The study will exemplify the dynamics of the Australian market and their effect of population on marketing patterns

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The report will exemplify the dynamics of the Australian market and their effect of the population on the marketing patterns. The family structure of the Australian population affects the type advertisement the company project. Nevertheless, the report will deduce facts and data’s related to the reality of the advertisements and the aligning to the family structure to influence the population in buying the products. In this report, there will be enunciation of the topic SUV and the structure of family they portray ion their advertisements, to the actual reality. The reason for this type of portraying is done to influence the mental dynamics of the customers and affecting their psychology in buying the products. The real facts will be discussed in this report with the pattern of advertising in the Australian market. 
Assessment Guide 1
Topic Sentence
The topic given for commencing this project is “Do SUV advertisements Reflect Reality”, as the actual structure of family with a single child, but it is always portrayed that the car is advertisements with a happy couple with at least two children seated at the back seat of the car. The study will be reflected with population and family structure statistics to state the reality of the advertisements.
Statement of purposes
The actual statement of the report is too providing facts about dominant structure of advertising in Australian Market, where it portrays a happy couple with 2 or more children. Therefore, the purpose of this project is to state the reality and relevancy with the actual family structure and the purpose of the advertising companies in portraying in this type of advertisement which influence the mind set of customers in Australian market.
Scope of the study
In management report, a scope underlines the information and data gathered relevant to the topic given. The utilisation of data and information will help in understanding the credibility in portraying that particular pattern of advertisement by the Australian market, to influence the people in buying then cars. 
Recent changes in the Australian population, and the change in marketing concepts and advertising
According to the Census of 2016, there are near about 6 million families in Australia, and it has considerably increased from the year 2011 which was them 5 million families. Within these 6 million populations, the possibility of couple with no children and only one child that can be adopted as well are in maximum proportion. The most common type of structure in the composition of family is 37.76% with no children and approximately 30.64% families are present in Australia that has dependent children under 15. The pictorial representation given below will follow up with the statistic explained
Therefore, the statistics represent the nuclear family is not the normal structure of the Australian population; the maximum proportion is the family with no children or one child which consists of 8% of the total population. In the traditional; form the family formation is the Australian population consists mainly with two people family with noi children who consist 30 % of the total population and the rest 20% consist of family with children around 15 and below who are dependent on their parents. In Australian population, the families with children which have adopted or own biological children are called “intact families”. There has been change in the normal pattern by the inclusion of “blended “families as couple gets separated or divorced and new families are formed thereafter.
Figure 2: The chart of “intact” and “blended” family in Australian
(Source: Zeleznikow and Zeleznikow, 2015)
Through these data’s, it has been explained that ideal nuclear family is no longer existent in the Australian family structure. There has been trend of consisting family with only two members, as couple in Australia prefer having fewer children some goes without preferring children (Campaignlive.co.uk, 2019). This formulates that the social well being is not declining in Australia, but choices of the Australian population is having only couple and less number of children and believing ion more diversity.
The companies portray as the ideal kind of family as they wanted to portray the goodness of a family and that SUV cars are perfect for carrying this kind of family. The advertisements generally show that a happy couple with two or more children are vacationing in the mountains and they are driving SUV while carrying their children in the backseat. According to the marketing concepts, this portrays awareness about family and gives a social image to the consumers who belong to the “intact” family group in the Australian market. Companies generally opt for this technique to create a socially upright image to acquire sustainability. Although, the family structure is totally different from the advertisement portrayed by SUV manufacturers and even by other car manufacturers, there is more incoming advertisement that can change the structure of their advertisements. The way of living and making families have totally changed in this era, but the brand still re4main attached to the advertisement reflecting ideal nuclear families which can result in the down fall; of many companies. As they are ignoring the reality, they are significantly ignoring the demand of the customers which reside from the “Blended “type of family. The families are demanding cars which can be driven single handed and with one or two people, consumer’s demand which can be friendly and can be used for fun with their friends, and this trend has been consistent in and outside of Australia and well.
The disadvantage of showing the typical type of family in their advertisements
The changing pattern of family also increases varied types of demands done by the families while purchasing any product. Even then, in the 21st century many companies still portray the ideal kind of family which can doom their possibility of knowing the latest demand of the customers who are more involved in “blended “type of family. The companies can be going through breakdown id they keep on ignoring the reality of the family structure in the recent 21st century and the ever-changing demands. The companies who will cater to these demands will get the maximum competitive advantage which can be a negative point for companies like SUV, whose spacious cars are in high demand for their features and capability of carrying more number of people. The companies must build their cars according to the recent demands totally on the demand and preferences of individual, and then only they can cater to the demands of the modern family and their mindset in approaching them to buy their products.
