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Justification of choosing Block Model of Stewardship

Within the organisational context, Stewardship can be considered as a set of practices and principles through which it is possible to deal with specific way that governs people with enhanced sense of responsibility and ownership of cheeringoutcome. In this context, it can be identified that it is considered as an idea of control, which is being given to the customers of an organisation (Matherne, 2015). This stewardship is required to be accountable for the community without control and it can be chosen as self-interest service. In the block model of stewardship, Peter Block significantly attempts to show “Who works for whom”, whereas sometimes it can be contrary to most of the ideas of business within specific areas. Apart from that, from the description of Block model it can be identified that “organisations that practice stewardship will succeed in their marketplace by choosing service over self-interest at every point and by a far-reaching distribution of power, privilege and wealth” (keithdwalker.ca, 2018). Without this, it is not possible to drive the result of change within organisational context. Therefore, for looking on specific notion of the power within workplace and taking care of each individual this model of stewardship can be more essential in an intensified manner. 

It is evident that the responsibility and ownership of particular success of Woolworths needs to be realized at from top to bottom each individual level of this organization. Within this idea, the stewardship can be more effective for learning the adaptability of customers within the marketplace. On the other hand, for creating commitment and passion within employees, this model of stewardship can be most effective towards creating responsibility and ownership in a standardized way (Simpkins & Lemyre, 2018). In comparison to leadership, as stewardship can be considered as the set of practices and principles, it becomes possible to enable the drastic change within Woolworths. Moreover, as stewardship begins with major willingness to be more accountable in the long terms of business organization, this stewardship can be considered as reformed choice for Woolworths.   

Critical Evaluation of the Block model

While analysing this Block model of stewardship, it is evident to show priorities of this model within an organisational context, towards creating the main sense of responsibility and ownership within the workplace. On the other hand, it can be overviewed that the main fact behind with his stewardship can be able to create the enhanced partnership in between self-reliance and responsibility of customers, through which it is possible to touch the organisational norms (Keay, 2017). Based on this analysis, benefits and challenges are identified towards dealing with the Block model of stewardship in a standardised way.   

Benefits of chosen this model in organizational setting

Based on Block model of stewardship it is possible to measure the HR departments of an organisation for partitioning role the performance appraisals. Moreover, the stewardship approach can have major benefits towards creating departmental appraisal within numerous subordinates, which is needed to be more congruent within the value driven services in a standardized way (keithdwalker.ca, 2018). In order to create responsibility and ownership, which is considered as such possible indicatives of stewardship, through applying this theory; it becomes possible to develop the organizational perspectives in an intensified manner.  In this context, some benefits are identified, which is analysed as follows- 

Communicating based on stewardship contract 

Primarily based on the block model of stewardship it becomes possible for people to know the reason behind their work within organisational context. While working within the Woolworths company, the employees need to be aware of their job responsibility and the specific reason for what they are doing the job. In this context through dealing with this model it becomes possible to fulfil the criteria of their employees in different situational context. 

Development of Individual Vision 

In order to improve the organizational pros and cons through analysing the organisational goals, it becomes essential for each individual employee to give their own vision through taking parts in different operational process of an organisation (keithdwalker.ca, 2018). While making decisions in different situational context of Woolworths each individual member of this company needs to take part within the specific discussion for presenting their own point of view, which is more important for organizational development. This necessity can be pursued by recreating the organizational norms through this block model of stewardship in a standardized way. 

Taking the motivation 

Within the cutthroat competition market of Australia, it becomes essential to take motivation from different sources for driving the focus upon the initiative of such anxious change in a standardised way. In the organisational context of Woolworths, it becomes essential to go from the specific changes, through which it is possible to satisfy their customers in a proper way. According to the Block model of stewardship, it is possible to drive the specific organizational value among competitive market in a standardized manner.   

Changes from the training process to learning 

In order to create the most affectionate view of employees within different situational context, it becomes essential for Woolworths to change their training policies through learning. In essence, to this, the block model of stewardship can be more effective for bringing the learning process in numerous situational contexts. As there is only CEO in this Woolworths Company, Australia, it can be considered as major version for driving the forces of learning in various situational contexts within the organisational context in a standardized way, which is considered as another benefit of this stewardship model. 

Attempting and implementing changes 

While increasing the financial revenue within different summative situation of market, it becomes essential for different companies to adopt the stewardship in place of leadership in different situational context (keithdwalker.ca, 2018). Through allowing the numerous departmental facilities, it can possible to drive the focus upon attempting changes based on this Block model in a standardized way. Within the overall organizational journey of Woolworths it can becomes essential for them to attempt their existing business process through using modern approach of this in an intensified way. 

As in the work of business, the stewardship has significantly provided the exciting and enhanced opportunities for reshaping themselves, the Block model of stewardship can be more effective within the considered as flow and personal empowerment in the Woolworths.  

Challenges of setting this model in organizational setting

While detecting the stewardship within organisational context it becomes essential for different organisations to drive their focus upon raised benefits and challenges of this block model of stewardship in a standardised way. In order to deliver an improvised vision within organisational perspectives within competition market, it becomes essential to take effective measurements for resolving those challenges.

Sometimes proper communication between each level of Woolworths can cause unnecessary chaos within this organization. At the specific time, when people are able to know the reason behind their work, then it can be able to create a conflict situation. Moreover, if the different necessity of work and its deadline is known by them, then they will be more casual for accomplishing the work in specific time, which is considered as major challenge behind the usage of this block model of stewardship in an intensified manner. 

On the other hand, as stewardship has benefited over the organizational recreation process, through engaging individual vision of each employees, in major times it can be a challenge for an organisation. In organisational setting of Woolworths, if in critical situation of decision making individual vision of each employee is undertaken, then proper decision-making is not made. Due to more recognition of individual vision of employees within critical decision, making organizational control of Woolworths can be affected as in conclusion making individual view of manager can be appraised.   

While driving the organizational innovation it becomes essential to drive the focus upon customers, as they are considered as main target for existing organisational policies and creating and changed vision within market. However, if every times organisational change can be done by keeping the words of customers within mind, then employees become demotivated. In order to set enhanced organisational productivity within Woolworths, it becomes essential to give equal priority to employees also for utilizing their creative vision in an intensified manner.

Despite of those challenges, if a proper control is not kept among employees of an organisation, then it can affect upon the situational conflict (Haymond, 2017). Within Woolworths, as it is essential to give equal opportunity to each individual employees, at the same time it is also needed to have a proper control upon their working procedure, otherwise individual employees can create their own point of view for working, which is not suitable for this company. 

Based on the roles and responsibilities of employees it becomes essential to give them their own appraisals for work. Sometimes due to this appraisals and rewards, whichare given to employees, they are unable to recognize the enhanced value of their works (Katherine, 2016). Within the situational context of Woolworths, it can be major challenge towards creating an improved value in competitive market environment, which is needed to have proper observation. 

In essence, to this, it can be overviewed that the substantial political reforms of Woolworths can have major influence upon employees, which can be another challenge towards dealing with this block model of stewardship in a standardized way. Through revising those challenges, it becomes possible to develop organisational set up towards change management based on the block model of stewardship.     

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