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             A brief biography

I am a Bachelor degree holder and started my teaching profession in the Great Holy Christian Temple Learning Academy.  In this course, I am pursuing my master’s degree in special education. I have been continuing my teaching profession from last 18years. In my entire life, I have gathered enormous experiences from my study, professional life, and others, before entering in this teaching profession, I had continued my livelihood as a caregiver for 10 years. In this time, I had learned the strategy to manage children along with the right pathway to teach them effectively by making an integrated and effective communication with them. As a result of longtime spending experiences with children, I have an intense affinity to work with and work for children. In this course, I have participated in many cultural programs, where once I have made the entire choreography of a dance.

             A professional picture appropriate for professional purposes

Instruction / Classroom Management

             Classroom Management Philosophy

I have a great classroom management philosophy as a teacher. During my research on enormous primary and secondary sources of information, I have gathered enormous knowledge in this field. Along with this, my practical experiences have given me ample support to manage my class. In this aspect, I will provide safe, comfortable circumstances in my classroom where learning will be more effective for my students. In this course, it will also enhance the scopes of my students also to learn enormous factors. I am very cautious about prudent factors to govern student’s behavioral growth within the classroom.

             STEP Template




Here, parents are directed to provide the weak and strong point of their children related to chapter III. All of the markings will be needed for future betterment.


Provide the recommendations for future betterment?

What is your thinking about the school-based education system?

How, we management authority of school can improve this learning journey better?





Contact Details:



Career Objective:

Seeking a position to utilize my skills and abilities in the content writing field that offers professional growth while being resourceful, innovative and flexible as a teacher


Academic Qualifications:



Computer proficiency:

o   PROGRAMMING: Ms. Office, Powerpoint,

o   OPERATING SYSTEMS: 1.Windows XP, Windows 8



   Caregiving profession for 10 years (Years from and to )

Teacher in Great Holy Christian Temple Learning Academy for 18 years



        Parent’s Details :                                                




Personal details:




Date of birth:

Marital status:

Languages are known:


Date:                                                                                                     Signature





             Professional Dispositions Statement Assessment

Professional dispositions are an integral and effective part of the educator's performance. It provides feedback about an educator’s performance level during his or her classroom coaching session. After making my Professional disposition statement, I have observed that my average rating is 4 that mean all of the required actions which should be taken during an effective classroom coaching, I used to do them. It also helps my students to learn everything in a realistic approach.


Clinical Practice (Student Teaching) Evaluations

             Clinical Practice Evaluation 1

In first Sunday, I have observed that 30% of students are aware of their activities

             Clinical Practice Evaluation 2

             In the 2nd month, I have observed that children are more enthusiastic to plant more trees as they are now cautious that, nature-based improvement is highly needed to save this planet.

             Clinical Practice Evaluation 3

All of the children are very serious about their own planted trees, and take care of the entire school periphery. Now, in the school compound, there is no environmental degradation oriented things also.

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