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NT 2065 Health and Safety in the Workplace

Safety and health conditions in the workplace


The primary motive of the paper is to provide information regarding the safety and health conditions of the Oman Air workplace conditions after completing the workplace inspection exercise. The observations on these safety and health conditions have been done on the basis of factual and inferential evidence obtained by the audit and inspection procedure. In addition, the regulations and the policies related to the identified hazards and unsafe conditions will also be further discussed in this paper.             

Safety and health conditions from the workplace inspection 

On the basis of factual and interferential evidence that obtained during the audit as well as the time of inspection, it is observed that various safety and health conditions have been present in a workplace of Oman Air. Therefore after reviewing the workplace condition, it is seen that in today's environment Oman Air organization take serious measure to maintain a good safety and health conditions. Hence, from the workplace inspection, it is quite evident that the organization in the present day have introduced safety and health management system or safety program for their employees. It is analyzed that this safety program only focuses on the efforts of improving the workplace condition of Oman Air so that no one can be injured or any health-related issues will generate during working (Amponsah-Tawiah, Ntow, and Mensah, 2016). 

After proper inspection it is noticed that the most common health and safety related issues that generate in the workplace of Oman Air are communicable diseases, slipping and falling, workplace violence, accidents, and small injuries and so on. In addition to that, some major incidents related to health and safety are also generated in the workplace that may even ruin the employee’s life or sometimes death can also happen. For this reason, the organizations develop certain rules and regulations where they can prepare their business to overcome such type of loses that may even occur in the Oman Air workplace (Phillips et al., 2015). In accordance with the safety and health conditions, the organizations take several precautions by which they maintained their workplace conditions.

The most prominent health and safety issue occur in this airline firm are that the employees get affected through communicable diseases like flu and cold and fever (Anyfantis, Boustras, and Karageorgiou, 2018). Therefore to provide safety and diminish the spread of this communicable disease the management team of this airline company has arranged sick leave for their employees up to certain days. Apart from this nowadays the Oman Air company has arranged epidemics by testing whether the selected employees have possessed the infrastructure to work in a remote place or not. Hence with the help this health and safety functions, the firm can manage their employee’s safety procedures in the workplace. Besides this, other important hazards related to the safety and health conditions of the employees are the job hazard analysis and the risks mapping (Lay et al., 2016). 

When the employees are injured badly in the workplace, then it is the responsibility of the organizations to give all health-related facilities so that the injured person can overcome his or her health issues. The presence of this job hazard analysis helps the employees to make a positive attitude towards work. Hence it can be said that the presence of these safety and health conditions thereby help the airline firm to make good and positive relationships with their employees working in the organization. In other words, these good health and safety conditions also influence the employees to make their best effort in work and thereby it enhances their overall business growth of this Oman Air firm in the respective market (Loeppke et al., 2015). 

On the other hand, risk mapping indicates the prevention and protection act that involves the liabilities occurring due to physical obstruction in the workplace rather than that of the duties and habits of the employees. Hence it is necessary that health and safety conditions are maintained by the organization so that they can take serious measures to reduce the health challenges that occur within the employees in the workplace of the airline firm. After inspecting the complete safety and health conditions in the workplace, it is suggested that to reduce the accidents or injuries the employees should be educated about the facts. The human resource department should arrange proper training for their employees so that the workplace injuries and accidents will thereby reduce in the future.                                                                           

Regulations relating to identified hazards or unsafe condition 

In today's environment, the airline organizations especially the Oman Air use some specific regulations in relation to the various types of safety and health hazard as well as unsafe conditions present in the workplace. Mainly four types of hazards occur in the airline firm, and they are physical, chemical, ergonomic and biological hazards (Arntz-Gray, 2016). The most common physical hazards are the trips and fall, noise and slips and vibrations whereas the chemical hazards include the factors that cause harmful effects to employees. In other words, the ergonomic hazards include the physical factors that become harmful to the musculoskeletal system like manual handling, repetitive movement, and poor body positioning. Lastly, the biological hazards related to safety and health conditions are the factors that cause health effects such as a various disease that occur due to biological fact. Therefore, to control the safety and health conditions in the workplace the airline organization in current day introduces various regulations that eventually helpful for them to maintain their employees. The regulations that are related to various hazards and unsafe conditions are mainly against the HSE standards and regulations which are as follows:

