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Expertsminds.Com Reviews & Trust Rating

Expertsminds established in year 2010, operated from USA and one central office in India. This is renowned company directed by two owners. The domain associated www.expertsminds.com owned by company in year 2009, and website established in year 2010. This is one of the most popular site in USA, the traffic of this website comes over 92% from USA and rest from Australia, India, UK. The website is targeted for age years between 12-35 yrs and it is one of popular website for teenagers for study purpose.     

www.expertsminds.com - www.expertsmind.com Legitimate or ScamIs www.expertsminds.com Legit Or Scam?

Teenagers under studies face a lot of problems in their routine life like Tests, exams, studying, maintaining a social life and family life while in some cases having a job. The various Services like ExpertsMinds.com say that they can help with this by offering essay writing services and many other types of edu assistance to go with that. However, some of these services have proven to be a scam in the past and students can't determine if Expertsminds is legit or a scam. That's why we are here - to provide you with an extensive and thorough review of Expertsmind.com and let you know what you think.

  • Company Name : Experts Mind IT Educational Pvt Ltd
  • Country:  United State
  • Services In: USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, Russia, Switzerland, Malaysia, France, India, CANADA
  • Type of services: Academic Writing & Editing Service
  • Type of other services:
  • Dissertations help
  • Thesis writing service
  • Research papers writing and editing service
  • Essays help
  • Term paper writing service
  • Academic and Professional papers
  • Business assignments
  • IT/CS assignments writing service
  • Price:  Little Expensive
  • Established : Year 2010
  • Domain : www.expertsminds.com
  • Similar Domains : www.expertsmind.com

Write a review about www.expertsminds.com ! It may help others to know the services offers by Expertsminds.com is legitimate or scam.

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  • Aaron Wears Many Hats Nomi, 8/9/2019

    appreciate your writer's work, i got best service from www.expertsmind.com , thanks

  • Aaron Wears Many Hats Jonna, 7/24/2019

    this is best site for your assignment solution, i have been used this service before and i recommend expertsminds.com as best assignment writing firm

  • Aaron Wears Many Hats rabacca, 7/21/2019

    expertsmind.com awesome site to get help for your graduation, i received quality paper from your writer. thank you so much!

  • Aaron Wears Many Hats Upper Marlboro, 6/14/2019

    Timely response, but bit expensive which is important thing for me, else the work quality is too good no issue. I am thankful for the team to help me and for revising the work.

  • Aaron Wears Many Hats Peakhurst, 6/15/2019

    I had to take this service for master program, i am not good in preparing the assignments but i am fine with practicals, so expertsmind helped me completing the theory part of the course tasks as asked and the practical work was done by me. it was great help for me as learner.

  • Aaron Wears Many Hats Owings Mills, 6/12/2019

    Followed marking criteria nd prepared the work accrdingly, it was good. I had issues with TFTH site as they did not folow the criteria due to that i recvd 56% marks only.

  • Aaron Wears Many Hats Chaguanas, 4/8/2019

    I was disappointed with the work quality from other site when I ordered at expertsmind.com, they did it perfectly and provided the best work. So this service can be useful for learners.

  • Aaron Wears Many Hats Mont Albert, 3/9/2019

    I would give 5 stars but there was little issue in the work so professor deducted 6 marks for late delivery. But I was fully satisfied as I know I did not give much time to the experts panel to complete my job. I am okay with the performance. 4 STARS

  • Aaron Wears Many Hats Alpharetta, 10/13/2018

    I passed the course with the help of expertsmind team only because I dont have time to complete my assignments due to part time job. I was not looking for any high grade but with the help of experts I ended with A. Just it cost me a lot to take help as I posted complete course here only. but still I save my years, so I am happy.

  • Aaron Wears Many Hats Charleston, 9/22/2018

    So far the service is okay for me, I was not happy in one assignment where expert forgot to follow one point and just because of that I lost 5 marks, although team felt sorry for that. Overall, everything is fine as I get immediate reply from them. I can go with them.

  • Aaron Wears Many Hats Daisy Llivan, 9/11/2018

    My friend referred me expertsmind to take help in my university projects. Although I dont need such service help since I belive to complete my work by own but got stuck in one task so I had to take help these guys. I find them good as they sorted out my problem. So i am happy. thanks.

  • Aaron Wears Many Hats Owings Mills, 7/29/2018

    Outstanding work by the experts team! Its really hard to come across experts like these in this platform. Everything was done as per the requirements. I appreciate the work. I wish to get higher marks.

  • Aaron Wears Many Hats Alex , 4/19/2018

    Projects Team member were good, I asked so many queries and without any hassle, they helped a lot. I dont know how they managed but completed my work in very less time. I ignored the grammatical errors as I can understand, it happens when we try to complete in hurry. Cool

  • Aaron Wears Many Hats sidhukhushpreet, 2/25/2018

    I recently came across this website expertsmind.com and found that they are giving assignment help, what kind of service it is? i am afraid if whether its scam or legit.. can someone tell me about it?

  • Aaron Wears Many Hats Rania Sekeik, 2/11/2018

    hey guys you are awesome, my result declared today and i got 94% overall, i got distinction marks in all assignment done by your writers, thank you so much being part of my life...you are life saver for me....

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