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Mental health is one of the biggest reasons that are being faced by the people of different countries. It is seen that most of the cases the issues appear in a severe manner and there are many cases where the issues have become badly effective to the other people. It is seen that the most of the times the people have faced issues related to their personal life and the private life. There are many other cases where the issues have been solved by the outsider help. The majority of the cases it is seen that the management of the issues have changed life of the other people who are there with the ill person. Some of the issues are going to be described in the following part to have better relevance with the subject.

Anxiety disorders: In accordance with the issues, it is seen that the management of the problem needs to be done in a proficient manner. The most of the cases it is seen that anxiety is the main reason of the matters, for better understanding it is necessary to keep the matters open to all (triadmentalhealth.org, 2018). The people with this kind of issues usually panic and make nonsense comments on things that are not relevant and worthy to be taken into consideration. The person who is responding to the matters need to the rational but in case of any anxiety disorder the patient does not make any kind of justified solution to the issue that are there in the first place.

Mood disorders: There are some issues like mood swing and in this case, the patient with mood issue has to think in a positive manner needs to work on it (Rethink.org, 2018). The ambience needs to be rational and they have to make sure that they are giving good time to the people to think on the factors that are relevant to the necessity. The mood of a person can be in any state and in some cases; he can get hyper as well to make his presence.

Psychotic disorders: Psychotic disorder people are not only those people who are giving a false prediction of seeing things that are totally absent and it is necessary for the other people around him to make sure that he is in a safe state (Rogers & Pilgrim, 2014). There are few cases where it is seen that the issues are more relevant to the hallucination related matters and the patient often report to see those people who did not exist. For a better understanding, it is necessary to make sure that the patient is not a Schizophrenic.

Eating disorders: There is a possibility of getting hungry when a person get a mood swing and in some cases the issues get even higher and people start eating when they are not in the mood of doing anything (Westerhof & Keyes, 2010). This is called stress eating and it is one of the vital issues faced by the obese people.

Impulse control and addiction disorders: The issues that are associated with the sudden amount of impulse has to be taken into consideration in this phase and it is necessary to make sure that the issue are to getting on the person because this might lead to irrational behaviour and other things (Keyes, Dhingra, & Simoes, 2010). It is a necessary thing to make sure, because the impulse of a person can lead towards anything and then it is going to be a big issue for anyone. Some of the issues that have real importance are giving here like Pyromania (starting fires), kleptomania (stealing), and compulsive gambling.

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