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Definition and explanation of realism a deal

            The theory of realism deal is a group of interconnected theories which spearheads the work of a country, power of the military and the interest of the country in the international politics according to Baylis et al. 2017. The set theories that comprises of realism came to exist after the second world war. In solving many challenges that face the nation, the theory of realism tries to give the suitable illustration in the characteristics of the nation. The behaviors of the nation have an effect on the international affairs. For instance, the theory uses an example of a country that does not have a central command or body that is in authority to maintain the powers of the military or the resources of the nation. When a country behaves in that way, it creates a point of confusion in the international affairs. Many people in the world are realists, they believe in the existence of the central power in a nation. Many realists push for various reforms in a nation.

Application of realism theory deal in international relations

            In analyzing the realism, Booth& Erskine2016 says that, many realists say that realism deal aims at the change in the world politics. For instance, world war II should not have happened, countries were supposed to maintain peace and harmony after the first world war. Several inhabitants of different countries lived in a disorganized manner, there is no quality relationship between the citizens and the people in authority according to Burley2017. In today's settings, the rulers, for instance, a king set out some rules that the citizens need to abode by. However, if one goes against the set rules the ruler has also set the implications very clear. The rules sometimes make people live in anxiety and fear. For that reason, many times you can find there is no peace in most nations due to dissatisfied citizens. On the other hand, if you look at the international world, there is no one set ruler. What determines the international relation is seen as lack of clear order and anxiety. For that reason, war is always inevitable in the international relationships. Apparently, it is clear that realism depicts that human beings are born turf. They need someone to control them every now and then for the peace to be evident. In any circumstance, realism illustrates that there are people, it is very difficult to escape any state of war. The urge of quarreling is widely inherited from one human being to the other. On the other many realists says that when the issue of politics arises among various nations, in the event one country is aimed at overpowering the other instead of helping each other. It is evident that realists mainly see the war where there are many people as opposed to cooperation among those people in reference to Jackson& Sørensen2016.

Example of realismtheory deal in the world

            An inevitable example is the American hegemony. From the history the United states emerged so powerful after the second world war, their economy seemed to be stable. From all the states that participated in the world war II, U.S is seen as the most powerful and their dominancy is evident up to date hence many countries believe that they are the rulers. The other examples where realism is evident is where U.S and China fight against each other concerning power. The theory of realism deal has interfered with how nations see each other in the world. Actually, when one is applying realism, it is very common that it suggests there should be a leader that regulate on what every human being is doing at each and every moment. This is a traditional way of viewing politics. It mainly sees politics as a way of showing hungry of power and the possibility of war.

Idealism in relation to international relation

In contrast to realism, idealism proves that international relation, people can coexist world wide without any occurrence of war. Idealism claims that, the evil that is usually seen on human kind is not often there (Tomuschat, 2014). Countries can eliminate wars through good morals and assist the other countries to spearhead their development. Many idealists say that having policies is a good way to maintain the good moral in the world.

Example of idealism in international relations

Several idealists claim that an example of idealism is seen in an instance whereby in a society there is a murderer. The government of the policies should work hand in hand to eliminate such behaviors in the society. Justice can be achieved through the set institutions which use ideas in resolving matters.

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