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Is Androgyny a Societal Macro Trend

Androgyny refers to the combination of feminine and masculine traits. It brings gender ambiguity and it is common in fashion, sexual and gender identity. Feminine and masculine characteristics are different from sex. (Sweeting, & West, 2003, 391). Feminine and masculine traits refer to the roles of various people for self-protection that give them gender identity. Androgyny is a macro trend. Various companies have seen it as an opportunity to attract new customer to increase their economies of scale (Polin, 2015, 18). Companies are conducting various research through the social media including the internet, WSGN sites, you tube clips, and Instagram pictures to determine whether androgyny is still relevant to the firms. The major topics investigated include the reasons why people blur sexuality, whether the issue is a global trend, and where it can be found in social media. 

What Motivates Individuals to Assume Different Gender Role

The culture determines what is takes to be male or female in the society, and is transmitted through institutions such as education system and religion. An individual may identify herself as a female but does not see herself in a female stereotype manner such as being submissive, warm, and expensive. Instead, she may view herself in stereotypically masculine manner fashion and portray traits such as being dominant, instrumental, and rational. Therefore, people see themselves in a feminine-masculine way of meaning by either being more feminine, masculine or a mixture of the two. The dimension gives gender identity, which guides people’s behavior.  

How Androgyny Changes People’s Lifestyle

Androgyny changes the way people behave. The process of social psychology changes individual’s gender identity. The process can be approved by conducting an experiment on the behavior of married couples. The result shows that, the more a person takes the perspective of the other individual, the more they change their gender identity. The person’s lifestyle will change as he or she adapts a new gender identity. Hence, androgyny changes an individual’s lifestyle.

Why People Blur their Sexuality

Most people do not like to be identified with cross-gender. Cross-gender lowers self-esteem, which makes them afraid to disclose the situation. Androgyny sometimes can result in names such as ‘’tomboy’’ and ‘’homo’’, which are used as insult such people, thereby, lowering their self-esteem (Buchanan, McFarlane, & Das, 2016, p196).

How Androgyny Seen in Social Media

Androgyny have gained popularity in the fashion industry, and it is trending on social media, which helps in creating new markets (Bunker & Bryson, 2016, 356). People view it in social media as fashion that is identified by the rich. The culture is rapidly spreading as it is practiced by international celebrities, and their followers also adapt to their way of dressing (Ashforth, Schinoff, & Rogers, 2016, 30). 

Geographical Coverage of Androgyny

Several people love androgyny as way of fashion, which have caused its spread globally. People tend to adapt new fashion in the market, and androgyny has led to the emergence of new fashion, which has spread internationally (Holtbrügge, & Engelhard, 2016, p435). Global celebrities such as Michael Jackson, Angelina Jolie, and David Beckham are icons of androgyny in today’s culture, which have enabled it to find ways in modern mainstream. 

Androgyny and Fashion Industries

Androgyny has led to the emergence of new firms to utilize the market opportunity. The culture has been spread globally, and new market gaps have emerged for various fashion companies. Different industries have begun designing various cloths that meets their demand. The industries are targeting their customers by posting various images, and their products in social medias such as the internet, WGSN fashion websites, and histogram. The advertisements help in attracting new customers for their products by displaying them on the internet, and clients can also order them online. 

Comparison of Mintel and WGSN

Mintel is a database of global market statistics and basic economic data. Mintel makes market study reports on a wide range of various areas of the economy. On the other hand, WGSN is an international market study service that provides reports and images for the retail, fashion, and design industries (Golderman, 2016, p141). It provides inspiration and information for individuals employed in fashion and design industries. The service has large collection of images of newly designed clothes and accessories from stores and designers globally. 


Androgyny is a social trend, which have gained global popularity, and has created new industries that produce specific products to meet their demand. The industries have created employment opportunities to various people including those who work at the industries, and the product marketers. The firms are new sources of revenue to various governments, which they use in undertaking projects to benefit their citizens. Androgyny has become a fashion trend, and is mostly practiced by international celebrities who makes it to spread to various people who follow them globally (Tungate, 2008, p24). The trend also applies to cross-gender identity, and to other people who are interested in changing their gender identity. 

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