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In the assignment, there is a brief discussion on the preferences of the women customers and the causes which leads to the reduction in the market share of the store of a tyre Retailer.  There are various modifications which are required to be made by the tyre Retailer in order to enhance the market share by providing quality products and by satisfying the needs and demands of the women customers (Zentes, et. al., 2017). A research proposal is made and prepared in order to mitigate the problems faced by a tyre retailer and reflected in the assignment. 

Background to the problem

A tyre retailer struggles to capture the extra sales of the tyre not due to bad customer service, ineffective plan of business etc. it is because of the outdated decision and the layout of the store. It will lead to disconnect of the sales service and loss in the business can be made. There is a reduction in the footfall of the women customers in the store of the tyre retailer due to some factors such as interior of the stores, the history, the female customers prefer to go in those stores where there are good designs and layout, proper place to get their vehicle repaired and all the things they will get under a roof (Tham, et. al., 2018). 

Problem definition 

The objective of the tyre retailer is to enhance the market share by satisfy the needs of the women customers and in relation to that, research has been conducted. From the research, it has been made that there are various issues which leads degradation in the market share for the tyre retailers (Pardo-Cuenca and Prado-Gascó, 2018). Enhance the involvement of women customers in Tyre retailer and which changes required to increase market share.  There is also a less welcoming nature in an atmosphere of the retail store which is also the result of reducing women customer  (Betzing, 2018). There is a requirement of development in interior layout of the retail store so the preferences of the women customers can be given  and they can be satisfied for the purpose of enhancing the market share.

Literature Review 

What changes are required in the retail stores of Tyre Retailer to address the concerns expressed by women customers to improve market share?

A research proposal is made in relation to a tyre retailer and for the determination of the issues of the women customers as there is a downfall of the women customers in tyre retailers. The main issue with the women customers is the layout of the tyre retailer, the layout is not at all effective, there is no maze to the counter, products are displayed in the showroom and all the restrooms tucked away at the back of the showroom, there is no proper facility for the customers etc. 

There are various changes which are required to be made in the interior of the stores for so that more customers can be attracted and also it ill helps to avoid the customers leaving the stores and also the market share. The women customers have quality issues, they have trust issues some think that tyre retailers are costly and not trustable so they prefer original showrooms. There are various modifications which are required to be made in the retail showrooms in order to enhance the market share and also to satisfy the women customers. The market share of the retail stores is degrading day by day due to reduction in the footfall of the women customers. 

There are variosu changes and modifications which are required in the retail store and it invoves the upgradtion of the layout of thre stores. Some changes can make the store looks good and attractive.  

Improvements which can be made:

As we know that 60 percent are the women clients who buys tyres so their preferences and wants are require to be considered and importance is required to be given if an organization wants to grow or able e to enhance the services. Some of which are determined as under:

? Change in the layout of the retail stores: There is a requirement for the modification in the layout of the retail stores as the stores should be classy, modern and contains information about the products offered by the sores. 

? Exertise of sales person: The sales peson creates the first  impression in the women customers, if the sales person have good knowledge about the product and he services and he or she have the skills to greet and make contact with the customers then, it will helps in enhancing the business and also in attracting women customers (Pardo-Cuenca and Prado-Gascó, 2018).

? Effective customer support: There is a requirement for proper and skilled staff in order to handle the queries and the complaints of the women customer. There is a systematic process to handle the feedback and the issues of the client. 

? Proper feedback: There is a requirement of systematic service for the feedback and the staff for handling the queries of the customers as per the feedback.   

Changes required for the layout of the stores: There is a proper arrangement for the representative to greet the customers and to tell; about the product, the layout should be fashionable and there are posters which includes the information about the features and the characteristics of the tyre (Pardo-Cuenca and Prado-Gascó, 2018). The layout should be made in a manner which attracts the customers such as classy, modern, and informative and there is a facility of proper stairs, lift and cleanliness. Usually women prefer to purchase product from the stores where they found comfortable environment, quality services and reasonable prices for the tyre products.

