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Mental health problems are indeed barriers to sound academic performance. According to a study, half of American college’s students feel they are stressed. Research has shown that quite a number of factors contribute to mental health problems. These range from genetics and brain development to childhood abuse or trauma. It has been found out that the problem of mental health usually starts around the age of fourteen when the brain is still developing. This is a very sensitive age for an adolescent. Whatever happens to the child at this stage leaves a long-lasting mark.

The causes of mental health problems are numerous. Some are natural while others are artificial. The natural causes include genetics, brain development, significant trauma and occurrence of natural disasters. The artificial causes include childhood abuse or neglect, social isolation or loneliness, unemployment or loss of job, homelessness or poor housing, drug and alcohol misuse, social disadvantage, poverty or debt, serious crimes, experiencing discrimination and stigmatization and severe or long-term stress.

Identifying a student who is mentally stressed may not prove too difficult. Any student who exhibits any of the following signs could be said to be suffering from mental health problems : change in mood, erratic thinking/ confused thinking, chronic anxiety, exaggerated sense of self- worth, impulsive actions, feeling of extreme highs and lows, excessive fear, worries and anxieties, social withdrawal, dramatic changes in eating or sleeping habits, strong feelings of anger, strange thoughts (delusions), hallucinations, growing inability to cope with daily problems and activities, continuous loss of concentration, suicidal thoughts, numerous unexplained physical ailments, substance use, poor grades despite strong efforts, persistent nightmares, persistent disobedient or aggression and hyperactivity.

Saying that any student who is suffering from a mental health problem is greatly disadvantaged academically is even an understatement. However, certain palliatives, in terms of measures, have been put in place for patients of mental health problems for them to live a normal life. These measures include taking care of oneself, healthy eating, regular physical activity, stress control, increasing resilience, boosting low self-esteem, paying attention to warning signs, getting routine medical care, getting help when in need of it, integrating with other members of the community, abstaining from drug and substance use, accepting one’s behavior or feelings and seeking maximum pleasure to drive away sorrow.

Although mental health problems are mostly chronic, students who are suffering from this may still perform outstandingly well if taken measures highlighted above. Their conduct may not show any sign of serious ailment and they integrate perfectly into the society.

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