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It is a clear fact that mostly all business environments are in a rapid state of burgeoning changes and disequilibrium. Companies shoulder stay aligned with numerous changes in their competitive business scenario and responds to these changes promptly and should actively anticipate changes in future technologies, customer demographic and potential new services and products and thereby reconstruct their industries. It should be noted that industry changes are demanding answers from business houses, especially entrepreneurial ones, for them to use the opportunity to remold themselves as well as their different branch of business. 

The risks of getting bogged down with industry changes will almost surely increase in the future as competition becomes intense; with existing and new advanced technologies continue to be deployed. Alterations in consumer demographics lead to new customer desires. 

Organizational change will, therefore, be quintessential to companies’ survival and growth.

Certain researches have also shown that managers might be aware of changes in their industries, but they often fail to understand these changes appropriately. They often tend to underestimate the significance of these changes, and they may wait quite long before finally responding, or may not respond at all (ZoranJovanovic, 2015).

 Effective action and fast respond

Even when managers are completely aware and identify the seriousness of the changes that are going to occur in their competitive environments, they may still have problem formulating suitable responses to prevent these threats. 

Importance of Employees

Employees are undoubtedly one of the greatest assets in any company, and their significance is often overlooked. This is owing to the fact that they are entrusted with the task of catapulting the company to greater heights. A systematic employee development system should be set up in every company ensuring that the full potential of every employee is realized.

An employee development system can guarantee that employees can deliver what they are expected to do of them.  This can be achieved through many different strategies.  First, the individuals will be aware of the expectation that they held.  Second, the individuals would be thoroughly trained in their area of expertise to improve their flexibility and comfort level.  Lastly, there will be a fair system put into place to make everyone liable and accountable for the work they do.

Employees often take pride in their company and pledge allegiance when they feel comfortable with the policies of the company. The system must ensure that these individuals have a proper say in proper implementation of company policies so that they feel part of the company and which will further boost their leadership quality. Training should be seen as an important investment and should be accordingly planned and budgeted by the company every year, so that the process goes on unhindered (Michelle Nicholas, 2016).

Expert trainers of high professional acumen should be hired to reap maximum dividends.. Employees should be engaged in motivational activities. They should be given ample chance to take part in several conferences on a yearly basis to help them to build upon their interest level. These conferences and business meetings can be held at different locations and the possibility of business excursion can add some adventure into it.  Productive employees should be granted to pursue higher studies. Companies should plan and accordingly invest in development systems that yield high performance rates. However, they must explore other varying alternatives because a monotonous routine can sometime make employees lack lustre in their conduct and participation skills. As a result, employee development is significant at the workplace. If unturned properly they turn out to be the biggest assets for the businesses.

Electronic commerce, or Ecommerce, literally means business transaction through the Internet, has seen its inception since mid 90s. However, in the recent years, Ecommerce is getting massive attention from both entrepreneur and consumers, both domestically and internationally. One of the key reasons is accredited to the highly successful and revolutionary operations of some well known names on the Internet, such as Yahoo, EBay and Amazon. 

Ecommerce proved its significance based on the virtue that time is essence. In the commercial markets, time plays the most key aspect for both the business and consumers. From the business point of view, spending less time on each transaction translates to more sales each day. And for consumers, who seldom get time to shop, can quickly sort out their shopping in a jiffy, thus it creates a win- win situation for everyone. With just a few clicks for browsing and choosing the desired product, a transaction can be completed via the internet with ease along with hassle free mode of payment though internet banking. This fact unanimously makes Ecommerce beneficial to both business and consumer as payment and necessary documentation can be done more securely and precisely.

From the business perspective, Ecommerce tends to be much more cost effective compared to traditional commercial method. This is owing to the fact that through Ecommerce, the cost on intermediaries to sell their products can be drastically cut down and diverted to utilise in other aspect of their business. Along with that, marketing for Ecommerce is lot more inexpensive compared to traditional ways and also more effective as millennial spend most of their time online hence using social media as a smart tool of advertisement can generate a lot of new potential customers. Not just those companies can cut down their showroom expenses to a great extend and hence avoid getting their stock blockage. Ancillary benefits in operating an Ecommerce business is that only a head office is needed rather than a whole building. Additionally, most of the operational costs like staff and employee management, workplace expenditure like power consumption; office supplies can be vastly reduced.

Another important factor for both consumers and business houses is connectivity. In this regard Ecommerce provides a fantastic solution as the potential customer can access their respective website virtually from anywhere around the world through Internet. This way, the consumer base of the company increases manifold and thus, eradicates the constraint of geographical location. From the customer view point, Ecommerce is a lot more convenient as they can browse a whole range of product, take a quick glance, read the reviews and compare various products; all in just one go at the comfort of their home or at work, without any necessity to move a single inch. Moreover this is an excellent medium of business for government as well as they is very less chance of tax evasion and hence trims down red-tapism drastically.

Ecommerce has a profound impact on globalisation as well; it has been nothing short of a technological messiah in opening up various gates of opportunities for a variety of other investors and companies. This has led to the entire scene of start up cultures currently thriving and mushrooming in various parts of the world. Ecommerce has vastly cut down geographical barriers and escalated the concept of globalisation one notch higher .As a wider consequence of this phenomenon, a plethora of new markets have emerged from Ecommerce itself giving a impetus to the global market. Hence this can be certainly exclaimed that Ecommerce will perennially continue to mature in various domestic and global markets and subsequently will become an essential business plan for any business entity to stay competitive and sustain in this era of cut throat completion. Overall the future looks extremely bright and promising for Ecommerce in days to come.

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