The given study is about the major healthcare changes & issues like obesity and planning a proper diet for the same.

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One of the major healthcare issues that I am facing currently is Obesity. My Body Mass Index is high compared to the normal values and hence I need to focus on reducing my weight to a greater extent. It is important for me to achieve this objective as it will improve my overall healthcare status in a given environment.

To make this happen, it is first important for me to determine the different food items that I am consuming on a daily basis. I need to determine the calorie-chart so that I can identify the food items that are increasing fat deposition in my body. I am consuming fast food items quite often and hence I also need to prevent consumption of such food items in the near future. I also need to conduct physical exercise routine so that it can help me balance my weight and also provide me with required stamina within my body.

The implementation plan includes - overcoming the consumption of fast food items, conducting daily physical exercises of 1 hour, and also drinking water in ample amount to balance the hydration in the body. It will not only make me feel energetic but will also assist me in overcoming the problem of Obesity within my body. I do not need to focus on taking any medications for this purpose. I only need to maintain my routine for a period of six to eight months that will help me achieve my desired objective in a given environment.

I started implementing this plan to ensure that I can overcome the Obese conditions. It is necessary for me to follow this routine on a daily basis. In the initial stages, I found this routine more difficult but with passage of time I got used to it. Also, there were other barriers such as time, unable to consume green leafy vegetables in the daily diet, and also unable to follow this routine on holidays (Pandalai, Schulte, & Miller, 2013). Hence, I was required to improve my determination and make sure to follow this schedule on a strict basis. Only then it will help me overcome the problem of Obesity within me in a given environment.

After following this schedule on a daily basis for a continuous period of around three months, I was able to reduce my weight to around 5 Kgs. Also, I found myself more energetic and was able to perform other physical routine in a better way. I also overcome my lazy approach in my daily life that helped me improve in different circumstances. I would still like to improve further so that I can encourage and motivate myself to live a happy and healthier life.

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