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 Only one leader is required to lead the organization and others are the followers who do follow the norms decided by the leader. However, all the managers do take active participation in the leadership work and discuss upon the pros and cons of almost every aspect on which decision shall be taken upon (Chiu, et. al., 2017). The managers are further required to manage the organization and to implement the action decided by the leader of the organization. Further it is also fact that in case if all the managers became a leader then in place of discussion they would be lots of arguments and they will not be able to reach at the conclusion (Shum, et. al., 2018). The managers do possess skills of leadership and they also lead in the sub department assigned to them. Still there would be only one leader in a department or an operation or a process. It means there would be a person who is a manager at one place and leader at some other place and s explained in detail in the assignment.




There has always been a discussion about managers should be leaders or not. We have elaborated both the aspects of the coin in detail as follows.  Management is not separate then leadership but to protect the organization from he arguments and other difficulties only one leader is appointed (Buckingham & Coffman, 2014). The leader is always a person amongst the managers who just concludes the meeting and takes decision after considering the perceptions and intuitions of all the managers participating in the meeting (Shum, et. al., 2018). Apart from that there are companies where I have seen two managing directors or more than two managing directors are appointed but in every case there are separate fields that mean in a specific field there is no more than one director appointed in an organization. The arguments supporting the statement that the managers do not need to be leaders are, as follows.


Any firm needs to follow a proper chain of authority and responsibility. Each of the employees is responsible for the work assigned to him by his head. On the other hand, each of the employees is authorized to assign work to his workers working on the lower level of the organization. The owner of the firm will also be a part of this organization. The owner of the firm is responsible to the society and clients of the firm (Shum, et. al., 2018). On the other hand, he is authorized to assign work to his work force. In this chain, everyone needs to evaluate the work done by the lower level employees. It doesn’t matter that a manager is a leader or not, he has to evaluate the work done by the employees (Buckingham & Coffman, 2014). A good manager is responsible for the work done by his employees and authorized to take any decision regarding the future work. He has to plan each and everything perfectly and implement the planning with the best possible way. In this way, a manager will follow his responsibility and get the work done in any condition regardless of his leadership trait (Ulmer, 2018). 

The managers typically evaluate the work from past data and give incentives accordingly. All the data related industries like online content providing firms or the firms that are related to loans and insurance, work on the basis of the data and achievements of their employees. The managers of these firms need not to be leaders,as all the work depends upon the targets. Here, in this situation, there will be an atmosphere of equality as all the employees get the incentives according to their work. They will complete the work even at the last moment, because there will be a formal relationship of a manager and an employee (Shum, et. al., 2018).


Managers need to follow proper chain of formal communication. Management is there to deal with the technical dimensions of the firm, for this, a manager don’t need to be a leader (Ulmer, 2018). He can simply follow all the technicalities of the organization by mere training and experience. In the firms, where there is all the work depends upon technologies like data analysis and research firms, the role of oral communication is too less. In this type of firms, where the communication or speech is of less importance, the managers do not need to be leaders. Nowadays; there is a rise of digital firms and business (Buckingham & Coffman, 2014). 

There are many examples of this type of firms lie Block Chain Business, Typing Jobs and Content writing jobs etc. in this type of firms, all the work like planning, organization, communication, evaluation, controlling, feedback or payment is done online. Internet is the only connecting medium for this type of firms (Chiu, et. al., 2017). In this case, people even don’t meet the employees they work with. All the things are done with the help of messages or calling. Managers get the work done and evaluate them and control the whole work force. Here there is a less need of a leader as there is no any direct contact or face to face relationship among the employees and the head. In this way, we can say that the firm can get success even if its manager is not a leader (Shum, et. al., 2018). 




In this part, we will consider the arguments, which show that, a manager needs to be a leader. That manager manages the recourses and fund so that they can be utilize in proper manner and get best result from them. A leader communicates to others about vision and motivates them for achieving goal.  If manager arrange sources for achieving a goal and leader communicate and influence to others for achieving target (Peus, et. al., 2015). Therefore a manager has quality of get work done from others and leader has quality to get people follow them motivate them. Manager manages day to day work in good manner or leader makes others to believe in vision so others will work with us for achieving target (Buckingham & Coffman, 2014).

