in enhancing performance of business organisation.   

Company Overview 

In order to analyse a human resource strategy, the report has chosen Oman Air as the organisation to be focused upon. Oman Air, which is the national airline of Oman, is based in the grounds of the Muscat International Airport. It is an official four-star airline founded in 1993, and since then has witnessed extensive development. They have been playing a prominent role in making Muscat one of the most crucial traffic hubs lying in Middle East and thereby supporting the industrial, commercial as well as tourism sectors. They are known to operate fleets of highly advanced aircrafts and have been increasing their international flights to not less than 53 international place (Omanair.com, 2018). They are even creating greater employment opportunities directly as well as indirectly in hotels, travel agencies, restaurants and so on. They offer unparalleled experiences to their guests on-board with enhanced quality of the products and services. Awards are meant to honour a best practice or service and thus, Oman Air has become the most accolade award-winning airline expecting to have 39 million passengers by 2030 due to their superior services to the passengers.

Select one people resourcing strategy and analyse the role and effectiveness of the chosen strategy to attract, select, develop retain and motivate people within the organisation

There are number of people resourcing strategies undertaken by the organisations to manage their workforce and thereby motivate the employees to work effectively with the fullest utilisation of their inherent talents and skills. Learning and Development is one such strategy that all the human resources departments of reputed organisations has to offer to their employees so that they can work in an enhanced manner and help the business attain its organisational goals and objectives (Dcvmn.org,2018).In this genre, Oman Air is also not an exception. The organisation has a well-developed Learning and development team that operates with specific roles and responsibilities that have the power to attract, select, retain, develop and inspire people in the organisation. It is significant to mention that airlines industry is very enticing and the jobs associated with the industry are niche and specific. The employees need to have a proper Learning as well as development to cope up with the workforce and understand the pros and cons of this sector. 

Oman Air as other airlines company train their staffs as per needs and thus Learning and development has specific responsibilities as well as effectiveness that can be hence mentioned below:

The Learning program allows an individual to strengthen their skills that has to be improved for the sake of their job profile. A development program takes all the employees to the higher level so that all people have similar knowledge and skills. These motivate the employees to work effectively and it enhances their chances of retaining in the organisation where they get an opportunity to improve their skills.

The Learning program helps in addressing the weaknesses of their employees and thus, Oman Air trains their members and even public to enhance their standards of safety and quality in all the fields of the civil aviation (Omanair.com, 2018). The chief role is to improve the services given to the valued customers along with enhancing the skills of the employees through a continuous Learning. This motivates the employees to feel safe and secured within the workplace and it acts as a source of attraction to them.

Learning will initiate improved employees’ performances and these will thus take into account different factors like customer services, their satisfaction at the time of check-ins, baggage issues, departure issues, immigration clearance and so on. Oman Air and their Learning teams take care of all these factors and arrange modern and effective Learning programmes meant for engineering, flight operations, ground and in-flight services, corporate communication and so on. Thus, the learning and developing has an effective power to select those employees who can easily adapt to the learning procedures and thereby contribute to the business of the organisation.It also motivates them to develop their own career (Falola et al., 2014).

A well-structured development and learning program will ensure that the employees get a continuous experience as well as background knowledge. All the employees of Oman Air needs to have relevant information about the organisation’s basic policies and procedures apart from honing the skills for which they have been appointed. Learning will make all the employees have the minimum exposure to the information that they are supposed to know about their workplace. For specific Learning classes, it is necessary to set up centres that impart the technical Learning for their crew. This can be opened to the technical crew of the other airlines also. As a part of their people resource strategy, the organisations conduct their own technical learning where in the employees are being taught all the aspects of their aircraft maintenance, overhaul and repairs (Sung and Choi, 2014). This helps them to develop and hone their skills and even allow the organisation to select the staffs for a specific role as per their ability to adapt to such Learning programs. Oman Air as part of their strategy has undertaken number of courses that cam ensure and remain at par with the standards maintained by the Oman Civil Aviation Authority,IATA and so on (Omanair.com ,2018).Thus, the Learning programs help the employees maintain a consistency in their performance and thereby make considerable developments.

