Study has pointed that that depression is a disease that is being caused due to extreme level of anxiety



Depression is a feeling that affects the mental condition of an individual. In addition to that, depression also affects the thought process of an individual. For instance, an individual suffering from acute depression feels low and prefers to live a life of isolation. Depression can create mental problems within an individual. After suffering from depression an individual, lose interest in participating in activities. Thus, level of fatigue increases. It also causes a change in appetite, weight loss and sleeping issues. In the present study, a mind map will be designed in order to study, cause and effect of depression within an individual. Moreover, in this study a self-reflection will be produced in order to review the skills of drawing a mind map. It also develops a relation between what has been taught and needs to be implemented in future practice. 


Part 1 Write a reflection on researching, preparing and presenting your mind mapping board on theoretical perspectives underpinning HSC policies and practices

Part 1 

Initially, I did not possess an idea about mind map therefore; I have faced a plethora of issues while designing it. Moreover, the process of designing mind was tedious due to lack of resources and time constraints. Before, designing the mind map, I have studied an overview regarding the concerned structure. I have also realised that mind map helps to visualise the relationship between the factors and impact causing a disease. For instance, through, the present mind, a relationship between cause and impact of depression can be analysed. After designing the mind map, I have divided it into five sections such as causes of depression, prevention of depression in the near future, suggestion to reduce the rate of depression, treatment of depression and institute that can treat depression. Prior to designing the map, I have researched about the causes of depression, the impact of depression and preventive measures so that subsections of the mind map can be well demarcated. While designing the map I have put depression in the centre. In addition to that, some nodal points have been projected through the central point indicating symptoms, impact and prevention of depression (Yoshizawa et al., 2016).

Moreover, I have discussed HSC policies in the prevention section so that the rate of depression can be mitigated in future. In the mind map, I have tried to use lucid language so that individuals can have clear concept about depression. The prevention measures that have been highlighted in the map have been deduced from HSC norms and regulation. As per HSC Policies, care users need to communicate with care providers on regular basis so that they can remain diverted. In addition to that, care users need to receive quality treatment from users so that the disease can be prevented in the near future (Fujii et al., 2016). The HSC policies have further stated that individuals need to be pre occupied so that they can remain diverted. Further, the suggestion of HSC is presented under the suggestion section. Moreover, the suggestion section is presented in lucid language so that care users can grasp the cure measures efficiently. By seeing the preventive measure section of mind map, members of HSC can conduct in depth study in order to innovate modern prevention methods for depression so that its prevalence rate can be reduced in future.

Moreover, in this case behavioural theory can be included so that causes of depression can be well analysed. As per the comment of Charboneau (2017), behaviour can be developed through conditioning. For instance, if an individual is habituated to live in an environment they can easily adapt the way of living. However, the same individual can face depression if they are moved to a different situation. For instance, a child may suffer from acute depression if the individual is moved from one academic situation to another. 

Part 2: A reflective account of how your research and preparation processes evolved to develop your mind mapping visual board presentation on concepts about diversity and its impacts on HSC organizations

The main aim of mind map is to establish a relation between the causes and prevention of depression. At the time of conducting the study, I have noted that the rate of depression is being enhanced among youth because they are living a healthy lifestyle. In addition to that, at the time of conducting the research, I have noted that after suffering from depression individuals prefer to live an isolated life so that they do not get a chance to communicate with others (Metzger et al., 2016). Further, I have also analysed that individuals fail to think in a creative manner after suffering from the concerned disease. Further, I have also researched those individuals appetite also reduces after suffering from depression. Further, I have analysed the behaviour of certain individuals in order to detect causes of depression. After completing the observation, I have pointed that, presently, young people are suffering from acute depression because their parents fail to spend time with their wards thus; their loneliness is increasing at a rapid rate. Further, I have visited physiologist in order to figure out the factors and challenges of depression.

After accumulating the factors, challenges, symptoms and prevention of depression, I have started designing the mind map to provide pictorial representation to the care users. The term depression has been kept in the middle because it is the central point of the study. Symptoms, challenges and prevention has been further subdivided for instance, the symptoms have been subdivided into low communication level, lack of appetite and inadequate social life. The challenges of depression have been subdivided under the following terms such as capacity of critical thinking is reduced and they fail to recognise people. Moreover, prevention can be subdivided under the sub headings such as, frequent communication with family members, occupied with physical activities so that engagement rate of individuals can be boosted. Moreover, the individuals need to remain busy with his or favourite activities so that the mind can remain preoccupied. Lastly, in the institution section, it has been mentioned that care users suffering from depression needs to be taken to care home in order to receive proper treatment facilities (Sankar et al., 2017).

