Tobacco use is the serious health issue going to be discussed in current study report as it is one of the major disease

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There are numerous health issues bothering United States of America at present. Though the spread and intensity of these health issues differ from location to location, all of them can be considered serious and need to be considered from the perspective of national well being and requirements for assure good quality life to the people of the country. Tobacco use is the serious health issue going to be discussed in the current report. It is serious as it is one of the preventable causes of the death and disease in the country. Every year it kills more than 480,000 Americans. The most pathetic part of this is the fact that about 10% of these deaths are due to the secondary smoking tendencies. Apart from immediate death, tobacco usage is causing illness in United States, which is resulting in about $300 billion a year. The consequences of the tobacco usage are in the form of direct medical care costing to the adults as well in the form of loss of productivity due to illness. As of recent statistics the total number of smokers in the country includes about 16% of the total adults.

Consequences of the tobacco usage:

Tobacco usage has numerous risk factors in the country. Some of them are like smokers are more likely to develop heart diseases, prone to get heart strokes, can develop lung cancers. The probability of getting such diseases is quite higher in the smokers when compared with the non-smokers.  Cardiovascular disease prone possibilities are quite higher in smokers when compared with non smoking communities.  Lung disease is often created by smoking, as smoking does work on to damage the airways and the small air sacs it creates in the lungs are very dangerous. There is high risk of lung cancer in the smoking community.

Not just because of the diverse ill effects smoking can cause to the public, but due to the actual multiplicity of the smoking menace, like both the direct and indirect effects that smoking does cause to the public (for direct smokers and passive smokers) is very dangerous and there is every need for the country to develop stringent policies and corrective measures to restrict the ill effects of the issue. It is a serious health issue, as the total number of people suffering with the habit is a considerable fraction in the total population and they are growing in number as well. Further it is a preventable disease, the damage and the death that the disease can cause to the public is avoidable, there is every chance that when strict policy measures and corrective actions are implemented the ill effects of the menace can be controlled as well, the health issue can be suitably controlled.

Local, State and Federal measures to control tobacco usage:

Tobacco usage can be controlled by diverse procedures; notable of them is the price increase as well as excess taxation. Such measures will restrict the number of people succumb to smoking as well; will also generate sufficient funding for the public health causes in the country. State level policies as of now to curb tobacco smoking are mainly focussed on two aspects. The first is the hike in the price of the tobacco. When the price of the cigarettes are increased, more and more people are not consuming the same particularly they are evidences that the youth are getting refrained from consuming tobacco due to the government policies of increased prices. Further the minor laws, which work on to prevent the sales of tobacco products to minors is reducing the total number of the adolescents purchasing the tobacco products in the country. Decreasing of the smoking prevalence and increase of the smoking cessations are found to be observed(Singh,2016) in adolescent groups in the country mainly due to the state policies (Tworek et al., 2010). Federal government is highly active in controlling the irresponsible usage of the tobacco in the country. There are very stringent regulations kept in force in the country, to keep warning labels on the cigarette packs to alert the consumer of the health impacts that smoking can cause on the public. Typical warnings included indication of the possible lung diseases with smoking, indication of the possible heart disease and also there is clear indication of possible Emphysema and pregnancy complications. However in the recent years, congress has given authority to FDA (food and drug control authority) (Barrazza et al., 2017) to care of the warning symbols and labels on the cigarette packs. These warnings are typically allowed to be notified in the form of pictorial warnings.  This is allowed since 2012. Infact the government of United States started campaigning against tobacco usage long back since 1970s when FCC (Federal communications commission) (Barthelomew, 2018) started campaigning against the advertisements that are impacting the usage of cigarettes. In any case there are rational approaches initiated by states like California, which worked for extensive tobacco control by giving extensive funding to them. The funds collected from these programmes are invested constructively for plethora of tobacco usage control programmes like public health education programmes, stop smoking services, lung cancer screening for high risk current and former smokers etc(Wackowski et al.,2017). There is extensive implementation of the product regulations that will work for reduction of the addictiveness and cigarettes appeal to the general public. 


As of now about 15% of the adults of United States of America smokers. They are directly spoiling their health and also impacting the health of other non smokers by passive smoking. The immediate need for cessation of smoking is to be prominently spread. The attitude of adolescents and considering smoking as their right of adolescence (Jamal et al., 2017) are some of the concerns that health awareness camps and other related voluntary organizations need to look into. The current comprehensive strategies of information awareness about the ill effects of smoking, increasing the price of the cigarettes, increased taxation, labelling and pictorial messages are some of the several ways through which the cigarette smoking can be controlled in the state. Already federal, state and local governments are working in this direction and more intensified actions are required to let this health issue get restricted.

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