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Cost, Quality, and Access

Today, with increased challenges in the external environment and due to increased globalization, it is found that the senior management of the organizations are looking out for solutions and technological platforms that will help them with reducing the costs of all the business processes, will improve the quality of the products and services delivered, and will also improve the access of the products in a given environment (Jenkins & Rodríguez, 2013). 

However, it is more challenging for the organization to balance each of these three aspects - cost, quality and access in a given working environment. If they focus on costs, it will be difficult to improve quality since Quality Management initiatives are turning out costly (Mai, Smirnov, & Wait, 2014). Also, to increase access would imply that the organization will be opening up new distribution channels across different geographical locations. 

Hence, it is advisable for the organization to first determine the needs of the product in a given environment, deploy strategies through which they will be able to overcome the workplace challenges, and at the same time ensure better quality of the products sold to the customers. The role of Quality Management Initiatives is thereby important as it will not only help the organization to sustain in a given environment but will also assist in overcoming the competition. 

Further, the top-level management of the organization needs to deploy performance analysis mechanisms that will help them monitor the different strategies implemented in a given working environment (Huang, Zuniga, & Marcak, 2014). They can accordingly suggest the modifications for the required changes to improve the business processes in the near future. 

They can also take assistance of different technological platforms such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions that will help the organization balance each of these three aspects - cost, quality, and access in a given operational environment.

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