Employees hardly have any feelings for their organisation if they feel that there is no respect or care for them in the workplace. Organisation with an effective human resource strategy of Learning their employees are known to provide a higher level of satisfaction and reducedemployeeturnover, thusconfirming their retention positively. It is difficult to calculate loyalty among the employees but if their own skills are regularly been developed through developmental programs employees feel comfortable and they thus want to stay in the organisation. Thus, it is easier to attract and retain them within the organisation. Effective Learning makes them fit for their job role and thus their enhanced performance can lead them to better positions and an employer may promote them or accolade their contribution that ultimately motivates the employees (Larsen, 2017).

Retention of employees have no specific notion and hence there has been no particular method to retain them. However, organisation with enhanced developmental programs tend to retain them successfully. Effective design of the programs are enough to motivate the people to work effectively for the organisation

Learning and development however, involves a great deal of financial resources and an organization must have that strength to cope up with such financial investments. Moreover, it is significant to appoint effective trainers who have the capability to train and develop the staffs. The Learning program may seem to be a waste of time, as the employee during their Learning period have no work output but in the long -run the efficacy and the strength of such programs are well portrayed through the production of  work by the efficient staffs.

2. Provide a critical analysis on how the chosen topic is being practiced in the organisation 

In the present scenario, the competition level has immensely increased in the aviation industry. Therefore, in order to maintain the brand image of the company it is much essential for the company to shed much light on the service level which is being delivered by the company to the customers (Armstrongand Landers, 2018). For any organisation the employees are the main pillars. In order to motivate and enhance the performance level of the employees the management of Oman Air is giving much emphasis to learning and development approach. In the recent times, the learning and development approach is being considered as one of the most effective approaches, which mainly helps the company to maintain the performance level of the organisation. It has been seen that different organisations adopts different kinds of learning and development approaches in order to upgrade the operations level (omanair, 2018).

Ford (2014) commented that Learning and development can be considered as the effective approach, through which the human resource management mainly looks after the performance level of the individuals. Through effective learning and development, the management of any organisation mainly enhance the skills as well knowledge of the employees. The learning and development is known as the training and development. In order to develop the company more Oman Air is mainly shedding much light to training and development, so that they can enhance both the productivity as well as the performance level of the employees (Sungand Choi, 2014). Based on the developed goals, the company is adopting different effective strategies, policies as well as techniques. In order to achieve the long term goals, the company is giving much importance to training and development approach (Sartoriet al., 2018). Through effective training and development, Oman Air can improve the performance level of the employees. 

The training and development session is being developed by the human resource management team. Based on the developed goals and objectives, the company mainly arranges their training and development session for the employees. Through effective training and development, the company mainly shapes the skills, attitudes, knowledge as well as performance of the employees (Stephenset al., 2017). In the present scenario, it has become much important for the company to meet up the satisfaction level of the customers. In order to do so, Oman air is mainly emphasizing to develop the skills and knowledge of the employees. Through effective training, the company mainly motivates the employees to boost up their performance level. With the changing trends, it is essential for the company to upgrade their service level (Larsen, 2017). 

In order to provide proper training and development to the staffs and employees, the company is adopting different technologies and techniques. This will directly help Oman Air to enhance the service level of the company. The main focus of the company is to deliver high quality services to the customers(omanair, 2018). In order to enhance the value of the services, the company is focus on the continuous training development. This will help the employees to enhance their skills as well as knowledge.

