Stakeholder engagement plan refers to a way that helps the company directors and manager to involve the people

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Stakeholders refers to a group of people who have influence in the organization daily activities. On the other hand, stakeholder engagement plan refers to a way that helps the company directors and manager to involve the people who have impact on the company’s daily activities and how all the activities can be put inplace (Cukor et al.2016: pp.CJN-09780915). Sydney Airport Runway Project is a serious issue that needs engagement of all the stakeholders in a serious manner. When the project is implemented, the capacity of the airport will increase tremendously like the other airports that have implemented the plan.

Mzembe(2016:p.8) says that, when developing a stakeholder plan for this project, it is imperative to identify the main key issues. The first issue to note is that, the managers need to ask themselves where the project will influence most. The areas of the airport should be grouped so that assigning task to the stakeholders becomes easy. The second issue to address is the requirements and the regulation of the project. When it comes to regulation, there are standards that the airport should conform to while carrying out the plan. For instance, ways to manage risk, corruption issues and privacy policies. However, there are external issues such as the international standards. 

The other issue is to identify the stakeholders who are going to involve in the project (Gesell et al. 2017: p.125). Understand all the stakeholders need and how to address as illustrated in the diagram below. During the plan, inform the stakeholders of the daily progress and incorporate their ideas in developing the parallel runway. 

Another thing is to give out the timetable for event for the stakeholders (Leyden et al.2017: pp.267-277), this would assist in finishing the project at the correct deadline. Another important thing is to give the stakeholders roles according to their capabilities. The diagram below assists on how to engage stake holders in communication.

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