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Driving vehicles under the influence of Alcohol and other narcotic products is a serious crime. The number of accidents is increasing in America due to drunken driving activities of people. According to the secondary research, it has been identified that more than 17000 deaths recorded in a single year due to drunk drivers (Homel, 2017). Alcohol has significant effects on the central nervous system, and it also reduces the sense of drinkers so that it increases the chances of an accident. This particular study mainly focused on the laws and punishment system in the United States to minimize the number of drunk drivers leads to reduce the number of accident due to drunken driving. This study also indicates some advanced technology or devices that can help officers in tracking the drunk drivers.

The officers in the United States generally measure the bloodstream Alcohol concentration through a professional breathalyzer, and if 0.08% or higher percentage of alcohol found the bloodstream, then it is considered as legal impaired (MacLeod et al., 2017). Alcohol is the major cause of drowsiness, and it is challenging for a drunken individual to understand the sensory information correctly. So that Drunken driving process generally increases the chances of an accident. According to statistical data, it has been recognized that in 2016 the number of Alcohol-impaired fatalities is 10,497 and 841 from Florida (Responsibility, 2018). At the same time, under 21 age of drunken driver also increased in Florida. More than 5000 people were arrested in the United States for drunken driving activities, and more than 234000 people were arrested due to liquor laws. For that reason, the government of America is using different laws and penalties to reduce the number of drunken drivers. The government of Florida also using various strategies such as 24/7 pilot program, Drug classification test, BAC test; Marijuana drug-impaired driving laws, etc. If the offender refuses the BAC test, then the police can charge criminal penalties against the offenders. The punishment level generally depends on the BAC level and if higher bloodstream alcohol founds then penalties also has been enhanced.

It has been identified that most of the cases the police took the license of drunken driving offenders and does not provide huge penalties. So that taking away the license is not a sustainable solution and poor regulation generally increases the number of accidents in this countries. According to secondary information, the arrest made by the police for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) but the majority of offenders get unpenalized that means lack of proper administration generally triggers criminal activity in America. As per several studies, the risk of arrest reduces the number of drunken driving activity typically so that the government needs to implement strong rules and policies to prevent accidents (Responsibility, 2018). In Scandinavian countries, the government uses high penalties and imprisonment for the offenders and it is very effective to reduce the number of drunken driving activities in this countries. The penalty system in America is not effective, and the government needs to make more awareness programs with a view of this matter. Enforcement of strong regulations such as imprisonment, huge financial penalties, and lifetime cancelation of the driving license can be sufficient to reduce the number of drunk drivers as well as the rate of accidents due to drunken driving.

Nowadays, the improvement of technology also helps Governments in enforcing the rules and regulation effectively such as the use of Vehicle Alcohol Interlock system that can help to reduce the level of recidivism among publics. The State government specify the BAC limits and the technology also detects the limits, and if found higher than specific limits, alcohol ignition interlock system prevents the drunken drivers to start the car (Voas, 2014). It is an accurate device, and the officers can carry it in their pockets easily, and implementation of this device will reduce the number of accidents due to drunken driving activities. The ignition interlock is effective, and more than 300000 devices are now using with offenders. Apart from that various technology such as GPS and Wi-Fi and internet connection generally provides the police officer real-time information with a view to offenders and officers can easily track the offenders (Perez, 2018). Use of Secure, Continuous, Remote Alcohol Monitoring will be very useful in this case, and it will provide long-term solution leads to reduce the number of accidents due to drunk drivers.

At the same time, increase the number of sobriety checkpoints can be useful in detecting the impaired divers effectively. The police officers also need to maintain different requirements otherwise the offender could be able to defend against the DUI charges (Homel, 2017). The main intention of the government to minimize the number of accidents as well as some drunken driving so that proper awareness campaigning is essential with the public. The US government needs to implement same and strong laws for all the states, and use of strong punishment only can create effects on the psychology of offenders and the general public, and that will force people to follow the laws effectively, leads to reduce the rate of recidivism.

From the above study, it has been identified that the number of drunken drivers in America is very high so that the number of accident cases is increasing day by day. The weak penalties and a one-year suspension of a driving license are not sufficient to reduce the drunken driving activities. For that reason, the government needs to start the compulsory use of Alcohol ignition interlock devices to minimize the chances of accidents. Apart from that, the use of strong punishment such as imprisonment, high financial penalties with the cancellation of the driving license can reduce the rate of recidivism efficiently.



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