The plan should be created to promote the workplace safety and health conditions of the Oman Air - The management team of this airline organization should identify the hazards or unsafe conditions generating in their workplace and thereby takes serious measures to minimize or eliminate them (Shea et al., 2016). By following the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, the plan regarding the safety measures is made by the management team. In addition, proper training has been given to the employees so that they should ensure their own safety in the respective workplace. Besides this, the managers should access in every department and also in the plane that a first aid kit must be present in their departments or planes so that when someone injures while working, then the other employees should take proper measures for the members including both passengers and employees respectively. 

Role and regulations created by the office of Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S) - The EH&S committee of the Oman Air is responsible for tracking the development in relation to the health and safety environment of the organization. They develop or organize the various program in the working campus so that all the employees should follow health and safety policies adopted by the firm. The various program launched by the EH&S officers are ambient air quality program, biosafety program, hazard communication program, groundwater storage, and underground storage tank programs and injury and illness prevention program (Hammer et al., 2016). Apart from this the officer of the healthy and safety department also provides various training and facilities program for their employees so that they easily understand the regulations of the common hazards that usually generate in the workplace. The training and facilities program includes emergency response and training, laboratory safety program, hazardous safety management program and wastewater permits and priority pollutant management program. All these training and programs arranged by the EH&S officers related to the airline company helps the employees to maintain their rules and regulations so that the unsafe conditions will thereby not generate in the organization environment.     

Inspection of the Oman Air workplace- The tools and equipment used and present in this Oman Air company should be checked on a regular basis so that it reduces the hazards or unsafe conditions in the workplace. This regulation is maintained by the operational head of the airline department and following this regulation the managers will enhance the safe working procedure in the respective department (Goh et al., 2015).  Various hazards or unsafe conditions also generated due to the negligence in maintenance and declination of housekeeping practices. Therefore, proper checking, as well as the inspection, is necessary by the management team so that they can be addressed the upcoming hazards or unsafe conditions before it happens in the workplace. Regular inspections will thereby help them to notice the operations, work areas, equipment, and facilities because sometimes common available tools also cause a large unsafe condition in the in the airliner and that can effect both employees and passengers life too. Therefore, it should be necessary that the management team should carefully follow this regulation for making a safe and secure work environment for their employees.

Investigation of the incidents- When an incident occurs then no one in the workplace will investigate it to know the exact reason for the generation of these incidents. Hence, this new regulation has been passed by the government of various countries regarding the investigation aspect. The regulation will thereby help this airline firm to know the exact cause of occurring these accidents or incidents so that in future the management team will enable to build proper measures to diminish the fact (Hanson et al., 2015). Therefore, in future, the Oman Air can easily avoid these type of accidents or incidents occurring in the workplace. In addition, it can be said that the main purpose of the investigation is to identify the root causes of concern or incidents or accidents, in order to prevent these cause in future occurrences.     

Characterize the nature of identified unsafe conditions or hazards and build proper controlling measures- According to this regulation, the Oman Air firm will introduce their own regulatory or control measures regarding the unsafe conditions that have been generating in their workplace (Smith et al., 2015). Various organizations possess several types of unsafe conditions or hazards in their workplace, and therefore in accordance with these hazards, Oman Air has develop their regulatory measures that can diminish the challenges (Kunyk et al., 2016). Firstly information has been collected from the employees and managers regarding the hazards or unsafe conditions generating in the workplace. After that, the management team should develop some policies and takes severe measures with proper planning and design so that the unsafe conditions will be reduced in the workplace of Oman Air.

