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Stakeholder analysis and communication plan

Stakeholder Analysis

                Stakeholder Analysis is a technique for identification stakeholder who has a vested interest in the activities and project which is running in any organization. This stakeholder has a great influence on the budget of the project and the future. The stakeholders also required time to time management and communication. Stakeholders can be internal and external (Kennon, et. al., 2013). Internal stakeholders will be management, directors, employees, accounting department and external stakeholders will be customers, government, media, and society. This is ranging from an occasional touch to frequent updates and check-in.

After the identification of stakeholders, their level of interest and involvement is also required to be understood. Stakeholders need to recognize and know about the change and likely concerns (Transformed, 2013). Once the stakeholders are identified, there is a need to manage them carefully using the stakeholder matrix with their respective needs and may include generally employees, customer, and vendors etc. 

Communication plan

After stakeholder analysis, the strategic plan is needed to communicate and manage them effectively. After better understanding of stakeholders the communication plan can be developed which will give a planned approach, structure and will ensure that stakeholders interest are taken care of, consulted and their areas of interest are also considered and concerned (Luoma-aho & Paloviita, 2010). The communication plan will majorly include the stakeholder, power/interest, key interest and any issues, vehicle for communication, frequency, and comments Key message as per the template can include existing or new project details. Stakeholders can include customers, employees, government, media and suppliers, communication can be through presentation such as using PowerPoint presentation, paper, training plan, and channel can be email and face to face meeting (Bourne, 2016). The month in the template can be planned and further, the name of the person who is responsible for managing the communication with stakeholders. The last status can include completed, on-track and not yet commenced.

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