Effective training programs mainly look after the flight operations, ground services, corporate communications etc. The management of the company also arranges short time courses for the employees so that they can shed much light on the individual weakness. Every six months the Oman Air arranges technical training for the employees (crew members). This will help the company to focus on service level. In the technical training, the employees get to learn about the aircraft maintenance, repairs and overhaul (Sungand Choi, 2014). These courses will help the company to increase the standard level of the company. In order to meet up competition level, the company is adopting new training courses, which will directly help the company in the future growth and development. Proper infrastructure is being development in order to provide better training and development to the employees of the company. By giving proper training, the employees can perform any kind of roles and responsibilities. Additionally, it will also help to increase their productivity level. Overall, it can be said that training and development plays an important role in upgrading the business operation level. 

3. Evaluate this strategy using SWOT:

In the recent times, training and development can be considered as the most effective ways to improve the performance level of the employees (Larsen, 2017).By 2030, the company want to increase the service level by increasing the number of flights and destinations. In order to gain competitive advantage in the market, it is essential to focus much on the performance as well as productivity level of the company and the employees (Saks, 2015).However, there are some strength, weaknesses, opportunity and threats related to training and development of the company. Based on the assessment, the management of the Oman air mainly develop proper business strategies as well as goals. 


Through effective training and development, the employees can deliver better quality performance within the organisation. This will directly help Oman Air to meet up the long term goals. Additionally, it will also help to increase the competition level in the marketplace. 

It directly motivates the employees to focus much more on the business operations and grab new opportunity for the career growth. 


Sometimes, it becomes difficult to adopt proper technology for the training and development session.

The overall procedure is quite time consuming and cost effective


Through effective training and development the employees can grab new opportunities. This will help to develop their career path in the right direction. 

Training and development helps to shape knowledge, skills as well as attitudes of the individuals. This will help them to perform more professionally in the workplace. 


With the changing demands and trends sometimes, it becomes difficult to adopt the right method or technique for the training and development session. 

It becomes difficult to adopt the high technologies for proper training to the employees. 


Recommendation and Conclusion

The report has focussed on how Learning and development programs has an empowerment to develop, attract select and motivate their employees to not only attain the goals and objectives of the organisation but also to make a commendable development in their own careers. The people resourcing has an intention to make a definite contribution towards the organisation and this has been thoroughly followed by Oman Air and their Human Resource Department. There have been number of instances when training programs have effectively helped Oman Air to compete and survive in the competitive aviation market. The Learning and development programs involves huge financial resources but such investments have a potential outcome too. This has been well concentrated in this study. Moreover, the practices and policies adopted by the organisation to train and develop their people are well aligned with their business goals and objectives and this has been focussed too.

 It has been however found, there are some areas of the learning program thatstill have few loopholes.Thus,there it demands few rectifications and amendments. There are reasons why training fails and thus few recommendations have been provided in this section to make the strategy better and much more effective for future. Learning programs often fail due to lack of interest and limitation of time. In order to mitigate this Oman Air can make the training timings more flexible and can even record the learning sessions and make the records available to their employees as per need and thus attends the classes virtually. To draw interest of the staffs, Oman Air can strategically market the training programs and seek supports from managers all across the business. E-learning or else video training programs can be scheduled for them and before introducing such programs, a preview must be given to them to rouse their excitement. It has been observed that to maximise their resources and curtail logical expenditures, the learning programs are often long and in reality, the workers cannot absorb and register all the information. It is recommended to produce memorable, short training videos with proper video presentations.

Sometimes during financial crisis, there can be limitation of time and resources and for such cases; the organisations can create instructional video, which are one of the cheapest and swiftest techniques of training the people. There are often lack of planning for the programs and thus it is significant to equip the organisation with right amount of social learning .Employees learn well from the collaboration as well as feedback from peers and colleagues. Thus, it is necessary to make the teams share their knowledge and even learn from peers. Often modern strategies involve new tools and technologies for such programs, but it must be realised that a mobile application or an e-learning method always make the corporate learning program successful. In such cases, it is required to undertake training-need assessment prior to the implementation of new and modern technologies. The type of the different skill gaps present within the workplace will actually dictate the type of technology needed.Thus, an organisation must look for training technologies that are capable of supporting the instructional design of the key programs arranged for the development of employees.

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