While collecting information about the causes of depression, I have noted that young people are suffering from depression because of various reasons such as peer pressure, family pressure, isolation and academic pressure. Thus, in the recommendation and suggestion sector, I have mentioned that family members need to provide time to children so that they can share their viewpoints with them and does not feel depressed. I have also stated that depressed individuals can undertake counselling session in order to live a healthy life.

The above mentioned factors have provided an idea regarding various segments of mind map so that in future it can be well designed. It has also help to analyse various phases of my research so that it can guide future researchers.


Part 3: Extend your written reflection with details of unbiased and non-confounding preparation process employed to develop your mind mapping visual board on different approaches to implementation of different health services operating at national level 

At the time of designing the mind map, I have conducted the research process in an authentic manner so that productive results can be deduced. For instance, before constructing the map, I have analysed various government sites such as the WHO and the NHS in order to get an idea regarding the causes of depression. Further, I have visited database such as Med Pub in order to gain knowledge regarding prevention of depression among various age groups. The concerned mind map can be implemented in national level because it has been conducted by maintaining authenticity. However, I have not used some of the articles because it contained repetitive phrases and words less than 500. From, the diagram, I have noted that depression can be caused due to medical illness, loss of loved ones, sexual abuse, substance abuse and family history. However, the disease can be cured if the individual is brought to a health institution in order to receive proper training. I assured that the concerned strategies would help an individual to live an effective standard of life. 

As per HSC policies, care providers need to communicate with care users on a regular basis so that they can vent their issues. Moreover, HSC policies have mentioned that institutions need to provide quality services to the care users so that their competitive position can be improved. Moreover, the charges of the service need to fixed as per the earring of care users so that more number of individuals can be attracted towards the institute (Mohan et al., 2017).

The HSC policies have further mentioned that social awareness needs to be created among care provider so that they can maintain positive relation of care users. Further, in order to remove biasness all the individuals need to be treated equally. The behavioural approach of HSC has stated that behaviour of an individual need to be appreciated by the care providers so that they can be motivated to implement treatment.

In the mind map prevention, the individual has mentioned impact and challenges of depression. Thus, it has projected neutral viewpoint regarding depression.


Part 4: This reflection should also detail validity and reliability processes you employed to identify scientific literature and report scientific findings therein which form the basis on which the currently health policies and practices are grounded

In order to implement the study in future I have collected the data from database such as Google Scholar AND med pub Moreover, I have secured help from my professors in order to conduct the study in a systematic manner. I have also researched the topic so that I can gain sufficient knowledge about the topic. Sufficient research about the study will make the reflection strong enough for further usage by researchers. Moreover, I have collected the data from reliable sources such as websites and peer reviewed articles in order to maintain objectivity of the study. I have accumulated data from government websites in order to present authentic data. In the mind map, challengers and prevention of depression has been presented. Thus, it can be termed as unbiased piece of information. However, I have faced a plethora of challenges while conducting the diagram because of time and scarcity of resources. Therefore, I have suggested that individuals to train care users so that they can design mind map successfully. Lastly, while conducting the study, I have not considered article older than 5 years because it may bring variation in data. After analysing the above factors, it is evident that the study has been conducted by using updated information.


Hence, after completing the study, I have gained knowledge regarding the concept of depression. It has been pointed that depression is a disease that is being caused due to extreme level of anxiety. In the UK, the level of depression is high among teenagers due to high academic pressure. Moreover, peer pressure is also a reason behind high rate of depression. On the other hand, after depression, individuals lose appetite thus; they have a tendency to lose five kgs weight.

At the time of designing the mind map, individuals have collected the data from database known as Med Pub. Further, some of data have been accumulated through official websites of NHS and WHO so that objectivity of the study can be maintained. At the time of conducting the mind map, I have used different colours so that readers can be easily attracted. The causes and prevention are presented in separate branches so that people can get an idea about the disease.

However, some of the articles could not be considered because they contained less and fake information. Thus, authenticity of the study can be hampered. Lately, some of the provisions of the NHS have been used to conduct the mind map so that individuals can gain deeper insights.

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