This case study focused on Ritz-Carlton Hotel's nineteen of internal processes in quality check.

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 Quality at the Ritz Carlton Hotel Company is the key focus of study in the current case review.  The company has focussed on about nineteen of its internal processes and a comprehensive study of the same is being performed to make them the best to suit the customer expectations and by doing so to enforce the best customer satisfaction. A satisfied customer is going to be retained for the hotel and will prove asset for the organization in future as well. Hotel Ritz is focussing on these aspects, the following questions answers specific aspects related to this current quality challenge at Ritz Carlton hotel.


Ritz Carlton hotel can focus on each of the identified nineteen processes. The performance of each of the nineteen processes needs to be upgraded as per the customer expectations. For this purpose there can be an interactive customer feedback taking system, where in the customer outlook and interests towards the said processes will be considered and this will become the bench mark for the service delivery in these identified processes. Typical attributes that can be considered are the time of the service delivery, the customs and the manners of the people delivering the particular service process, standards and safety compliance during the process execution etc.  Though the specific attributes will vary from process to process the actual final list of the attributes are expected to be in line with the objectives of making them over and the above the customer expectations. Hence typical procedures like taking customer feedback by variety of means like surveys, interactive discussions, email based queries etc can be undertaken. Further it is also possible to take the benchmark standards from the market competitors. Enforcing a dedicated quality monitoring cell can overview these process and can enable the achievement of the success at Ritz-Carlton. Success can also measured in terms of the increase in the customer retention, increase in the sales of the services as well increase in the revenues to the organization.

Quality products and the services are goals for several organizations. However still it cannot be just constrained to remain as slogan or a buzz word. Rather it is required to be enforced in the philosophy of the organization. For this matter quality need become part of the vision, mission and the operational plan of the organization. A comprehensive consideration to each and every profile and operations that take place in the organization will ultimately result in quality products and quality services. Accreditations to the quality standards, developing internal quality cells and divisions will contribute to the overall quality of the organizations (Lindsay, 2010).

To do things right the first time

Ritz Carlton need to be cautious of its internal processes from the beginning itself. Rather than losing the customers and subsequent process improvements, right from beginning itself, all the initiatives that  the organization proposed to include in its operations must be included in its operational agenda from the beginning itself. Typical strategic planning of the operations and the operational plans of the organization need to be developed with inclusive quality perspective in its operations. Further a well developed and prepared quality plan of the organization should work to ensure things are performed right in the first time itself. This will make it prevent the unnecessary costs of later rectification and correction measures. Also right evaluation and enforcement of the right strategies will make the right processes selection to ensure quality in the organizational functionality (Reijers et al, 2015).


Non financial measures of the customer satisfaction:

Customer satisfaction need not be measured only by financial returns. There can be brand image, market value, reputation of the organization etc. These things need not be financial measures. However they do reflect more on the value of the customer satisfaction. Further they can further add to the financial values of the organization later. Also adoption of new services by the brand, adoption of the new hotel from the brand, acceptance of the innovation put before by the hotel are all some of the several aspects that can be considered as non-financial measures of the customer satisfaction.  Total market share of the hotel Ritz-Carlton also is a direct measure of non-financial aspect of customer satisfaction.

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