Assignment is a discussion on ethical concerns that global organizations need for survival in international business


The operational framework of international business is quite complex and is not comparable with national level business operations. The code of conduct and code of ethics which normally practiced by local organizations sometimes forced to breach the same in international business operations. For example in United States or in Asian country it may be not required to bribe an official for getting through of export or import for business requirement. However there are several African countries, where even the routine operations cannot be done without bribing the officials.  But the change has start from here. Organizations need to voluntarily give up the idea of bribing; This is good for all concerned. The system will not get corrupted. Rather than spending on bribing, an organization can think of spending on CSR in any such critical country. This can be an ethical practice. At the same time, there are several countries where there normally seen human rights violation. Breaching of human rights is quite common. Child labour and women are vulnerable population who are normally exploited in several countries, more commonly in some of the African countries and some of the South-East Asian Countries. It can be act of ethical conduct, if international organizations refrain from indulging in business from these organizations. International organizations can stop outsourcing their manufacturing from these countries. If want to boost their economy they can involve in other CSR operations in these countries and this will be of great usage and benefit rather than just letting the vulnerable classes get exploited in these countries.  Environmental and health standards are some of the several aspects that one need to focus on , honouring international protocols for environmental safety and health is minimum responsibility for any organization involved in international business. Unfortunately, availability of low prices at the cost of exploitation and unsafe working conditions and ill health practices are some of the several factors that organizations normally getting tempted to oversee for the sake of profits. I strongly believe unified actions of international community of business and trade can end these breaches and can enforce ethical code. The change need to start from within, ofcourse international community initiatives and collaborative attempts can work for betterment of the scenario (Cavusgil et al., 2014)

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