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Response of Andrea

In this response, the student first mentions that Self-awareness should both allow you to alter your behavior to accommodate external pressures and empower you to become steadfast in your identity. Self-awareness will help in understanding the situation of a given environment in a better way. It will also help in improving the communication and overcoming the barriers both at personal and professional levels. 

Further, the student also states that Self-awareness will help in meeting the different needs ofstakeholders, patients, customers, and all other entities with which one is working in a given environment. It will thereby improve the working relationships with them and also focus on the growth aspects in a given organization. However, there is also a need to overcome unfair and biased behaviors to avoid conflicting situations. 

Student seems to be confident as Andrea mentions that there is always going to be bias in a given environment. The student focuses on the feedback process as well so that it will provide him with an overview on how she is performing in a given environment. It will also provide her with the gaps that she needs to focus on so that she can improve her behavior and expertise and thereby deliver better outcomes. 

I agree with the student on these aspects that Self-awareness does help in improvingcommunication, relationships, and overall approach at different fronts. I also support the student on the feedback process so that one can overcome their respective weaknesses and thereby deliver better performance. However, she needs to consider other aspects of internal environment as well wherein she will be interacting with her parents, friends, and other close relatives. She needs to inspect her behavior in such cases and thereby demonstrate her self-awareness behavior in these situations (Van Ditmarsch& French, 2014). It will thereby provide her with a better overview of her life and later she can deploy new ways for future improvement.

Response of Ivory

In this case, the student mentions that self-awareness should empower an individual to be steadfast in their identity but also give them the ability to adapt to their environment. In addition, she further adds that no one should change who they are and what they stand for. However, she believes that considering the needs of the healthcare system, one need to adhere to the culture, working principles, beliefs, socioeconomic backgrounds, and other values; it will help them perform better in such diverse working environment.

She further adds about her work experience where she is working at the Department of Member Services. She is dealing with multiple people and different types of people and thereby makes sure of providing them with requiredservices that will benefit them a lot. 

The student further adds that from the self-awareness perspective, while delivering unpleasant news or relevant information to an individual, you have to be confident in what you are providing. There should be no bias involved and instead one needs to have a better control over the situation. The concept of self-awareness is thereby developed with an objective to improve self in different situations. 

However, I would like to mention that besides healthcare there are also other sectors wherein due to pressurized situations, one needs to change their work approach and work behaviors (Peacocke, 2014). They need to adhere to the compliance norms and working regulations in a given environment. Hence, without indulging into any form of unethical practices they need to improve their services in a given environment.

Response of Sonya

The student states that self-awareness should be a practice we do every day when we leave our homes. We can let our hair down at home but outside of home it may be something different, maybe more conservative. Also, she adheres that everyone is stereotyped based on how the look, act, dress, and skin color, so to keep a positive stereotype we should accommodate our behavior a little bit without losing our identity. 

The student believes that one needs to focus more on their work approach and ensure that they do not carry out any activities that involve a lot of bias. Further, an individual should always welcome criticism as it willhelp him or her to improve their behavior in a given working environment. The student further adds that to have helpful criticism I would talk to those who are not biased and expect for them to tell me the truth as I would them. The student also focuses on improving relations with people so that one can understand the needs and expectations in a given operational environment. 

I do support these claims and statements of the students from the perspective of self-awareness. However, considering the recent increased challenges both in the internal and external environment, one needs to retrospect theirbehaviors and also consider implementing new strategies and frameworks. Only then they will be able to achieve desired objectives in a given environment. The individual needs to take reviews of his or her performance from different entities and accordingly modify his or her strategies so that he can improve his subsequent performance (Karni&Vierø, 2013).

Response of Hicmatu

The student in this case mentions that self-awareness has been identified as a key component of authentic leadership. The concept of authenticity is rooted in being true to one’s self. He believes that self-awareness should empower you to become steadfast in your identity because it is rooted in being true to one self. Also, he adds that he does not believe that people are likely to be biased or unfair in their assessment feedback and assessment in my opinion is necessary. It seems that the students have two different opinions about the concept of self-awareness.

It is important to incorporate leadership as per the requirements of today's external environment. Second, to improve the performance one needs to come out of his or her comfort zone (Musholt, 2013). Third, they need to focus on triggering events that will change the future outcomes. They need to take decisions after taking into account different aspects and values of the daily routine activities. 

And, finally, they need to acknowledge the true feelings of other concerned stakeholders, identify personal values and intentions, develop a model that will be of use in completing the assigned tasks, and finally take feedback from the senior management team at the workplace (Grant&Quiggin, 2013). Thus, the student needs to consider each of these aspects along with leadership and management and later consider taking the feedback after delivering the outcomes. He also needs to implement a particular a leadership style that will suit to the needs of the situation. It will thereby help in improving the self-awareness levels to a greater extent.

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