Therefore if manager has a quality of leadership that he can became a good leader than he can influence people and make communication among them for archiving goal of organization due to it a clarity make about vision so it become easy to achieve target. From this concluded that manager should be a good leader (Macdonald, et. al., 2017).

That all managers need not be a leader because of for becoming a good manager there are some qualities which should be in manager (Ulmer, 2018). And these qualities are that a good manager always should be a creative that he can bring out something new and unique ideas which make them different from others. a good manger also know about structure that he can arrange relation among work and organize in excellent manner give proper shape to the parts of work .Good manger has a great Intuition power that he has an capacity of prediction and also can understand what other people are thinking and feeling. And manager should keep a great knowledge about everything he should be a knowledge base (Hassan, et. al., 2018). Manager should give commitment about success because his commitment bring and push team together and he should be versatile, discipline, keep focus (Quirke, 2017). 

It has been concluded that if all these qualities if a manger keep in him then he can be a good manager. From the above we can say there is not required to possess a leadership quality. So every manager need not be leader (Rahim, 2017).



The main tasks of a manager include planning, directing, controlling, organizing etc. Leadership is the part of Directing. For being a proper director, a manager needs to be a good leader. Leadership is a people related concept. It has to manage with the emotions and direct their efforts to one particular task or intention. It is more like an informal way to get the work from the juniors (Carnall, 2018). 

For this reason, there is a crucial part of an impressive speech. We can take the example of Alexander the Great. It is said that whenever, he used to give a speech, all of his army, despite of hunger and thirst, used to get ready to fight (Ulmer, 2018). His Army used to get ready to do anything for their nation only with the effect of his speech. In this way, if a manager becomes a leader, he will definitely inspire his team to work even in the adverse conditions. The manager will be more proactive in case, he is consists of the traits of leadership (Buckingham & Coffman, 2014). 

He will even take the responsibility of his team and inspire his team to follow the task. He will provide inspiration rather than orders to his employees (Ulmer, 2018). This will create a strong work force for the firm. With the trait of a good leader, a manager can motivate his team to achieve goals of their life too. There are platforms like Webinars and Seminars to inspire work force and achieve a strong relationship (Chiu, et. al., 2017).



A good leader will create a strong relationship with his followers. If a manager has a power of leadership, he will build an unbeatable bond with his employees. This will create loyal workforce for an organization (Bens, 2017). This will decrease the Employees Turnover rate of the firm and will increase the value of the firm. A good leader will take any decision with agreement of all of the employees and this will increase the employees’ satisfaction level. 

There are many examples of small scale industries, which have a strong base of their employees from years and take advantage of their experience (Bolman & Deal, 2017). If a manager will be a leader, his employees will be his followers. They will follow the leader in any adverse situation and help him to rise back. On the other hand, if a manager works as a fully professional, he will lose the strength of his team in adverse situation. 

In can e explained with the help of an example such as with fall of the embroidery work in Sarees business, the firms rise with other niche like kids wear or hosiery manufacturing with the same force of employees even in recession in 2010.Moreover, the team will work with its full capacity as it is getting inspiration and in this way, it will boost up the maximum capacity of the firm and will give results beyond expectations.We can take example of the firm Induben Khakhrawala. She is a good leader and took his venture from a house hold business to a Big earning Business (Buckingham & Coffman, 2014).  


From the above, it has been concluded that a manager who is responsible for carrying four function of organization that is leading, planning, controlling, organizing that you can see that there is one of function of a manager is leading that shows that all manager should have leadership quality that all manger has responsibility of leader that is communicate, motivate and encourages to employees for achieving a target of a organization. That employee of the organization follows the direction given by manger to him that how he can perform a task. But if a leader gives a direction then employee’s follow this direction willingly because they inspired by leader and managers are liable for carrying organization function to accomplish organization goals and is explained in detail in the assignment.

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