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The Cover Letter Guide demonstrating your ability to apply your unique educational and professional experiences to a job opportunity of your choosing.

I would like to introduce myself. My name is (Student name), I am a person belonging from a healthcare background and seeking an opportunity to your highly reputed institution. It is important that I tell you about myself so that you can have a better idea about me. My family is dedicated to do healthcare-related service and that is why I am eager to do this job in your institution. I am thinking of having a better career in this field. After completing my education in the field, I did an internship in a hospital and from that section, I understood why this is a perfect job for me.

I am a person who cares for people and if there is any person, who is suffering from an illness that my heart melts for him or her and my instant reaction becomes generous to the person. I would like to draw your attention towards my experience because I have handled may mental health-related cases and attended seminars to gain more knowledge in this field. I have learned that I need to grow even more in order to have better insider knowledge in it. I have the experience of getting a comfortable journey in this field and getting to know people is something to what I like most. I have the professional knowledge of five years and after gaining this knowledge and investing this period of time in the job, I am still loving it. I have done masters in this field and now I am looking forward to the different prospects of it.

I would like to thank you to give the opportunity to let me apply for the job because there is a high demand in the market for a perfect job and this job is something really important for me. It is one thing that makes me feel lucky because most of the people do not get to know what they want to do in life and get an opportunity to apply for it. I would be highly obliged if you kindly give me the opportunity to serve your organization with my work ethics, experience and knowledge.  If you feel that, I am a potent person for the job then kindly give me a call any time you want. I will be happy if I get a call from your end.

With regards

(Student name)

(Student contact Number)

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