The gradual inclusion of social media into the lives of people, where the individualistic culture has become more dominant the advertisements shown by the company becomes vague and unrealistic. Social media has replace television advertisements to a great extent, customers are attracted to the companies who portray their product in the social media. This trend has diminished the ideal family from the mindset of many family people, which prefer the blended and step parenting as their family norm. Millennial especially are less supportive to this kind of advertisement and they would purchase cars that includes more features, technological implementation and are more inclined to the cars which are moulded with Artificial Intelligence. SUV and other car companies must put effort more on explaining the features of the car in their advertisements which can hugely attract car lovers and youngsters who can use these cars to make their travelling easier.
Companies must develop new strategies and involve more promotional tactics to stop being biased and following the old trends can also make them stagger in the current cutthroat market competition. In the Statement of Mintel, quarterly families in the United Kingdom prefer being single than having a dependent child,  the two parent families that are 49% of the total population are under pressure due to their busy life and their inability to handle kids. Moreover the couples are going through burnout as both the person are full time workers, and does-not have time to think about children. This has been stated by the Working Families Modern Families Index 2016, where 29% of families are going through burnout (Forbes. (2019). 
There are many companies that are still doing kind of mistakes, the ideal type of advertisements must deliver minimum images and words which will cater to the demand of the customers and make their company a high end agency of selling good cars. The example of same kind of mistakes were done by company like Skoda who showed sexist example, portraying a bride and then replacing the bride by her sister by the groom which toppled the social image of the car company (CarBuzz, 2019).The customer want product which cater to the recent choices without being judgemental and keeping up the norms of the society as well. Therefore, catering to safe advertisement policies which will help them in catering to the mindset of the people will help in achieving success and competitive advantage.
The type of car which will not use family oriented message and the types of people that will be portrayed in this type of advertisements 
SUV have portrayed their sport cars recently by keeping in mind the sport lovers and individualistic mentality they have designed the cars according to the individual preferences. The Time magazine portrayed the car picture in a mountainous environment and is a car which is very much compatible with the Outdoors. The car represented the capacity of taking adverse situations of urban environment. This advertisement can be portrayed by a single woman or a single man in casual attires who are keen to explore and enjoy their time out of their daily monotonous lifestyle (Kaukinen and Apel, 2017). The advertisement of SUV in the time magazine gave a clear, adventurous, young, energetic outlook which helped them come out of their traditional way of advertisements and cater to the demands of the customers.
There are many features by which the cars can be represented, and that is including features as a part of advertising and this will hugely attract the car lovers and youngsters who are looking for new features in their cars. The advertisements can be done by advertising through virtual reality and artificial intelligence which have been very accountable for attracting huge population and influencing the mind of the customers.
The marketing strategies must be represented by the help of interactive content; they can apply this in Business to Business Interaction, where the thoughts and comments of the visitors are important. Nevertheless, keeping the connection with the customers, here there must be forum for customer interaction and feedbacks to develop their product more. The customer interaction has been beneficial for many companies and there have been better customer base sand market share for those companies Therefore, keeping a feedback area for customer reviews and feedbacks can help the company to get an insight of the customer mindset and their demands. The application of these ideas according to the customer feedbacks will make their products customer oriented which will eventually give them better place for acquiring competitive advantage and market share.
The focus of the advertisements should be more toward individualistic demands and more emphasis on the vehicle features. The advertisements of the car should be more social media oriented like giving advertisements in pinterest by giving their car images with quotes and advertising in process of attracting the customer’s attention by using bright colours in their advertisement represented by one single person or two couple. The family car must be represented by the portraying happy couple going on vacations or mountaineering. This will help the car companies in getting a much wider and stronger customer base and make the selling of the cars cost effective by directly catering to the demands of the customers.
In the following study, the topic enunciated was the utility and effect of the type of advertisements done by the SUV Cars and the connection to the reality with the Australian family structure. It has been clearly defined by graphs and statistics that the Australians population prefer individualistic culture and have preferred into having blended family rather than having 2.4 kids who are dependent on them, even after knowing the reality of the society and the preferences of the customer, many car manufacturers like to portray the ideal type of family in their advertisements which can diminish the future of the company in the long run. The strategies, and the new possible ways in which the car producers can change their advertisement structure has been portrayed in the report.

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