The assessment aims at emphasizing the importance of effective communication, listening and reading skills

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The purpose of the assessment 

The assessment aims at emphasizing the importance of effective communication, listening and reading skills. In any job field, there must be communication whether you are the employer or the employee. There are different forms of communication it can be verbal or written citing the work of Tong et al.2015. The assessment aims at showing the effective skills in listening and communication that enhances the smooth flow of information at the workplace.

The three tasks and how to perform them.

The job advertisement for this assignment is for the position of IT support officer. There exist various roles in job position, however, this assignment is going to elaborate on how to work on the three roles as follow:

a.    Maintaining the records of the ICT system and procedures of the help desk.

The responsibility of automating the files on the ICT system requires teamwork. When working as a team it is clear that communication is a tool for achieving the objective of the institution according to Holtgrewe(2014). As an IT officer in the institution, it is good to incorporate all the methods of the communication to all other members to ease the understanding. The forms may include facial expressions and other sign languages. On the other hand, there are various technological methods that are imperative for communication. The first method is to automate a messaging system to include all stakeholders both in the desk help and other offices. The system would relay information faster and feedback as well. On the side of listening, it is important to maintain a good posture while communicating with other members of the staff. Good posture provides an effective way to listen. 

b.    Prompt response to help desk support and respond to a request

This is the second task as an IT officer in the institution. When working at the help desk, there are many requests coming in every day. For an effective communication in the institution, arranging the requests in the order as they come is a key factor for effective response. When any order comes, you respond on the basis of first come first served in reference to Silverstone(2017). However, there can exist some urgent request, these requests will have higher priority as compared to the others. Consequently, it is inevitable to come up with a technology that could automatically respond to requests that their answers are always well known. The system will prompt faster and effective communication within the set institution. Apparently, many of the people who may be requesting from the help desk may not be conversant with IT, it therefore necessary to use a common language that will make communication faster and easier. 

c.    Ensure effective support incidence 

As an IT officer in this institution, it is quite clear that all the troubleshooting issues would be brought to notice. On the way to deal with the above task, it is important to notify everyone in the institution that there would be an upgrade or troubleshooting for the system. The notification will allow them to save all their work and avoid an inconvenience. Secondly, it good to ensure that the duration for the troubleshooting is not that long. For instance, all the other employees should be noticed that the process is going to take place between morning and afternoon after which everyone would access all their documents or rather the system according to Wang et al. 2014. All the above will show an effective communication and use of technology in the organization.  


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