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Leadership is not a science it is an art, which is gathered by the processes of learning and observation. It is a set of skill that a person acquires through constant training and development that are given to them. The skills of a leader are learned by perception and experience of a person through the years. Leaders are not born specifically with these skills rather they are acquired by them through constant hard work and passion. 


Justification for how leaders are made

Leadership is not a quality which can be just present in a person without them knowing it. Leaders are aware of the actions that excite them and they direct their activities so as to achieve that particular goal. According to Castro (2017), the most dangerous myth is that leaders are born. There are no genetic factors that support leadership and hence the development of skills is rather made purposely by leaders. People who are aware of the social and political environment and are affected by the needs of it attempt to fulfill their needs. Leadership behaviors like any other practice are perfect combination of genetic and environmental factors. These factors are developed over time when efforts are aligned towards it. No leaders were born with a set of unique skills that made them a leader. In fact it was a result of their constant hard work towards the achievement of the objectives that they wanted to achieve. According to Gio et al.  (2015), experience is what is required to acquire the skills needed to be a leader. If we take Martin Luther King as an example, it is observed how he made his way to become a leader through his hard work, dedication and intelligence. Martin Luther King was an American Baptist who through his hard work and leadership skills became the most prominent spokesperson in the Civil Rights Movement of 1954. It was not that he was born with leadership skills rather it was the situation which surrounded him made him a leader to go against injustice. The leader in him was a result of the skills that he acquired for a mission that he wanted to achieve.


There are certain theories that strongly support that leaders are made. Leadership is not something that someone is born with. It is a desired course of action that is taken for the achievement of a particular goal. Leaders are aware of the situation they are in. leadership is not primarily about nature rather it is nurtured with time and takes effort to become a leader. Leaders are obsessed with maximizing their potential and make use of the administrative skills for achieving higher goals, leadership is affected by the amount of endeavor that are taken by a person. Therefore leaders are born they are rather made through determined efforts and hard work.

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