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Ensuring an inmate is being rehabilitated to reduce recidivism


The function of Jail, detention centers and Prison are same but there are various differences. Both the places are using for the rehabilitation of individual people who convicted of a crime. The main objective of this study is to recognize the basic difference between jail, prison and detention centers (Allen & Sawhney, 2015). This study also focused on the counseling and treatment programs in Prison. The counseling process and treatment also helps to rehabilitate of the criminals. Apart from that, this particular paper will discuss the cultural environment of the prison that influences the overall grouping of a prison population. 


Every inmate mainly reaches prison for different negative activity the prison manly refers to the places where the inmates are confined effectively. According to research data it has been identified that prison mainly used by the state government for justice system (Department of Justice. 2016). In ancient time, higher people used it for the beggars, debtors and other people.  For that reason, every inmate has their specific background and ability. In United States the prisons were supervised by the different religious groups and offered various treatments and psychological counseling with the prisoner to improve their psychology. This process also helps to improve the mentality of criminals and it also reduces the repetition of crime. Rehabilitation is essential for all the prisoners because it helps to create awareness in the society (Allen & Sawhney, 2015). Nowadays the states are now focusing on evidence based strategies to return the inmate in the community by changing his or her behavior and psychology.  For that reason the prison also known as a correctional institute(Gideon & Thomas, 2017). In prison the government provides the inmates visitation rights and the prison is free from unusual punishment, free from sexual harassment, crimes, right of medical facility, and right to speech freely etc. In previous days the Quakers generally dealt with the prisoners and they were built upon a stern silence in the prison and encouraged the prisoner to read Bible. This process also helps them to reduce the rate of recidivism. 

The relation between two prisoners mainly depends on social and cultural backgrounds of them. For that reason the authority needs to create a good cultural environment in the prison. The cultural background of people free different so that it is very tough for the prisoners to form a group because communication and share of emotion is important for mental satisfaction (Kreager et al., 2017). So that the authority needs to create different cultural gatherings to build a good relation among the inmates and it will provide the state better outcome during rehabilitation process. 

Centralization and decentralization are one of the important structures of management and that generally influence the overall decision making process. Decentralized system is faster than centralized system (Swearingen & Feeley, 2017). The communication flow is vertical in case of centralized management but in decentralized management the communication flow is open and free. At the same time proper leadership and active coordination is the advantages of decentralized structure. For that reason the use of decentralized structure mainly helps the organization to make effective decision inn pressurized situation for that reason decentralized structure of management is more suitable for a private Prison. 


From the above study it has been unrecognized that there is a difference between jail, prison and detention centers but all these three are focusing to reduce the recidivism effectively. for that reason the state government fare using various strategy to improve the rehabilitation process more better. Maintain effective culture in the prison will also provide the inmates mental satisfaction leads to reduce the arte of recidivism. Nowadays the states also shifting their prison structure from centralized to decentralize to get more benefits through effective decision. 

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