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Lincoln Electrical Case Study

Related Frameworks:

Significant prospects including global strategizing, management of the competing parties in the targeted industry, regulating the resources for the global performance of the organization, managing the finance and entry modes for the international expansion allow competent insight on the performance of the companies expanding globally (Ghasemi & Shooshtari, 2015). These prospects can be integrated within the global strategic management of the company to help create an effective integration of the growth among the company. In addition, the use of the concepts including the corporate social responsibility as well as corporate strategizing in terms of progressing within the international was also related within the given case of the company that allowed to gain significant insight on the major ideas related to global business management.

Furthermore, the idea of the case that has been presented allowed to produce competent insight on the business startups as well as sufficient knowledge of the related aspects that allowed to illustrate the primary elements of international progress within the business. Moreover, the stakeholder management is another aspect of the global business management, which was illuminated by the study of the case allowed to gain significant insight on the global governance as well as production efficiency that can be increased with the idea on management subjects (globenewswire.com, 2015)

Alternative Actions:

From the assessment of the options that were opted by the organization, the company can choose other alternatives of entering the market as well, which can help boost the current market entrance strategy of the brand. One of the options that the brand has is to invest in the strategic acquisition of the existing companies that are operating in the sector. Since the entire economy is boosting the industry, the current company can opt for investing in business acquisitions of the minor companies that are operating in the market. It will allow the brand to take control of the market as a strong competitor as well as gain a significant increase in the resources and insight on the current market prospects, which would allow Lincoln Electric to boost its market saturation. However, during the acquisition process, it must be able to convince the rivalling firm to form a proper alliance within the agreements that could mitigate any performance depleting factor (weldfabtechtimes.com, 2018).

In terms of forming strategic alliances within the market instead of acquisitions, the brand will need to illustrate the competency of the brand. The strategic partnership is formed on the basis of organizational performance which allows one of the companies to take over as the face of the market. Therefore, for Lincoln Electric strategic alliance will be focusing on short-term or mid-term production companies within the sector that will be able to offer their company resources and allow Lincoln Electric to take over their brand as the face of the market (Saeedi, Wiegmans, Behdani, & Zuidwijk, 2017). The brand will not be focusing on strong competitors as they will not agree to lose their brand reputation within the market and help Lincoln Electric to progress further in their brand loyalty. In addition, Lincoln electric can choose different pricing strategies to enter the targeted market (ibef.org, 2018). The choosing pricing strategy will allow the brand to increase their market situation as well as gain significant in the customer count. Moreover, the company can invest in expanding its production from midterm to long-term process, which will allow the brand to improve the overall production capability (prnewswire.com, 2015). It will enable Lincoln Electric to boost their production, create effective demand of their products and create effective supply management, which will enable the brand gain competitive edge over the market competitors in the Indian Welding industry.

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