 Research Design and Justification 

As created in the past section, significant, exploratory research about shopper buy basic leadership has just been directed.  A few components were investigated and approved by various, free sources (Pardo-Cuenca and Prado-Gascó, 2018). These outcomes give an expansive and sound reason for assist depiction of the attributes  of those elements. As the principle focus of this examination is to explore the significance of definitely known variables affecting the buy choice for natural skincare items  among German customers, it tends to be named spellbinding exploration. 

This graphic research essentially applies  the discoveries (i.e. sets of elements and drivers) from past, exploratory research to the particular issue of Jurlique . Conceivable follow-up examine, delving further into the relations (i.e. cooperative energies, interdependencies, contra impacts) between the diverse components, affecting buyer conduct, can be portrayed as causal research. 


There is no ongoing, optional information accessible to reach definite inferences, which answer the beforehand portrayed research addresses adequately  (Betzing, 2018). Along these lines, essential (i.e. self collected), quantitative information is gathered. With the end goal of this task, information might be gathered once, as yet meeting the general necessities for  illustrative research. An overview in type of an online poll is picked . The online condition spares time and cash because of the minimization of staff and dispersion exertion.  Further, as information is gathered carefully, it tends to be effortlessly prepared straight after the finish of the poll . Therefore, surveys are the most normal device utilized for clear research  (Gigoo and Yadav, 2017).

To guarantee an exceptional yield rate and not overstrain respondents, the survey is constrained to 15 minutes, which relates to the normal human capacity to focus. According to the criteria of the sample, there will be 10 people in a group  selected as per their inclusion criteria or exclusion criteria nad the results are determined accirdingly.Inquiries going for examining respondents' states of mind utilize a five-level Likert scale (Ebbage, 2015). The upside of this interim based approach is that inquiries are straightforward and prompt reliable outcomes.  Key inquiries are trailed by turn around control inquiries to help the legitimacy of answers.  A first draft of the survey can be found in the index.

The dialect, used to interpret the theory from the writing survey into questions , is clear and easy to stay away from false impressions and disappointment on the respondent side. After Jurlique's endorsement, the survey will be pretested to guarantee that respondents can comprehend the inquiries substance and activity shrewd, and discover their way through the online device (Pardo -Cuenca and Prado-Gascó, 2018).


Because of time, limit and possibility breaking points of this exploration not every single women can be studied. Thusly, just a small amount of shoppers, will be considered such as 100 and 10 among those are selected which belongs to a particular group.  As the larger part of aggregate deals originate from essential basic need customers (i.e. the family unit part, who does the looking for the whole family unit more often than not), this gathering is of extraordinary intrigue (Das, et. al., 2016).  

As needs be, the objective populace is characterized as essential basic customers . The women customers mostly have the layout and the customers service queries. The respondents are required to be picked efficiently. Sampling is done and the needs of the customers are identified and reviewed as 10 individual of a particular group is selected in order to determine the output. Due to some comfort reasons a prior, arbitrarily (i.e. probabilistically) chose board is coopted (Chandra, 2016).

Considering these trademark essentials, having the capacity to use the information measurably and meeting representativeness prerequisites, the extent of the example is set at 300. Surely understood think-tanks, for example, Nielsen and Kantar, prescribe a base number of respondents of no less than 250 for this sort of thorough research (Bhatt and Bhanawat, 2016).

Data Analysis 

The data is determined by way of sampling as 10 samples are chooses or 10 individuals are selected out of 100 of particular groups and the issues are determined according. The issues and the data received from the customers are further analyzed in order to determine the output and also to rake some actions against the issues. 

Most of the women customers have agreed that they are not going to the tyre retail stores because of the quality of the services provided by the stores, their customer support and the layout of the stores. The layout is not at all good and comfortable as there is no proper facility for viewing the product and gaining information in deep effectively.


From the above, it has been concluded that the women customers are very important and essential for thetyre retailers and the factors which affects their demand. Research has been made and ant is selected on sampling basis and then data analysis has been made. On the basis of the data analysis, various causes have been determined which are affecting the demand of the women customers and is explained in detail in the assignment. In addition, there are various recommendations which are stated in the assignment, through which some modification can be made in the layout of the retail store ad also it will enhance the market share of the women customers in the retail stores and is explained in detail n the assignment. 

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