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Artificial Intelligence(AI) focuses the modelling of intelligent machines that reacts and work like humans. It deals with extensive computing devices, where physical environments merge unobtrusively and intelligently with people. For people to make effective decisions, the research aims to incorporate intelligence in environments, so to allow better access to vital knowledge, reasoning, planning and learning (Goetz et al. 57). 

Artificial Intelligence makes it viable for machines to modify to perform human-like tasks and new inputs(Newell & Simon 3). For instance, self-driving cars to chess playing computers, depends heavily on natural language processing and intense learning.  Machines and computers are regulated to assist large companies to achieve specific tasks by fragmenting large amounts of data and identifying patterns in data. The two types of artificial intelligence; narrow and generalfunction differently in the society. Narrow artificial intelligence is when the gadget performs undemanding tasks such as conducting researches, allow voice commands or face recognition. On the other, general artificial intelligence enable gadgets to command cognitive tasks. No doubt, people in America are concerned that artificial intelligence will take over their lives in the future, but it has practical uses too. 


Impact of artificial intelligence on society, in long-term, encourages research in many aspects ranging from law to economics to technical in terms of validity, security and verification. As Hasodaet al. said, “Robots were preferredforjobsthatrequiredmemorization,keenperceptualskillsandservice-orientation,whereasthehumanswere preferred for occupations that required artistry, evaluation, judgement and diplomacy.” Humans are discouraged by tedious and repeated tasks. Therefore, to create challenges for them in a workplace, machines or robots are employed so to construct a room for work that an individual is best at. This allows them to be engaged in more creative and interpersonal aspects of work as robots are efficient and can perform multiple tasks within less resources consumed.For example; Amazon is built on massive piles of data and machine learning about purchases and products of users.Consequently, this will strengthen America’s economy due to increasing productivity attained by robots. 

Secondly, artificial intelligence such as computers and advanced technology helps to solve complicated social problems. Today, in dynamic world, advanced technologies have emerged that answer to complex questions, solves a thousand of inputs which is beyond the human capacity (Friedman &Millet 225). 

According, to Zhaoet al.:

The rapid growth in the use of robots in numerous settings con?rms the idea that we are moving towards an era in which ‘socially intelligent robots’ are entering the realm of human social life, sharing living environments with people, communicating emotionally with them and even learning what people consider right and wrong (941). 

Such devices enable large corporations to dive into meaning problems and solve them within a matter of time.For instance; advanced machines used in American hospitals for cancer treatment.  This allows individuals in a firm to focus on strategic issue rather than tactical and improves the quality of life of the individuals in America. 

Lastly, it benefits multiple industries such as health sciences, technology applications and academic research. As, with the employment of Artificial Intelligence, individuals tend to analyze better the quality of trade-off decisions and complex data at escalating computing speed (Moravec 1988, 13). For example; robots and machine devices that are sent out of the space to discover the pattern rather than risking the life of an astronaut. Hence, these innovations help educational institutions in America to enhance the knowledge of students and professors to refine their perception. This will help Individuals in Americato modify their beliefs and attach logic to every reason. 


The objective of artificial intelligence is to develop technology that allows machines and robots to function in rational manner. However, some critics consider artificial intelligence as a stumbling block to society that weakens the US economy.It is further fragmented into sub-problems. Initially, robots have replaced low-skilled workers in the assembly-line, hence, the economy would have to face unemployment. As machines conduct regular and repeatable task efficiently than humans which conserve resources. Moreover, robots perform whatever programming or algorithms are installed in them (Russell &Norving 21). So, they can only exercise tasks that they are programmed for. In most of the car manufacturing industries, robots are used to assemble the parts of a car. Such as, camera and laser are placed on the robot wrist to zoom in the minute parts on the car body and assist the workers to assemble the parts of it. Therefore, devices can only do the specific task and not more than they are specified to(Luger & Stubblefield 34). Workers might make unique judgements in altering situations for complicated problems which a machine cannot. If there is a fault in a part of the car, then a laser or camera cannot find the solution to fix it. As Reeves and Nass state, “Human-like characteristics (e.g. facial expressions, voice and emotions) act as cues that lead a person to place the technology agent into the category ‘human’, changing their attitude and perceptions, and eliciting social responses towards the agent” (122). Although some individuals in America are concerned that robots will dominate their positions in near future. Every job performed by robots will be operated by codes. Robots and computer devices can work for cheap than humans by producing in more efficient way. Thus, large industries will employ artificial intelligence, making human beings redundant. This will gradually touch the peak of unemployment in America not only by affecting the GDP of economy, but also the health and morality of individuals. Unemployed individuals would have influence on their mental health that could have indirect consequences on their families in form of anger that worsens overtime. Moreover, unemployed individuals will be more likely to commit crimes to sustain their living that would increase the crime rates in America. 


Adoption of Artificial Intelligence in various industries will create unemployment in America. Some people argue that unemployment would be favorable to economy of America due to various reasons. Although labor is a strength of economy, but individuals who represent to be a waste of resource are marginalized individuals to society (Bartnecket al, 40). Therefore, this saves the economy to be burdened by such individuals by shrinking the cost. As an inefficient worker would consume a large proportion of resources than an efficient worker impacting the GDP. According to Lee and Sullivan, “History shows that new technologies can lead to great gains for our economies but are not without pain for some people and communities.  The overall impact will depend highly on social institutions and policies” (574). Thus, to make its economy powerful, America would have to endure some pain and make its people suffer to achieve the sustainable development. Awareness should be created by the policy makers to persuade the community to adapt to the era of artificial intelligence which will embrace success in future. 


Artificial Intelligence plays a greater role in the modern world. People should welcome the period of artificial intelligence for their benefits that include higher living standards and quality life (Merchant et al, 30).  However, this does not mean that they allow the technology to control their lives. People should control the artificial intelligence, and rather not let it take over the lives of people. Thus, the consequences are chained to the behavior of individuals. 

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