Therefore, if Oman Air maintained all these specific rules in accordance with the hazards and unsafe conditions in the workplace, then it became helpful for them to decrease their workplace incidents or accidents in the workplace. In addition, the employees also give their full effort in the safe and secure workplace. Hence, it is necessary that the organization should maintain all these regulations which enable them to build a safe and secure organizational environment.                                                                                  

Health and safety policy in the workplace 

According to the author Loeppke et al., (2015), the health and safety policy is a written statement that demonstrates the Oman Air organization's commitment for the protection of the safety and health of employees working in the respective business. The policies are constructed in such a manner that it can easily fulfill all the health and safety duties mentioned in the policies. In the words of van Dijk, Bubas and Smits, (2015), the airline organization prepares the occupational health and safety policy programme on the basis of the safety statement as mentioned in Section 20 of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005. The effective health and safety policies provide a clear direction of the firm to follow the respective policies thereby to maintain a safe and secure environment for the employees.

All these policies related to health and safety contribute all the aspects of business performance and thereby enhancing the safety equipment’s in the working environment. In the opinion of Mohammadfam et al., (2017), the two basic policy has been followed by the airline organization in current day one is the Work Health and Safety Act (2011), and the other one is the Work Health and Safety Regulations (2011) respectively. By following the Work Health and Safety Act (2011), the company have notified the workers regarding the health and safety procedure that should be taken by the respective businesses. In other words, the Work Health and Safety Regulations (2011) determines the specific workplace safety and health policy obligations for safety management procedures in accordance with the major hazard facilities. As stated by the author Kim, Park, and Park, (2016), the World Health Organization (WHS) has introduced two major policies in relation to the Work Health and Safety mechanism in the workplace.

Both these policies are maintained by most of the organizations in the nation to balance their safety and health procedure in accordance with the workers or employees work in the firm. The WHS policy one main goals or objectives is to shows the commitment of workers or management to health and safety. In addition, by following this policy, the airline organization in today's environment reduce or remove the risks of health, welfare, and safety of all contractors, employees, visitors, and anyone that may be affected by their business operation. The author stated that to follow this policy the major responsibilities has been taken by the management team and should ensure that all peoples related to the business cannot be affected by their functional operations. As evaluated by the author Kumie et al., (2016), another WHS policy two has also been followed by organization to develop the health and safety aspects of their business.  

According to this policy, the work activities are carried out safely, and all the possible measures are taken to reduce the risks, hazards or unsafe conditions in the workplace. This policy has been made by following the combining act of Work Health and Safety Act 2012 and the Work Health and Safety Regulations 2012 respectively. By following this policy, this new Code of Practice has been introduced by the Oman Air to maintain their workplace safety and health aspects of the workers. In the opinion of Keim-Malpass et al., (2015), most of the airline companies in the world followed Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Act to maintain their safety and health-related aspects of employees working in the organizations. Under this act, all employees related to the companies follow particular responsibilities by which they can provide work and workplace free from serious as well as recognized hazards.

According to the author Sivris and Leka, (2015), the health and safety policy related to the employees working in the Oman Air is different from the policy related to the traditional business industries. The risks or hazards or unsafe conditions are present mostly in airline firm not only effect the employees working procedures but sometimes it effect the passengers too and therefore the Oman Air firm should take more care of the health and safety aspects of their working procedures. Hence, their safety and health policies related to their employees are also different from any other business in the world. In order to protect the workers' health and safety aspects in airline companies they mainly follows the Safety and Health Act of 1977, so that they can easily provide all sorts of facilities to their workers working in the airline firms. Therefore, by following this policy, the Oman Air firm can thereby enable to maintain their worker's motivations towards this risky work procedures.                                                                                                                  


After the workplace inspection exercise, it is quite evident that the Oman Air organization in current days used various regulations and policies to maintain safety and healthy workplace environment. It is analyzed that various risks and issues are generated in the workplace environment and therefore proper controlling measures should be taken to reduce the problems. Therefore, various regulations that are against the HSE standards demonstrate that help the firm to develop proper controlling measures to reduce the health and safety related issues of their employees. In addition, various policies have been used by the Oman Air firm to maintain a safe and secure life of the employees.     

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