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When an emergency erupts out in an organization, it needs quick attention for the operations to come back to normal. Emergency operation centers are the key facility that assists in carrying out the aims of an emergency, management of a disaster at a point which is strategic to all the stakeholders. There are six main functions of an emergency operations center in an organization according to Di Matteo et al., (20116). The first key function is that it ensures that all the needed resources in the emergency site are available at the time they are required. Therefore, the emergency operation center orders and delivers all the equipment in time. The second function is to speed up the connection between affected individuals or facility with the corporate headquarters. Apart from that, it ensures that the top management in the organization are updated of the activities as the operations go on. The next activity is that it ensures that the affected society or the employees are sufficiently updated of the emergency that has occurred and the actions that the emergency operation center is undertaking. On the other hand, Huang& Chang, (2018) argues that, they keep the media on toes to ensure that the information they relay to the public about any event is true. Other functions include; ensuring that the agency bides by the law, acquiring only trained personnel to carry out an operation and inform the suppliers of any key resources that the employees will require during emergency operations.

The main two functions are:

a.    Ordering and delivering resources to the site on time

Emergency operation center aims at saving the situation. Therefore, they ensure that when an emergency occurs the required resources needed are available in time.

b.    Linking the facility affected to the headquarters.

The link mainly aims at establishing constant communication between the two centers, thus assisting in the delivery of the resources and the management of the situation. 

The challenge that might affect staffing EOC is the employment of unskilled personnel, thus affecting the outcome of services. The reason why the challenge occurs is that some individuals get their way to EOC through nepotism and discrimination. 

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